18 Home Remedies For Itchy Scalp

April 04, 2018

18 Home Remedies For Itchy Scalp

An itchy scalp is not only frustrating and annoying; it can also be very embarrassing. Imagine getting an itch in the middle of a meeting? The itchiness would not let you concentrate and well, you know that scratching your head in such a forum may not sit well with some people. Not to mention that the act though seemingly innocent, may earn you the label of being unhygienic.

Do you know what causes an itchy scalp? There are various factors that range from a dry scalp, bacterial infections, ringworms etc. Furthermore, frequent scratching of your scalp may be a strong contributor to excessive loss of hair. No one wants to lose their hair right? If you have ever heard an itchy scalp then you know how uncomfortable it can be. The glorious sensation that comes with scratching cannot possibly be explained.

Most people end up draining their pockets on various products that promise to cure the problem. However, in most cases, they end up very disappointed. On the other hand, going to a doctor means that you are going to be shouldered with drugs and supplements that may be laborious to use and probably very expensive. 

Well, we have some good news for you. There are many home remedies that you can use to permanently relieve yourself of this pain, all at your own terms and at the comfort of your home.

  • 1.Coconut oil Remedy
  • 2. Tea Tree Oil Remedy
  • 3. Aloe Vera Remedy
  • 4. Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy
  • 5. Sesame oil Remedy
  • 6. Lemon Juice Remedy
  • 7. Baking Soda Remedy
  • 8. Onion Juice Remedy
  • 9. Banana and Avocado Remedy
  • 10. Neem Oil Remedy
  • 11. Olive oil Remedy
  • 12. Honey Remedy
  • 13. Lavender Oil Remedy
  • 14. Eucalyptus oil Remedy
  • 15. Listerine Remedy
  • 16. Peppermint oil Remedy
  • 17. Argan oil Remedy
  • 18. Jojoba oil Remedy

  • We will give you an in-depth insight on some of the most popular home remedies for an itchy scalp so that you can get ready to break the chronic itching cycle.


    1.Coconut oil Remedy

    Coconut oil Remedy

    This is one of those oils that you should never lack in your home. Coconut oil is an effective moisturizer that does wonders for a dry and itchy scalp. It also reduces irritation and redness. Coconut oil acts as a protective barrier and moisturizer. It has antibacterial properties that combat infections such as folliculitis and fungal infections. The oil provides a soothing effect that will give you a satisfying and soothing sensation.

    If you have a child, then you probably know how magical coconut oil can be in soothing the cradle cap on the little ones. So, if you do your calculations right, you can tell that if it's safe and good for a baby then it should be worth trying. It is said that prevention is better than cure. Coconut oil not only deals with an itchy scalp but its regular use can also help you avoid getting itchy altogether. Wait, there is more, it gives your hair a delicious smell that will leave anyone that hugs you mesmerized.

    How to Use Coconut oil

    • All you need is 3-5 tablespoons of coconut oil
    • To make it more effective you can warm the coconut oil. This is only necessary when you are not using the liquid coconut oil.
    • Take a generous amount and apply on to your scalp and massage thoroughly.
    • Take your time roughly 10-15 minutes
    • Use a towel or shower cap to cover your head. The essence of this is for the oil to be absorbed into the scalp.
    • 2-3 hours should do just fine but if possible you can leave it overnight.
    • Rinse it off.
    • The recommendation is that follow this procedure twice a week for better results.

    2. Tea Tree Oil Remedy

    Tea Tree Oil Remedy

    Melaleuca is the other name for the incredible tea tree essential oil. It has antimicrobial properties as well as antioxidants benefits. This means that it can deal with viruses, bacteria, and fungus by killing them. The oil is a remarkable anti-fungal anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory element. Tea Tree Oil has been used since the ancient days to deal with dry and itchy scalp and dandruff and has always been said to be very efficient.

    How to use Tea Tree Oil

    • The undiluted composition of Tea Tree Oil is the best to use. Gently massage 5-10 drops into your scalp.
    • For sensitive skin, add 10- 20 drops of this oil into half a cup of baby shampoo. This mixture should be used daily for better results.
    • If you can’t stand the smell adding it to any carrier oil such as coconut, almond, jojoba or oily oil should be just fine. After applying on your scalp you should leave it for 2-3 hours before rising if off.
    • You can also opt for a shampoo containing Tea Tree shampoo which is a lot easier to use. You should always give your shampoo a minute to soak into your scalp before washing so as to give it time to get absorbed.
    • Another way is to add 5- 10 drops of the oil into the water. Then after washing your hair, use this mixture to rinse your scalp and hair.

