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Blonde Hair Extensions

Did you know that blonde hair tends to be the thinnest of all-natural hair colors? If you’re a natural blonde, you are probably acutely aware of the struggle to find the volume and even a bit of length while maintaining the beautiful blonde that you were born with. Luckily, blonde hair extensions are becoming a truly reliable way to get all the oomph, and even a little va-va-voom, that will turn your blonde from “blah” to “bombshell!”

At ABH AmazingBeauty, our blonde hair extensions are made exclusively from the highest quality human hair available. And our particular Remy version ensures that you will get the smoothest, sleekest blonde possible since every strand is guaranteed to be going the same direction. This means that the cuticles are facing the same way so there won’t be any flyaways or frizz to mess with your look.

We offer some of the most incredible blonde hair extensions in a variety of styles. Choose from clip-ins (which affix gently to your hair and can be removed and installed daily), tape-ins ( which use a soft tape to fasten to your locks near the roots), or even halo-style extensions. This last type is probably the easiest and least damaging style of extension that you place over your natural hair like a headband, which you then cover up with the top layer of your natural hair. This is perfect for blondes who want to protect their hair from any type of stress or pulling. And if you’re concerned you won’t find your perfect blonde, we have you covered, from platinum to strawberry to honey, and everything in between!

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