Achieve Effortless Glam Hair for New Year's Eve with Hair Extensions

January 07, 2021

Achieve Effortless Glam Hair for New Year's Eve with Hair Extensions

Its 2021 now and there’s no better time to start thinking about how you can ring in the new year in style, with effortless glamorous hair. No matter how you’ll be celebrating, it doesn’t have to take until midnight to achieve beautiful, voluminous, lustrous locks. Here is some NYE hair inspiration to help you create a special look within minutes, thanks to human hair extensions.


Step One: Get Hair Extensions for Christmas!

The secret ingredient to achieving effortless glam hair for New Year’s Eve is hair extensions. We recommend trying a temporary hair extension as either clip in extensions or a halo extension to add instant length and volume to your hair. Once you’ve put in your extensions, which only takes a few minutes, it’s only a few minutes more until you have gorgeous, glam hair for your NYE celebration.

Be sure to put human hair extensions at the top of your Christmas list this year to ensure that by New Year’s, you have the tools you need to easily achieve your best holiday look yet.


Step Two:

Once you’ve been gifted your hair extensions, it’s time to have some fun and try one of these effortlessly stylish looks for your New Year’s Eve festivities.


Hollywood Glam Curls

Despite being exceptionally glamorous, Hollywood-inspired curls are one of the simplest styles to create, and you can simplify even more by prepping your hair extensions ahead of time.

Curl your hair extensions separately from your hair if you want to save some time on NYE. Using a large curling iron, create curls going towards your face, as this depicts classic, vintage Hollywood style.

For your own hair, create a deep side part and curl your hair going towards your face. Using a bobby pin or shiny barrette, pin back the hair behind your ear on the less dominant side of your part. Apply your already-curled hair extensions, give everything a light spray of hair spray and voila! You have glitzy, glam Hollywood curls that scream NYE.


Voluminous Low Side Pony

The key to a glam side ponytail is to add mega volume and length to your hair. Begin by applying a volumizing spray or powder all over your own hair. Put in your hair extensions as you would normally and curl all of your hair. Apply the volumizing product again to your curls and bring all of your hair to one side and secure into a low side pony. Wrap a piece of hair around the elastic or use a glam hair tie with a sparkly brooch to add shimmer and shine.


High Half Updo

2020 was all about the high bouncy half updos. This trend still reigns and is one of the easier styles to create. Start by adding large, bouncy curls all over your head and hair extensions. Pull the hair from around the crown together and secure it high on your head in a half up half down style. Wrap a section of hair around the elastic to turn this look into a head-turning style perfect for your NYE celebration.


High Ponytail

Channel your inner Ariana Grande with a bouncy high ponytail. You typically need a lot of hair to achieve a high pony that has a lot of length and volume. If your own hair doesn’t quite measure up, pop in your hair extensions to nail this style. You can make this style bouncy with lots of volume and curls, or sleek and chic. Either way, the added length and thickness you get with natural-looking hair extensions take this look to the next level. All you have to do is put in your clip in hair extensions, pull your hair into a high pony, and you’re done.


Mega Volume Natural Curls

If you’ve got curls, flaunt ‘em. This year calls for embracing natural curls and kinks and taking them to the next level. Hair extensions enhance your natural texture with added length and volume to help you achieve dramatic, glam hair. Have you always wanted to don a Foxxy Cleopatra-style fro? Now is the time to do it. Go big or go home as you bid farewell to 2020!


Wrapped Low Ponytail

After putting in your clip in or halo hair extensions, pull your hair back into a low, sleek ponytail for the chicest pony yet. This look is casual and classy and perfect for a wide variety of NYE festivities. Leave a few pieces of hair at the front for a romantic look, or pull everything back for a sleek, modern style. Once your hair is secured with an elastic, wrap a thick piece of hair from underneath around the elastic. You can also use multiple strands of hair to disguise the hair tie to increase the thickness and drama.


Glam Hair Accessories

Accessories are the ticket to a glamourous, sparkly New Year’s Eve hairstyle.

Here are a few of our favorites to try with a variety of different hairstyles:

  • Shimmery hair tie and headbandsto secure a ponytail, braid, or half updo style. Headbands can work with just about any style, whether up or down, to instantly add NYE glamour.
  • Sparkly barrettes and bobby pinstop off virtually any hairstyle and should be used liberally on New Year’s Eve.
  • Rhinestonesfloating gracefully on the top of your hair are eye-catching and head-turning. Secure them with a drop of hair glue and stick them wherever you want to add sparkle.
  • A glitzy braceletto wrap around a ponytail works well if you don’t have any sparkly hair elastics
  • Hair glitterspray to add shimmering sparkles all over your hair!


How will you use hair extensions to create effortless, glam hair on NYE this year? Let us know in the comments! If you need any further help picking out the perfect extensions to compliment your hair, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to our team.