Why Balayage Hair Color is Perfect for Summer

July 21, 2020

Why Balayage Hair Color is Perfect for Summer

The sun has been shining and it feels like summer is here. Cheers! Now is the time to think about how you want to update your look this season and accentuate the features that we all love about summer: sun-kissed skin and hair. Effortlessly beautiful, balayage hair color is ultra flattering and perfect for your fresh summer look.


What Exactly is Balayage?

Balayage is a specific type of hair color application, in which the stylist hand paints the color directly onto the hair, rather than using foils. The result is very natural, with a gradual transition from darker roots to the lightest tone. The look is less stripe-y than conventional foil highlighting techniques and is the perfect way to achieve natural-looking dimension straight from the sun.


Does Balayage Work for Any Hair Type?

Yes! Balayage color works beautifully for all hair types, whether long and straight, short and wavy, or very curly. Because balayage highlights are hand-painted onto the surface of the hair, they work with the hair’s natural growth pattern and texture. You don’t have to worry when your hair is done and the stylist spins you around to the mirror, that your hair will have strips of bold highlights or that some don’t accentuate the areas you want to emphasize.

If you wish you had long, flowing hair to try the sun-kissed balayage look, keep reading to learn how you can have that in minutes!

 Balayage hair color

Why Balayage Hair is the Perfect Look for Summer

The naturally gorgeous look that balayage creates is perfect for summer because it looks so effortless. Balayage is meant to mimic natural highlighting from the sun, accentuating the areas framing the face and around the halo of the head for naturally dimensional hair. The results rival a weekend spent on the beach. With balayage, there are no harsh, hard lines, only softness and graduated color. While the color can still be bold and bright, it isn’t stripe-y or unnaturally perfect.

Besides being the summer’s hottest hair color look, other great reasons to try balayage include:

  • Balayage is low maintenance and doesn’t require constant touch-ups at the salon. You can let your hair grow out without sacrificing the naturally beautiful look of balayage highlights
  • Blend and grow out old highlights. If you have old foil highlights that you’re trying to grow out, balayage can blend with those seamlessly
  • Soft color change. If you’re worried about committing to a dramatic change, balayage hair color is perfect for adding dimension to your hair in a very natural and soft way
  • Fine hair looks thicker and fuller. Balayage highlights are strategically placed in a variety of tones to create the illusion of fullness. Thin, fine hair often looks thicker and more voluminous


Balayage Hair Color Styles to Try this Summer

Here are a few of the different ways you can make balayage work for your hair style, type, and color this summer to achieve effortless sun-kissed hair.


Blonde ombre balayage

When placed on medium to dark hair, blonde ombre balayage creates a gradual transition from a darker crown to light blonde ombre without creating a “split” in the two tones. Using blonde balayage on lighter hair accentuates the tones in the hair and creates natural dimension, adding interest to otherwise single tone blonde hair.


Caramel balayage highlights

For a less dramatic look and lower contrast, caramel highlights give medium to dark hair a facelift with warm dimension.


Light blonde balayage on dark hair

This look is bold with high contrast, but by choosing balayage to highlight the hair, the dark base transitions to the lighter tone seamlessly. The highlights are placed on the areas where sunlight naturally hits, creating a dimensional look and allowing for weeks or even months between salon visits.

Balayage Hair Image

Try Balayage Hair Extensions for Voluminous, Sun-Kissed Hair

If you’re ready to try balayage hair color like NOW but aren’t sure you want to spend the money at the salon or commit to the look, balayage hair extensions can turn your current hair into sun-kissed locks in minutes! Hair extensions provide instant length and volume for those with short or thin hair and want to rock beach-y, flowing mermaid hair this summer.


In our shop you’ll find tape in extensions, clip in extensions, and halo hair extensions, offering a variety of options that you can apply yourself at home. No salon needed! We offer a range of shades and tones so you can choose the right one to match your hair or try a new style.


No matter your hair length, you can rock balayage hair color with balayage hair extensions and enjoy longer, thicker hair in minutes!