Things You Need to Keep in Mind While Deep Conditioning for Hair

March 30, 2021

Things You Need to Keep in Mind While Deep Conditioning for Hair

How many times do you add salad or soup to your diet? Most of the time, isn’t it? 

Why? Because your body needs more than that meat or pizza. 

You know what? Your hair gets jealous of your body because you feed your body with all the extra nutrients but don’t think of it.

Are you wondering what the extra nutrient for your hair is?


Why A Deep Conditioner?

Your hair goes through a lot of things, styling, heat, pollution and some harsh products as well. As you put your hair through such things, it gets upset or rough and demands some extra care and moisture. 

A deep conditioner helps you block the damage caused by various external factors by decreasing breakage and split ends. If you think that your hair looks dull and weak, a deep conditioner will help get that natural gloss back by cleaning all the accumulated stuff.

Do you always spend your hard-earned money on every product that reads “100% colour safe”? When you treat your hair with color, it alters the structure of your hair; however, deep conditioning once a week will take care of your hair.


Types Of Deep Conditioner

After knowing the crucial role of deep conditioner in our lives, you need to narrow down the choice of deep conditioner for yourself.

There are two kinds of deep conditioners; moisturising and strengthening. 

Moisturising deep conditioners help in hydrating your hair and leaves it smooth and glossy after wash. So if you feel that your hair lacks such properties, then go for a moisturising deep conditioner.

Does your hair have split ends and breaks with almost no effort? 

If you’re screaming yes now, then strengthening deep conditioner will be the ideal choice for you. Strengthening deep conditioners helps make your hair strong and prevents it from breaking easily.

It would be best if you chose your ideal type based on your needs. So please give it a thought and then look for the right product.


Things You Need To Keep In Mind

Deep conditioning holds great significance in the hair care regime. You know that your hair needs deep conditioning once in a while. However, there are certain things that you need to take care of before you apply that conditioner to your hair.

Let’s have a look at it.


Using way too much

“Woohoo, I got my conditioner, now I have to use plenty of it.” 

Don’t just use a lot of deep conditioner on your hair, especially when you have fine hair. Using too much of the product will make your hair look weighed down.

I don’t think you would like that because conditioners are formulated to provide you with all the moisture that your hair has lost. Most of the time, the ends of your hair get dry because of day to day activities and need the lost moisture back.

You need to use the product according to your hair length and thickness. Also, keep this in your mind, when it comes to your normal conditioner, less is more, always.


Applying it to your scalp

“I need to keep my scalp moisturised, so I need to apply it to my scalp.”

No, you don’t, sweety! 

It will make your hair look greasy and weigh you down. When it comes to the conditioners, always keep them away from your roots, it won’t do any good. As you apply conditioners to your roots, it will block the pores with extra oils, and your roots will be sticky and itchy as well.


Overdoing It

Applying a deep conditioner and keeping it overnight is unnecessary. It doesn’t mean that if you keep it overnight, it will add some extra magic to your hair. It won’t; however, it can damage your hair. Most of the deep conditioners are good enough to get absorbed in at least 25 to 30 minutes. If it doesn’t, ditch it already.


It works better on Clean Hair.

You should always keep in mind that deep conditioning always works better on clean hair. So clean your hair with a clarifying shampoo nicely. It will remove all the dirt and product build-up, which will make the deep conditioner ineffective.


Steaming For Better Results

Steaming when your hair is all covered up with the conditioner works wonders. Trust me!

This will help in improving the elasticity of your hair and retain the moisture from the conditioner. Steaming helps you in lifting the cuticle very gently and locks the moisture by heating the conditioner. It will open up each and every clogged pore and add the moisture effectively.


Calling It A Day!

Deep conditioning is the best way to pamper your hair. Don’t let your hair feel that you don’t care about them. The worst part is that people don’t think about their hair most of the time and expect them to be excellent, glossy and healthy.

How can it be?

To make something the best, you need to invest time and energy in it; you can’t achieve those results without that. It is always not your hair; sometimes, it is your body as well. Start paying attention to your diet because it reflects on everything. 


I will take leave now, queen. Take care of yourself and stay hydrated.