Spring Fever? Get Ready for the Warmer Months with These Spring-Inspired Looks

January 27, 2021

Spring Fever? Get Ready for the Warmer Months with These Spring-Inspired Looks

We’re almost to the mid-point between winter and spring and many of us are already feeling the spring fever. Warmer temperatures and sunshine are ahead and we’re excited to begin dreaming and styling for all things spring! Fresh styles are here to get you inspired for the next couple of months and to begin updating your look.


Streak of Blonde

2020 saw a trend towards platinum, icy blondes and the trend continues into the new year, but if the idea of bleaching your whole head scares you, try just a single streak of blonde. This look is very 90s inspired, which is a big overall hair trend for 2021. You can place the streak just about anywhere, whether at your front hairline or beneath the hair to create a peek-a-boo blonde surprise.

If you’re still uneasy about bleaching and coloring your own hair a bright blonde, try out a small hair extension weft in blonde and simply clip wherever you want a pop of brightness. When you don’t want to don the streak, simply unclip and remove!


Long Bubble Ponytail

The bubble ponytail has been gaining popularity for its throw-back nostalgic style and as a fun way to give a plain ponytail a boost. All you need are a handful of hair elastics to create this spring 2021 hair trend. If your own hair is fine and less length than desired, you can easily pop in a few clip in hair extensions to add volume and length to your ponytail. The result will be a voluminous, trailing pony that really shows off this fun style.


Lavender Locks

While many of us embraced our natural color this past year during the pandemic, many are looking ahead to brighter, sunnier days and for ultra-colorful locks. Lavender is an incredibly romantic, feminine hue that is the perfect pastel shade for spring. Work with your stylist to create the perfect lavender shade for your hair and go slow with the bleaching process to avoid doing excessive damage to your hair.

If you’d love to enjoy this springy style without all the bleach and damage to your natural hair, you can have just as fun (and less stress) by purchasing blonde human hair extensions and having your colorist dye them the perfect shade of lavender.


High Pigtails, Baby Spice Style

Yes, Baby Spice-style high pigtails are a thing for this spring and we love it. Grab your straightener to create sleek locks with any frizz and pull each side of your hair up into a high ponytail to achieve a quintessential 90s look. Pop in a few wefts of hair extensions to add volume and length to your hair for the best high pigtails of your life. Wrap a piece of hair around the elastics to hide them and leave some pieces out at the front.


Natural, Beachy Waves

Following 2020’s trend of embracing natural color and texture, naturally wavy hair is fresh and on-trend for spring. Spritz a texturizing spray into your locks for perfectly imperfect beach-inspired waves. Want to take things up a notch? Place clip-in or halo hair extensions to achieve gorgeous long and voluminous mermaid hair.


Short Bob with Bangs

The bob trend is in full swing and this year it calls for going even shorter and bolder with bangs. Once again, this look is very 90s-inspired but will be refreshed for spring. Once you try this bold look (and serious commitment) and you’re dreaming about wistful, beachy hair, you can try medium-length hair extensions to give you some length back and close the gap between waiting for your natural hair to grow back out.


Natural Curls and Coils

Our natural babes are encouraged to continue embracing their natural curls, kinks and coils for spring. Showcasing natural texture and volume is very much on-trend for this year, and you can use hair extensions for African American hair to bring out your natural texture and volume even more.


Straight Back Cornrows

Braided hairstyles soared in popularity in 2020 as pretty yet low maintenance styles that also support hair health. Braids continue into the new year through spring as a trending style, particularly bold cornrows for those with long enough locks and naturally textured hair.


The Shag

First appearing in the late 90s and early 2000s, the shag hairstyle was both grunge and a bit wild, embracing the lived-in look that isn’t at all fussy. Now, in spring 2021, the shag is back and being worn by many celebrities. The shag hairstyle involves many layers for a look that is full and textured. Since this style is all about creating volume throughout the hair, pop in a few hair extensions in your hair’s length throughout your head to pump up the volume without adding length.


Bold Face-Framing Color

Chunky face-framing highlights in bold colors like red, pink, and platinum blonde are hot so far in 2021. If you want to brighten up your look for spring and add a pop of color, try this look by having only the hair at your front hairline around your face highlighted and colored. It’s a bold look that says, “I’m ready to step into 2021 with a bright, new outlook!”


If you’re ready to try something new but not quite that bold, opt for a couple chunky hair extension wefts in a fun bright color and place them throughout your hair for pops of color without the commitment.

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