All you need to know about Balayage hairs

April 11, 2019

All you need to know about Balayage hairs

The first thing to ask would be, What is Balayage hair? Balayage hair has been an explosive trend over the past few years, coming from nowhere to attain the popularity spot it is now. Hair salons worldwide have named Balayage as the most asked for hair trend, and due to this fact hair salons and stylists have gone on to perfect the art of Balayage. Balayage hair is here to stay as we see superstars, supermodels and celebrities rocking this softly melting, natural, and sunkissed hair color.

     Okay, we've been beating around the hair with a pin instead of just combing it. What is Balayage Hair? What do you need to know? How affordable is it? Can it be done at home? How long does it take? We know you've got numerous questions, so we've decided to tell you everything you need to know about and before getting the Balayage Hair.

Origin Of Balayage?

     Balayage has been in vogue since the early '70s or most likely the late '60s. It was a new technique that replaced the dying of hair using foils and frosting caps instead making use of cotton strips to separate the undyed from the dyed, giving it a natural sunkissed look. Since it became quite popular in the '90s, it has been rocked by A-list celebrities, the likes of Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, just to mention a few.

Balayage Hair

What Is Balayage?

     Balayage is painting. Originated from the French word "Balayage" which means "to paint" or "to sweep." It is the method of dyeing individual sections of hair to give it a natural look so that it ends up sunkissed and beautiful (with no visible lines) it goes through the process combining various shades of light and dark colors to give it an array of colors. The end result is a natural sunkissed hair that glows.

Balayage Hair

Can It Be Customized?

     We've got good news. Yes, it can. It can be completely customized to your hair type and hair color. Highlighting or detracting can be done to certain features of your face because it's hand-painted, making you have a unique hair color.

Dye Hair

How To Dye it?

First off, get an expert hair stylist; this is to avoid you getting any dye on your skin, as this will only give you blisters. The dye that goes into the Balayage techniques is very concentrated, and coming in contact with your skin is quite dangerous. With that out of the way, here are two techniques:

  • Go traditional by dyeing a lighter shade at the top of your hair with the use of gold and bleaching the bottom part, this lets you have a soft blended color between the two colors.
  • Go all out with dyeing it directly into each hair strands to give it a natural blended sunkissed look.

How Expensive Is It In Maintaining Balayage Hair?

     For the first application of the Balayage hair, you'll have to pay close to three visits to your hair salon. The first step of Balayage is the bleaching of the hair, and this will have to be done gradually every 6 weeks as doing it once will severely damage your hair. Good news, after you've got the perfect color for your hair, you can survive for 4 months till you go back for a touch up in your salon. It grows out beautifully and effortlessly and so is easily maintained. You should try it!

Balayage Hair

Does It Go With All Hair Lengths?

     Balayage goes with all hair lengths, but not all hair lengths look good with the Balayage. For seamless highlights it works pretty perfectly on full, long flowing hair types. With a shorter cut or hairstyle, you'll want to avoid Balayage. You can read our previous article on how to get longer hair in minutes.

Do I Need To Dye To Get A Balayage?

     Not necessarily, all you have to do is pick up some Balayage tape-in hair extensions. Make sure you go for the ones that have seamless lines and a silicon base so that it completely lies flat against the head without adding extra weight to your roots. This also helps you test out Balayage before going completely Balayage (dyeing process).

Is It Affordable?

     No! But if you're looking for quality hair with beautiful, natural, low maintenance and versatility, then yes it is affordable. It ranges from as low as $65-$89 upwards.

Balayage Hair

Why Balayage?

     We want you to make the best choice, so we'll be giving you the benefits of Balayage hair.

  1. It makes your hair glow all season long. In winter and autumn, you can paint your hair with darker, chocolate tones and during summer and spring, you can paint it with warmer, lighter tones. Whatever season, Balayage hair will have you glowing.
  2. It transforms your hair. Balayage can give your thin hair that magic to look fuller and thicker, because of it's strategically highlights of various colors.
  3. It's soft on the hair. Balayage is placed strategically on the hair, it does minimal damage to your hair and brightens your hair.
  4. It's not a high maintenance product. Balayage doesn't necessarily need too much of maintenance, as it grows seamlessly without the threat of regrowth.
  5. It's versatile. Balayage goes with all hairstyles as we said earlier, be it long, short, dark, light, straight, wavy, curly, etc. All you have to do is have an expert hair stylist that knows how to perfectly apply the perfect shades for your hair color.

     There isn't a doubt that you've made up your mind on getting Balayage hair. It's here to stay and it's your turn to slay it. Once you go Balayage you never go back.