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Balayage Hair Extensions

Deriving from the French term “to sweep,” balayage is a newer hair coloring technique that has made a big impact on the world of hair in recent years. This new technique follows along with the French origins as hair colorists use a brush dipped in dye or bleach to literally sweep it down the hair. This method eliminates the presence of any harsh color lines that could impair the overall look of the hair. Instead, the result is a gentle ombre that appears much more natural than if you were to dye the entirety of the hair.

At Amazing Beauty Hair, our balayage hair extensions are the ultimate in natural-looking additions to your own head of hair. We have taken the liberty of perfecting the balayage technique for our extensions so you can get the best look without having to sit for hours in a stylist’s chair. We start off with high quality, 100% human Remy hair. This means that each strand is facing the same direction, limiting damaged cuticles and the possibilities of tangles and tearing. Then, our experts use the balayage technique to create a natural-looking ombre effect without harsh lines.

We offer balayage hair extensions in a variety of application methods, including tape, clip, halo, and more, so finding the right balayage extensions for your needs is simple. Do not miss out on the length and volume you have been craving; Instead, have a look through our amazing balayage hair extensions, and get your new style going today!

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