How To Get Your Extensions to Seamlessly Blend With Your Natural Hair

May 22, 2023

How To Get Your Extensions to Seamlessly Blend With Your Natural Hair

Extensions add length and volume to your real hair, but they can stick out and call attention to the fact that you’re using them. While hair extensions are marvelous inventions, they have to blend in with your God-given tresses. Otherwise, you might get the same effect as Angelina Jolie when she strutted her stuff down the red carpet.

So, how can you make your extensions look au naturel?

Allow Amazing Beauty  to give you some insider tips that will make your extensions virtually undetectable.

Before we dive in, let’s get a better understanding of the problem. 

Why Your Hair Extensions Aren’t Blending as They Should

Knowing why your hair extensions fail to blend with your real hair is the first step to addressing the issue. Most hair extensions don’t create a seamless look because of one of two reasons:

Mistake #1: You’re Using Extensions With a Uniform Length Across Different Areas of Your Head

Are you using the same hair extension length across different parts of your hair? You need to stop doing this. To remedy this problem, use different lengths for the bottom of your head and the sides.

If you select the wrong texture because you feel like experimenting or get extensions in a different color than your natural hair, you can expect an awkward look that just doesn’t appear right.


Here’s What To Do Instead: Amazing Beauty’s Expert Tips and Tricks

With these five tricks up your sleeve, you’ll never have to suffer the indignity of weird-looking hair extensions!

1. Choose the Right Length

You cannot have a bob cut and get 18-inch extensions to go with it. They simply won’t blend with your natural hair even if you get them professionally installed. So, choose a length that’s within 2 inches of your natural hair length for a realistic-looking blend.

While we’re on the subject, choose the right type of extensions. These Micro Loop Hair Extensions are a great choice, but if you want something more temporary, clip-ins can be put on and taken off easily.  


2. Trim or Layer Your Extensions

This is the best trick for achieving that natural look we all desire.

If your hair extensions aren’t suited to your hair length, take them to the hairstylist. Get them to trim the length according to your haircut so you get the perfect blend.

Once you know your ideal extension lengths down pat, even experienced hair professionals will find it difficult to tell where your natural hair ends and where your extensions begin.

3. Use the Right Number of Wefts

You don’t have to use every single weft in your hair extension package.

When clipping in your hair extensions, it’s extremely important to consider the length and style of your haircut. Use enough to get discreet coverage, but don’t go all out as it can look rather unnatural, especially if you have fine strands.


4. Give Your Wefts a Good Grip

Create a solid base for the wefts by teasing your hair at the root with a tail comb as you section your hair. Alternatively, you can “twist” or braid sections of your natural hair to protect your mane while giving the clips support.

Once you’re done, use a volumizing spray or dry shampoo for better hold. This step will eliminate slippage, sliding, and tugging so your extensions remain in place without damaging your natural hair. Plus, it will hide the clips so you can enjoy a seamless look.

Friendly tip: Don’t be afraid to try different weft positions before firmly attaching them.

Washing your hair extensions removes dirt and product buildup while making them easier to style. But that’s not all it does. Cleaning also makes the cuticles of 100% natural hair extensions fluff up and appear thicker. This can make them blend better with your natural hair.

6. Curl Your Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, experts often recommend avoiding heating tools because they can damage the strands. While that’s certainly true, they may be necessary if you’re having issues with blending.

And no, we don’t advise straightening them. That would only highlight the difference between the two. Instead, clip in your hair extensions and use your curling wand (waves are a good choice) to help the two types of hair create one flawless and envy-inducing look. 


Here’s Our Most Important Tip: Opt For Quality Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions look great — until you have to wash them. A quick dip in soapy water and these artificial strands begin to frizz, tangle, and exhibit other unflattering qualities.

If you want your extensions to match your natural hair texture, get high-quality pieces from Amazing Beauty Hair. We offer an impressive range of hair extensions that can match different hairstyles, hair textures, lengths, and colors. By having quality extensions in your arsenal and remembering our tips, you can have thicker hair without anyone being the wiser!