10 Wedding Hair Tips And Tricks Every Girl Must Know

April 11, 2023

10 Wedding Hair Tips And Tricks Every Girl Must Know

Your big day is coming up, and you have been planning this day since you were 10, You have thought of absolutely everything. Your cake, your dress, colors, flowers, food, music, guest lists, seating, okay, okay, you get the idea. You have thought over and thought of everything. More than once. You are finally able to relax a little take a long hot bubble bath and prepare yourself so you look your best on the most important day of your life. You have the perfect mask for your skin to look bright. Don’t worry we are here with your list of important hair hacks that you need to know before your wedding day to help you out.

You know we have your back. Let me give you a gentle reminder too if you think you may need some extra long hair or some extra volume for your special day go to a professional hair extensions store and shop around so you have your halos, clip-ins, tape-ins , fusion extensions or other type hair extensions ordered beforehand. Get them a little early so your stylist can check them out, or so you can practice applying the hair.


We have thought of everything else for you on your wedding day to make sure your hair is something that is a no-fail. Here are the 10 best tips and tricks for you on your wedding day.

 1. Plan Your Style

 Our first tip is to plan out your wedding style beforehand so it goes with your dress. For example, if you have a glamorous dress, try to keep a simple sleek look for your hair. That way your look is not contradicting. You don’t want your guests to get confused when they look at you. So you want to balance things out. If your dress is simple and elegant go with a bigger and bolder hairstyle. If you have a veil, skip bangs or anything swept towards your face. If your dress shows off your back, let it do that, and keep you up. Simple things matter on this day, but we have you covered.

 2.Take Note

 If you have a stylist doing your hair have a friend come along to take note of the products your stylist uses, and how she is managing your hair. Pack up the products to have with you so your friend can make those last-minute touch-ups you may need.

 3. Pre-appointment Duties

 Make sure you know your pre-stylist appointment duties. If you are getting an up-do most stylists will have you not wash your hair so they can manage it easier. If your hair is extra curly they may want you to wash and blow-dry the day before your appointment. Talk to your stylist and see what pre-hair needs you to have to take care of before your appointment. This will ensure your hair is cooperating on your big day.

4. Pre-plan Your Styles

 Most brides will pre-plan their wedding style to go along with the style they want to have at their reception. So clutch right? Yes, changing your hairstyle ever so slightly to a not-so-fancy look is a very posh way to enter your reception party.

5. Stay True To You

Remember to not overdo it on your wedding day. You still want to put off the vibe of yourself. So try out many looks that are a classier, or more fancy version of you. Don’t go over the top and have extra huge curls, or hair all over that does not quite fit your look. You don’t want to see a stranger in your wedding photos. So keep your look fitting your personality and who you are.


6. No Haircuts

 No haircuts before your wedding day. This way you do not have to worry about a haircut failure or getting the wrong style that will ruin your wedding look. So, for now, skip the haircuts.

 7. Plan Ahead

 If you are considering doing your own hair for your wedding. Just make sure you have a couple of practice runs and are able to style it just the way you would like. You don’t want to end up in tears with no stylist, and you are not able to style your own hair.  Also, make sure you have ample time set to do your own hair. All the products you need, and your accessories. We don’t want to leave anything for a chance on this day. So, it is better to be well-planned and thought out. That way nothing can go wrong,

 8. Have A Photo

 If you have a stylist doing your hair bring all of the ideas and photos you have. Anything that you have liked or thought you may want to try. That way your stylist has an idea of what look you are trying to capture. Usually, we will pick out some of the same styles to fit the idea we have created in our heads. Instead of trying to explain it to someone it makes it a lot easier to have a visual reference.

 9. Practice Run

 Have a practice run. It does not matter if you have decided to do your own hair or go to a stylist. It is a good idea to pick a day and go have your style done just as you would on your wedding day. Then you can double-check the time needed, the accessories you may want to have, and the products you will need to have on hand for your day. Most important you can make sure it is the style you are happy with and want for the actual day.

10. Shop Around

 Some of us have had the same hairstyle for so long we don’t know what it would be like to try a new style. So be open and try out different styles and looks before you settle on the one you want. You can still stay true to yourself, and have a new look at the same time.

 Now that we have furnished you with the tips you will need for your hair you should be ready for your big day. Assuming that you have all of the other details taken care of and that you have a groom of course. There is actually one last bit of advice we have for you on your day. That is to relax and have fun. Don’t spend your entire wedding stressed out and worrying over the small things. This is your day, and you will make it perfect. Smile and have a great time. Make lots of happy memories to have for the rest of your beautiful married life.