How to Choose the Right Color Hair Extension to Match Your Hair

July 28, 2020

How to Choose the Right Color Hair Extension to Match Your Hair

The key to having beautiful hair extensions that look natural is to correctly match the colors of the extension and your own hair. Properly color-matched extensions create a seamless look that shows no obvious separation between your hair and the extension. So how exactly do you choose the perfect color hair extensions to match your hair? We give the full outline in this article.

The hair extensions from Amazing Beauty Hair are multi-tonal, meaning they are blended with natural highlights and lowlights of the same color, creating natural dimension and depth. The result is added length and volume that will seamlessly blend with your own hair, even if the color match isn’t perfectly spot-on.


Know Where to Look

When you’re shopping online for hair extensions, it’s best to not focus only on the front of your hair to color match. The front pieces and top of your head may be lighter in color than the rest of your hair, especially if you have highlights or balayage.

The roots of your natural hair tend to be darker than the rest of your hair as well, since they represent new growth and are mostly concealed from direct sun exposure.

The part of your hair that you want to look at to properly color match hair extensions is your mid-length to ends, since that is the part of the extension that will show the most. When standing in natural light, compare the color of your mid-length to ends with the colors of the extensions on our website, or by holding a section of hair against a color ring.

Colored Hair Extensions Image

What “Family” Does Your Hair Belong To?

The next step to how to choose the right color hair extension to match your hair is to understand what color family you fall into. Is your hair black, brunette, blonde, or red? If you look at a color level, you will see that brunette covers levels 1 to 4, with black being 1. Level 5 is a medium brownish red, and blonde covers levels 6 through 10.

Next, determine what tone your hair is. When observing your hair in natural light, does it have a cool, warm, or neutral undertone? Words to describe these different tones include ash, honey, caramel, as well as hair having a blue, red, yellow, or violet-undertone.

Comparing your hair to a color chart as well as having a color ring in-person will help you determine the true color and undertone of your hair.

Ombre Hair Image

Take into Account Any Color Dimension

The next step is taking into account any highlights and lowlights in your hair, whether natural or dyed. Amazing Beauty Hair offers specially colored and styled hair extensions for you to perfectly match your hair, including highlighted, ombre, balayage, and rooted, and rooted plus highlighted hair extensions. Color matching your hair with one that shares the same highlights and color dimension will create the most seamless, natural look.

If you have ombre colored hair, you will match the mid-length and ends of your hair with the hair extension color. You can choose either a matching ombre extension, or a solid colored hair extension that matches the ends of your hair. The same goes for rooted hair. You will not look at your roots to color match, but the mid-length and ends of your hair. We also carry rooted hair extensions to help you match and enhance this particular color style.


Know What Type of Hair Extension You Need

Knowing whether you want tape in hair extensions, clip in hair extensoins, halo hair, or hand tied hair extensions will guide you to which photos on our website to compare your hair to.


Order a Color Ring

A color ring contains multiple swatches of the various color hair extensions we offer at Amazing Beauty Hair. The color ring is for tape in and clip in hair extensions, and is something you can order to help you find the right color hair extension at home, especially if you want tape in or clip in extensions.  

Color Ring

Purchase Multiple Tones to Blend

If you cannot find the hair extension that is perfect for your hair color and you’ve found that your own hair contains multiple tones and levels, you may want to order a few shades of the same color to create a custom blend. You can install the multiple tones of extensions throughout your hair to create the dimension that best suits your hair.


Opt for 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions

No matter what hair extensions you need to choose the right color extension to match your hair, it is always best to go with 100% human Remy hair. This is the highest quality hair extension and what we offer at Amazing Beauty Hair. Human Remy hair extensions allow you to style them just as you do your own hair, including the use of hot styling tools and hair dye.  

If you order a hair extension and it is not perfect but may be just a little bit off, you can bring it to your stylist and have him/her color them to perfectly match your hair. And if you want to change your look in the future, you don’t have to buy all new hair extensions. You can have them colored at the same time as your own hair so they match and you can keep wearing them!

Human Hair Image

Reach Out to Our Team with Any Questions

If you are still struggling with how to choose the right color hair extension to match your hair, reach out to our team. You can send us a selfie taken in soft natural light and we will help guide you to choosing the best color hair extension.

Send us an email at or use our online contact form to get in touch with our team. We can’t wait to help you choose the best color hair extension to match your hair!