Tape In Hair Extensions Reviews From 10 Youtube Guru


Product Used:  TAPE IN HAIR EXTENSION P #2/#4/#6



I got two packs of hair, two boxes and each contained one pack and each pack contained 20 hair extensions, individuals which equates to ten each

I was amazed first of all these extensions are 100% virgin human hair and they're pretty affordable. So I was super in skeptical about them at first because I was like there's no way that these are so affordable and they can be like perfect good quality, there's got to be something wrong. I opened the hair, there's so soft, there's zero shedding, no split ends, they're thick from the route all the way to the end and they're very nicely taped. So it's not gonna come apart, they're not gonna fall apart and so far as I've been wearing them, the tape has turned out to be super, super strong.

I love the hair, it is beautiful. I highly recommend it to all my subscribers, to all my friends, to all my family. I can't wait, this is definitely a gift I would definitely get for birthday because they are so affordable for hair extension, that's unbelievable, they are 100% human and virgin hair. They're not tangle, they're not shedding. The tape is awesome and the communication and customer service was great!




I cannot even with myself how amazing these extensions are, I saw that they had tape in and clip in extensions and they were extremely, like extremely affordable.

There wasn't a single strand of hair that came off when I washed it, when I toned it, when I combed it, when I slept on it, because I've been having this hair for two days already and it has not shed it a single hair.



The hair is a hundred percent natural human hair, which is awesome because you can style it, use heat on it and I'm going to show the before and after of my hair. Before it's so soft and honestly, I think these are probably the best hair extensions I've ever felt, like I never seen and owned. I've had many hair extensions, I've had Zala hair extensions, I did like how to put in tape ins video which I'll link down below and if you want to know how to put in tape and those were really nice. I love Zala extensions but honestly, I feel like these are thicker and softer.
I'll have to let you guys know how these hold up but I'm liking these a lot, I can pull on these quite a bit and I don't get any fallout, like I haven't had any fallout. I applied these a different day and I am wearing the same shirt for video purposes because, I wanted to be wearing the same thing in the whole video but I have actually worn these for a few days and through the night no fallout. Nothing, like I haven't found any fallout, it's insane because like with other hair extension brands, I go like this and there's like hair in my hands.
I'm honestly like surprised I really love these extensions, like with extensions it's like really hard you know, to like find good extensions.
These do hold a curl very well, like they're nice and bouncy. I miss long hair so much, it's so nice like rubbing my hands they my hair.
The team at amazing beauty hair is super nice as well, they're very responsive. If you have any comments or questions you want to ask them, they have so much hair to choose from.




I'm gonna actually give you guys my honest opinion. I first of all, super love the way they blend with my hair, I literally cannot even feel like there's anything in my hair right now, like - not with the bellami hair extensions. I feel like the clips are really heavy but with the tape ins like you literally cannot even feel like you have any hair extensions in your hair. If you want like a full glam look, I would probably recommend purchasing maybe like two more packets and then, kind of like taping them in but I think this is enough for me.

I give this amazing beauty hair like 10 out of 10 stars; I am in love with the quality of these hair extensions. Their customer-service is really good with the amazing Beauty hair.