Virgin Tape In Extensions

Adding inches to your amazing mane is an easy way to incorporate brand new styles into your repertoire and it’s never been easier than with the simplicity and wearability of virgin tape-in hair extensions. This style of hair extension is popular for its ability to add volume and length to the hair in a totally non-committal way that makes changing your look a breeze.

Basically, the luscious new locks attach to the user’s own natural hair quite close to the root. They are lightweight and last for quite a while. They can even be reused a few times, so they have a great lifespan of up to a year. Not to mention they are incredibly convenient and easy-to-use. Application can be done in as little as 30 minutes. And because they sit flatter to the head than other types and can be customized in their placement, they look incredibly natural.

Our tape-in hair extensions are made completely with virgin hair, which means each strand is in perfect condition without ever being chemically treated in any way. But don’t let that scare you from customizing them a bit yourself – virgin tape-in hair extensions are the perfect way to experiment, since they can be cut, colored, styled, bleached, and washed just like you do your own hair!

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