Fusion Hair Extensions

Want to change the look of your hair without getting too drastic? Fusion hair extensions may be just the thing you’re after! Unlike tape or clip extensions, fusion hair extensions offer a much longer use from an individual installation, so keeping your new length and volume is easier and simpler to maintain. With this type of extension, you’ll use what are called “strands” – small bundles of hair that are connected together using a keratin protein bond. This bundle is then connected to your own natural hair by using a heating tool that gently warms up the keratin protein, allowing it to mold to your hair. Simply let the protein cool to harden, and you’ve got some brand-new locks that won’t be coming out any time soon! Plus, using the keratin means you get to avoid any sticky glues that can sometimes be hard to use.

If you’re the type of girl who knows what she wants and likes to stick with it, fusion hair extensions are the right choice for you. Because they are physically connected to your actual hair, these extensions can stay in for quite a while. In fact, the extensions themselves are good for three to six months, though you’ll need to readjust them occasionally as your hair grows. And don’t worry about versatility – these extensions will give you longer locks with tons of volume that you can style as your own hair! Our natural Remy hair is not chemically treated and boasts a pristine cuticle so you can play with it to match your style however you feel!

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