    3. Aloe Vera Remedy

    Aloe Vera Remedy

    Are you looking for an immediate soothing and cooling sensation? Aloe vera has antipruritic property that gives it the ability to provide instant relief to itching. It has glycoprotein which acts as protective agents and helps in moisturizing the scalp. Moreover, it has both antifungal and antibacterial properties. It also has lignin for easier absorption into the scalp. 

    To go even further, amino acids in aloe vera accelerates the growth of tissues and has enzymes that exfoliate dead skin. Aloe vera is definitely a master in caring for your hair and scalp.

    How to use Aloe Vera
    • You can either use an aloe vera leaf or store-bought aloe vera gel
    • If it is a leaf you will need to slice it open
    • What is required is the inner gel
    • Then make sure you wash your hair thoroughly with warm water and shampoo.
    • Massage 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel
    • Leave it in for 5-10 minutes.
    • Rinse off your hair.
    • Use once or twice a week.

    4. Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy

    Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy

    It is a powerful anti-inflammation that fights and kills yeast and viruses which are known to cause an itchy scalp. The apple cider vinegar has the ability to balance the ph. levels on the scalp which provides relief from itching and dryness. It is a natural exfoliator that helps open up ores. Furthermore, Apple cider not only helps your scalp heal but goes further to give you strong and shiny hair.

    How to use Apple Cider Vinegar

    • Pour a solution of a quarter cup of vinegar and quarter cup water and pour in a bottle. Now spray your hair and cover your head with a towel. Leave on for 30 minutes to 1 hour and wash off.
    • Pour apple cider vinegar in a bowl. Use a cotton wool to apply it on a clean scalp, Wash off after 15-20 minutes.

    5. Sesame oil Remedy

    Sesame oil Remedy

    Heat and sunburns are some of the causes of damage to your hair follicles. If this happens to you, you don’t need to panic, sesame oil works perfectly as a coolant, It traps in the moisture thus, eliminating the problem of a dry scalp. The tranquilizing and antibacterial properties are the key to soothing and fighting dry scalp and itchiness.

    How to use Sesame Oil
    • Warm the sesame oil and apply on your scalp a few minutes before bedtime
    • You can then wrap your hair using a hot towel for 10 minutes. This step is optional.
    • Let the oil stay on your hair overnight.
    • Wash your hair and scalp in the morning using a mild shampoo and water.
    • Repeat the process every day till the itchiness eases.
    • You can also add lemon on to the warm sesame oil to make it more effective.

    6. Lemon Juice Remedy

    Lemon Juice Remedy

    Lemon has the most remarkable antiseptic properties because of its low PH. This means that if your scalp is itching because of microbes then you should opt for lemon juice. However, using it on the broken skin will cause a stinging feeling.

    How to use Lemon Juice
    • You can either use fresh lemon juice or bottled lemon juice.
    • Massage 2 tablespoons onto your scalp and rinse it out. Add another teaspoon of lemon into a cup of water. Use this solution to give your hair a final rinsing. Repeat process daily till the itch eases.
    • You may also apply fresh lemon juice directly on to the scalp. For mild cases, you can use water to dilute before applying. Leave it on the hair for 5-19 minutes and wash it off.
    • Another method involves mixing lemon with yogurt. Take 2-3 tablespoons of yogurt, then add 5-10 drops of lemon into the yogurt. Apply into your scalp for 5-10 minutes and wash it off.

    7. Baking Soda Remedy

    Baking Soda Remedy

    Baking soda is so versatile and should never lack in your home. Starting from cleaning toilets to producing wonderful results on your hair this is ideally one of a kind. Baking soda is an excellent exfoliator that rids your skin of all dead cells and skin flakes.It is an antibacterial and antifungal that kills microbes. 

    Additionally, it helps balance the PH of the scalp and provides relief from itching.

