Beyond Length: Creative Uses of Hair Extensions for Volume and Texture

June 01, 2023

Beyond Length: Creative Uses of Hair Extensions for Volume and Texture

When we hear “hair extensions,” we automatically think of long flowing hair. After all, that’s what extensions are all about. However, there’s more to hair extensions than just adding extra inches to your natural hair.

In the world of hair styling, hair extensions are a game changer that offers endless possibilities. By using the volume and texture of hair extensions effectively, you can completely transform your look!

Let’s explore some creative uses for hair extensions, particularly for volume and texture.

 Beyond Length: Creative Uses of Hair Extensions for Volume and Texture

Exploring Volume and Texture With Hair Extensions

Dolly Parton’s voluminous iconic hair may seem impossible to imitate, but it’s really just a matter of effectively using hair extensions. Now, you may not be looking for as much bulk, but if your natural hair looks flat, you can add some texture, volume, and bounce to give it an extra oomph with hair extensions.

Beyond Length: Creative Uses of Hair Extensions for Volume and Texture

How To Add Volume To Your Hair With Hair Extensions

If you're looking to add more volume to your hair without altering its length or layers, you can use hair extensions to do so very easily.

The first step is to find hair extensions that match your natural hair. At Amazing Beauty, we have several types of colors, textures, lengths, and styles for you to choose from.

To add volume, you have to attach them slightly differently than you normally would. Start by adding a layer of extensions a little above the nape of your neck. Then, add more by creating horizontal sections, moving up towards your crown.

If the extensions are longer than your natural length, you can trim them off yourself or ask a professional to do so. This will ensure that the extensions have a uniform length so they can blend in with your natural hair while adding volume.

To add volume at the sides, simply attach the extensions a little below your part to ensure that they are hidden while creating volume around your face. This allows your hair to frame your face better which can really help elevate your overall look.

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Beyond Length: Creative Uses of Hair Extensions for Volume and Texture

How To Use Hair Extensions To Add Texture To Your Hair

“Texture” can mean different things in the hair industry. Some use it to describe the hair’s thickness, curl pattern, or its overall coarseness. However, in this regard, texture refers to the depth of your hair.

If your hair lacks texture, it can look limp, lifeless, and flat even if it is long and voluminous. That’s where hair extensions come in. You can use them to enhance your natural hair’s texture and depth, adding character and bounce to your mane.

To do this, simply attach layered hair extensions throughout your hair depending on how much texture you want to add. You can create long, gradual layers, or sharp, short layers, depending on the look you wish to achieve.

For more volume and texture, use a curling iron on your extensions and natural hair so it cascades down your back in gorgeous waves. Whether you prefer tight curls or loose beachy waves, hair extensions give you the freedom to experiment and find out what works for you.

 Beyond Length: Creative Uses of Hair Extensions for Volume and Texture

Get Creative with Hair Extensions

If you’re someone who enjoys experimenting with your hair and different styles, hair extensions are just what you need.

There may be times when you want to try some fun new hairstyles, but your hair lacks the volume to make it look perfect. On such occasions, hair extensions will give you the volume you need to elevate your hairstyles and give you the freedom to mix it up and enjoy different looks.

You can change your hairstyle without committing to an actual haircut or color by using hair extensions. Maybe add bangs to change your overall style or different colored extensions to add a pop of color and enhance your overall style. This will make it look like you have colored streaks in your hair, without damaging your hair with chemical bleaches and color treatments.

In fact, you can even use ponytail extensions to make your usual ponytail more stylish for an Ariana Grande-esque look!

If you decide that a certain look isn’t working out, you can simply remove your extensions and try something else. There are no long-term commitments or complicated procedures involved. Plus, attaching and detaching them only takes seconds so you’re never stuck with an unflattering look and you don’t have to be afraid to experiment.


Beyond Length: Creative Uses of Hair Extensions for Volume and Texture


Final Thoughts

If you have thin flat hair, hair extensions can be your best friend. You no longer have to bemoan the fact that you weren’t gifted with thick wavy hair. Simply pop on a few extensions and instantly transform your look. Whether you’re looking for a temporary boost in color, volume, or texture, extensions have you covered.

For a wide variety of quality extensions, visit Amazing Beauty. We have all kinds of hair extensions for you to choose from, regardless of the hair color, texture, type, and length you need.