9 Hairstyles For Every Holiday Mood

April 24, 2023

9 Hairstyles For Every Holiday Mood

So many of us carry on a busy daily schedule so any interruption in those schedules throws us completely off. It gets hard to manage the small things when things are not going with the flow like we are used to. We have our normal time of waking up, working, errands, and our routines that we like to stick with.

So when the holidays come and we have more errands. Getting  gifts and cards or the extra cooking. The last thing we want to worry about is how we are going to look when we go to visit our family. So for the pre-planners and those who like to stick to their itinerary and schedule book, we have come up with the hairstyles you can add to your arsenal just for your holidays.

We don’t know exactly what mood we are going to be in for next Halloween, but that does not mean we cannot be well thought out and planned for it. You can incorporate these 9 easy holiday styles into your style armor. When the holiday comes, and the mood strikes, you will be ready. Yes, you do think of everything. So, get ready to put these 9 styles down in your planners. So when the holidays come you can fit the style make things easier on you. Don’t forget to add into your plannewith your Holiday mood, or have the list too choose from tors the option to get hair extensions for your style, and go to the website at Amazing Beauty Hair and you can shop and pre-order your extentions to have them in time for the holidays.

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Don’t worry if your hair is not exactly the right length or color to match the style mood you are trying to achieve for your holiday. We can help with that too. You can check out clip-in, tape-in, or even pony’s in your desired color at  Amazing Beauty Hair. Told you we thought of everything.

 9 Hairstyles For Every Holiday Mood--Amazing Beauty Hair

  1. Mood-Relaxed

This mood is for the relaxed holiday. On the couch benge watching t.v. and movies all day very cas and laid back. Long curls with the part in the middle of your hair. Letting those waves bounce and look full and beautiful. So you will still look stunning even though you are in your in sweats.

 9 Hairstyles For Every Holiday Mood--Amazing Beauty Hair

  1. Mood-Romantic

This mood is love and for those who celebrate with their boo, and want to pull out all of the stops and look absolutely amazing. The look is lots of waves, you can set your hair with curlers before hand, and then add a big beautiful plait down the side of your head to wrap around and hold all of those curls up. This is a soft updo that will have him loving the holidays with you. You can also add a soft hair accessory to polish off this look.

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9 Hairstyles For Every Holiday Mood--Amazing Beauty Hair

  1. Mood-Super Chill

This look is for the holiday that you don’t even want to get dressed for. You know  the one. Staying in the p.j.s all day, and not even thinking of leaving the house. This is a hair-extension must unless you already have that straight sleek extra long hair. For those of you who don’t look for the extra long 22 inch clip-in’s or tape-in’s at Amazing Beauty Hair, then you can part the beautiful long strands in the middle and take a small piece to knot around your pony right where your rubber band is holding your pony’s together so it covers the rubber band. This is the perfect holiday all day p.j. look.


9 Hairstyles For Every Holiday Mood--Amazing Beauty Hair

  1. Mood-lasting

This look is for the extra long holiday. Maybe the one you have to go out of town for and stay a week or two with family. It is the long beach waves. You have the option of keeping them neat or a little messier. It will be an easy fix daily, especially if you have extensions in. So it will be a huge time saver, and you will find that you don’t have to pack a ton of products with you.

 9 Hairstyles For Every Holiday Mood--Amazing Beauty Hair

  1. Mood-Crisis

When you are experiencing the rushed holiday that you are not quite ready for, and things are not turning out as planned, go to the braid. If you have long locks a neat french braid will do nicely to keep the hair out of your face, but still looking up and neatly styled. You can even add a few flowers to dress it up, or accessories to fancy it up a bit.

 9 Hairstyles For Every Holiday Mood--Amazing Beauty Hair

  1.  Mood-last minute

This is for the holiday you did not know you were going to celebrate until the very last minute. The last thing you want to have to fuss with is your hair. So you get the pony extension. One with waves will look extra classy, and will have you by looking your best.

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9 Hairstyles For Every Holiday Mood--Amazing Beauty Hair

  1. Mood-I am here

The opposite of the last minute mood, this one is actually planned and thought out and you want your look and style to reflect that as well. Nothing thrown together here. This is all methodical. Get a halo extension for that extra volume and some layers and let those long locks just lay perfectly down your back and around your shoulders. You will be photo ready for those holiday pics.


9 Hairstyles For Every Holiday Mood--Amazing Beauty Hair

  1. Mood-over it, don’t care

For the holiday you have done a million times, and are just not that into. You can get the 24inch extensions and make it messy or put  it together with a  bun on the top of your head. The kind of bun you may sport when you are doing house chores. Well, you can put a little more into it. Maybe pull some bangs down on each side or add a hair accessory to dress it up a bit. It’s up to you how much you want your mood to say “ I don’t care.”

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9 Hairstyles For Every Holiday Mood--Amazing Beauty Hair

  1. Mood-Festive

This look is the one for the girl who is present for the holiday. The soft and easy look can be done by using 24in or 12in extentions so you have those long waves. Then you can add a headband to separate the bangs from all those long locks. This is also easy to prepare and execute. So you don’t have to spend alot of time fussing over your style. You can just let those pre curled waves hang while you focus all your attention at hand.


There you have it all of the 9 pre-ordered styles to fit your mood for the next upcoming holidays. For those of you who have girlfriends and they are a strategic planners. Share the link to this article at  Amazing beauty hair so she can also plan her holiday styles with her mood, and this will  give her a  little extra time to worry about getting last minute gifts, or getting those cards and family photos in the mail. So for the next 9 moody holidays put a check mark in the done box because figuring out how you are going to look is taken care of. One less thing for you to think about, lower stress-level, and a happier holiday with time to think of the things that matter. So for the next 9 holidays to come we would like to say “Happy Holidays” (all 9 of them) from Amazing Beauty Hair. You are prepared and ready.