    How to use Baking Soda
    • You may choose to incorporate olive oil for better results.
    • Apply olive oil to your scalp and massage
    • Make a paste using water and baking soda. This paste should be thick.
    • Wait for about 15 minutes and rinse off.
    • Repeat this process every other day till you get rid of the itchiness.

    8. Onion Juice Remedy

    Onion Juice Remedy

    This is an ancient stimulant for hair growth used by many countries. Onions contain compounds that encourage the growth of hair follicles as well as cleanse the scalp. Onions have natural antimicrobial qualities that help keep scalp infections at bay. It is also an antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation. And there is more, onions are known to encourage blood circulation for healthy and strong roots. Better yet Onion juice also provides essential nutrients for your scalp which helps reduce itchiness.

    How to use Onion Juice
    • To extract juice you will need to grind or grate the onion.
    • Apply 2-3 tablespoons on to your scalp
    • If the smell is too much for you, you can mix with olive oil and apply on your scalp.
    • Let it stay in for 30 minutes
    • Wash it clean with shampoo and water.
    • Do this once every week.

    9. Banana and Avocado Remedy

     Banana and Avocado Remedy

    Thought this combination can only make a yummy smoothie? Well, you are wrong. The fruits are also used to make a remedy for an itching scalp. The bonus comes from the resulting smell that will make you want to nibble on your hair. This fruits are not only nourishing but also make an amazing scalp mask. 

    Bananas are known as a conditioning treatment for your hair. Its ability to moisturize helps deal with dandruff menace and inflammation. Fatty avocados have antioxidants effect that helps keep your scalp cells healthy and smiling. Combining this two extra nourishing elements helps eliminate any health problems on your scalp and provide the extra benefit of strong, shinier and longer hair.

    How to use Banana and Avocado
    • You require 1or 2 ripe bananas and one ripe avocado.
    • Mash the ingredients ensuring you mix them well.
    • Apply this mixture on your scalp and hair.
    • Leave it for about half an hour.
    • Clean your hair thoroughly.

    10. Neem Oil Remedy

    Neem Oil Remedy

    Neem oil has been in use for centuries in curing and relieves chronic itching of the scalp. The neem has numerous medicinal properties that are used to heal and prevent a number of diseases. It has a remarkable antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal element, which means that no microbes could flourish when using this remedy. It thus works on rectifying any conditions causing itching. It also has anti-inflammation properties whereby it hinders the release and buildup of histamine.

    How to use Neem Oil
    • You need 4 to 8 drops of neem oil.
    • You need to apply the oil on to your scalp directly and massage thoroughly.
    • If you have a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil you may dilute it and massage into your scalp.
    • Let it stay on or 15 minutes
    • For lice infestation do not dilute and also let it stay on longer for about an hour
    • Clean your hair using water and a mild soap.
    • Using twice to thrice a week may help speed up results.

    11. Olive oil Remedy

    Olive oil Remedy

    Olive oil has two potent compounds namely oleuropein and oleocanthal which have antioxidant, ant inflammation and antimicrobial properties. These two properties are what allows for healing of inflammations and deals with an itching scalp. 

    The properties are also effective in preventing and averting infections.

    How to use Olive Oil
    • You will need virgin olive oil.
    • Heat up the oil to make it warm and massage thoroughly into the scalp and hair.
    • Let it stay on overnight.
    • Wash you have as you usually do in the morning.
    • The recommendation is that you repeat this procedure twice a week.

    12. Honey Remedy

    Honey Remedy

    Honey is an acidic element that helps kill microbes. It is also antioxidants that work in repairing and re-engineering the skin cells. It has anti-inflammation properties that deal with inflammations and irritations. Honey contains a bag full of all the qualities necessary for treating and relieving itchiness on the scalp. It is an excellent moisturizer that hinders the loss of moisture. The amazing antibiotic properties rectify dryness on the scalp.

    How to use Honey
    • What you need is two teaspoons of honey
    • Apply the raw honey on your scalp
    • Allow it to be absorbed deeply into your scalp.
    • Give 3 hours to penetrate into the scalp.
    • Rinse away using a mild shampoo and water
    • Apply once every week until the itchiness stops.

