How to Know Your Scalp Better?

March 02, 2021

How to Know Your Scalp Better?


When we think about self-care, what comes into our mind? New facial products or a new skincare regime, isn’t it?

But do you think about your scalp? Probably not.

Let me tell you this; your skin never ends with the forehead. It continues; there are three different layers in the scalp. The top layer is a skin layer and has millions of hair follicles and glands.

As I said, your skin never ends up with the forehead. So, you need to pay attention to your scalp as well.

However, there are different classifications when it comes to your ideal scalp type. The very first step regarding caring for your scalp is to know about your scalp.

Well, don’t worry, I won’t bombard you with thousands of scientific names. Because I know you are not a dermatologist, neither am I.

So, let’s not talk much about this and jump to the good part.



Yeah, all this stuff is cool, but exactly why do I need to think about my scalp?

Hear me out on this.

“A healthy scalp is the only doorway to healthy and lustrous hair.”

Yes, you read it right.

The health of your scalp is directly linked to the health of your hair. So, if your scalp is healthy, ultimately, the condition of your hair also gets healthy.

Think of it as very fertile soil, but in due time, the nutrients depleted because of fertilizers and weather conditions. As there is a scarcity of nutrients in the ground, do you think any healthy crop can grow in it?

The same case goes with your scalp and hair. Because of various styling products, harmful shampoos and other external factors, the fertility and conditions of your scalp just deteriorate. As a result, your hair also shares the consequences.

Your scalp acts as soil for the growth of your hair, and you need to look out for it. Your scalp deserves much more than just a massage while shampooing.

If you have a health scalp, there are a lots of choice to choose hair extensions,

like clip ins, tape ins, halo hair and ponytails extensions etc.



Now, you realize that your scalp is the main lead and not a supporting role in the movie of healthy hairs.

To make your movie a big hit, you need to know the traits and qualities of your main lead.

Let’s identify your ideal scalp.

  1. Dry Scalp

Have you ever experienced itchiness on your scalp or witnessed dry flakes on your shoulders?

If yes, then there are chances that dry is your ideal scalp type. Dry scalp is more common during the winter seasons. So, you will see some flakes or experience mild itching during winters.

However, if you are experiencing these issues in recent times, these can be the reasons:

Heat Styling Products


Chemical Straightening

So, you should consider reducing these practices to improve the conditions of your scalp.


How Can You Care for Your Dry Scalp?

Now that you know you have a dry scalp, it is time that you care for it.

 Use a gentle shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner: When you pair them, it will prevent your scalp from drying out

Warm Shower: When I say a warm shower, it doesn’t mean that you need boiling water. Showering with very mild heated water can help you in reducing dryness.

Essential Oils: Look for hair products that have essential oils in them. Essential oils will help you in restoring the oil in your scalp.

Oil Massages: Go for oil massages at least once a week. This will make your hair less itchy. 


2. Oily Scalp

So, are you like those who always complain of having their hair flat or greasy?

Then, my dear friend, you have an oily scalp. This means you attract dirt and dandruff with almost no efforts.


How Can You Care for Your Oily Scalp?

Wash Frequently: Try to wash your hair almost every day; however, if you don’t have the time to wash it every day, try to do it every 3 weeks.

Avoid Conditioner: Dear friend, you don’t need a conditioner; your scalp is extremely conditioned. So, using a conditioner will only complicate the problem further.

But if you still desire to use a conditioner, then make sure that it is oil-free.

Pick Up the Right Products: Look for products that don’t have any oils in them. So that it doesn’t add to the existing amount of oil in your scalp.

Improve Your Diet: Increase your proteins and vitamins intake. Drink a lot of water.


3. Combination Scalp

Do you feel that your scalp is greasy, whereas your hairs are dry in the end?

If you are nodding right now, then you have a combination scalp.

Yeah, I know that’s pretty confusing, but maybe because you have fine hair. Having fine hair means that there is plenty of space between each strand. This means that there are more oil glands in each area.


How Can You Care for Your Combination Scalp?

 The Right Shampoo: For combination scalp finding the right shampoo is the same as finding your soulmate.

Bad joke, right? Sorry about that.

The sebum produced in your scalp cannot travel through your hair strands, causing oily scalp and dry hair. So, look for the shampoo with ingredients such as clay, lactic acid and glycerin.

 Conditioning is a must: You have dry hair ends, and because of this, you need to condition your hair ends ultimately. But, be careful and don’t apply the conditioner to your scalp.

Reduce the Heat Styling Tools: The heat will dry out your hair ends more and increase oil production. Even if you are using heat styling tools, make sure that you are using the heat protector.

Brush Your Hair: Frequently brushing your hair will help to transfer the oil to the hair ends. Hence, this allows the balanced distribution of the oils.



Now you know your main lead, i.e., scalp. So now you need to maintain and take care of it so that your movie becomes a blockbuster hit.

In case you still don’t see any results consider consulting a dermatologist for precise advice.

However, if you continue these practices, chances are less that you won’t see any improvement.

Take care of yourself and stay safe while you rock the world.