    13. Lavender Oil Remedy
    Lavender Oil Remedy

    One of the most unique and beneficial essential oils has to be the lavender oil. It has many unique qualities that help treat an itchy scalp. The oil has a high absorption rate, which means that the body has an easier time metabolizing it. It promotes the generation of sebum and assists in relaxing and soothing the scalp and hair follicles. What more, it not only helps one get an itch-free scalp but also gives you silky and soft hair.

    How to use Lavender Oil

    • You will need 5 drops of lavender essential oil
    • You can mix the lavender oil with jojoba oil
    • Apply generously and thoroughly to your scalp
    • Leave for 5-10 minutes
    • Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair and scalp.

    14. Eucalyptus oil Remedy

    Eucalyptus oil Remedy
    It is a natural antiseptic agent and also has antifungal properties that help deal with infections. It also discourages the formation and buildup of dead cells and skin flakes thus, inhibiting clogging of pores. The oil acts as a natural solution to dandruff which is caused by clogged pores. It is also very soothing to the scalp and relieves itchiness.

    How to use Eucalyptus Oil

    • Mix vinegar, water, and eucalyptus
    • Rinse your hair thoroughly ensuring it gets to the scalp.
    • Clean your hair using water ad a mild soap

    15. Listerine Remedy

    With proper knowledge, an itchy scalp will be a thing of the past for you. You can turn some of your everyday product into an effective scalp treatment. Listerine is a product that is used as a mouthwash. It has potent antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Just like it works on keeping the mouth free from germs, the same properties can be used in dealing with an itchy scalp. As we have seen above, itchiness can be caused by dandruff and pathogens. Listerine works on using its antiseptic property to kill the microbe pathogens that cause irritation

    How to use Listerine

    • Use half a cup Listerine and half cup water
    • Mix the two together and rub the mixture onto the scalp. Massage for at least a minute.
    • Let it stay on the hair for five minutes.
    • Rinse it off using lots of ware
    • Use the method twice every week
    • However, caution is needed for any broken 

    16. Peppermint oil Remedy

    Peppermint oil Remedy

    Peppermint oil is a world known treatment for skin inflammations. Just like it’s able to soothe and relax itchy skin it will have the same effects when applied to the scalp. The essential oil is great when it comes to treating dandruff. It provides a cooling and soothing sensation that is absolutely glorious. Peppermint helps heal and calm down inflammation, itchiness and also prevents flakiness. The antiseptic property helps keep dandruff away and kills pathogens. Additionally, it increases the absorption of oils, moisturizes the scalp and also promotes hair growth.

    How to use Peppermint

    • Mix half a teaspoon of peppermint oil with the carrier oil of your choice
    • Apply directly to the scalp
    • Let it stay on for a few hours
    • Rinse it off

    17. Argan oil Remedy

    Argan oil Remedy

    Hair care experts cannot seem to have enough of this element. They only have good things to say about its ability to moisturize and nourish the hair. Besides, this argan contains vitamin E and antioxidants which help eliminate dry scalp and dandruff. It has essential fatty oils which prevent skin inflammation. These exceptional benefits make argan oil the best answer to a healthier scalp. It has numerous elements that will heal and restore and protect your scalp.

    How to use Argan

    • Rub argan oil into the scalp 
    • Massage it slowly for a few minutes
    • Let it stay o overnight
    • Rinse your hair in the morning

    18. Jojoba oil Remedy

    Jojoba oil Remedy

    A dry scalp ultimately means that the pores are clogged by the dead skin, skin flakes or hair products that are under the skin. An essential oil is the only sure and better way to clear this pores. Jojoba oil comes under recommendation from dermatologists as a solution for a dry scalp which causes itching. It is hypoallergenic and has numerous natural healing properties that help return your skin to a healthy state.

    It helps remove debris that is blocking your scalp thus clearing a way for sebum. This simple act works in dealing with a dry skin. By hydrating, the skin jojoba solves the problem of an itchy scalp. Additionally, it gives your hair an extra shine and makes it softer.

    How to use Jojoba oil

    • Rub the oil generously into the scalp and hair.
    • Leave it through the night
    • Rinse using a mild shampoo


    This information will ensure that you no longer have to endure the annoying and embarrassing scalp itches anymore. With these clear and simple remedies that you can undertake at home, you will be able to claim back an itch-free healthy scalp. All you need to do is Follow the guideline and bring the problem of an itchy scalp to halt using 100 percent natural methods.

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