Hair Routine for Long Hair: How to Wash, Dry and Style

July 16, 2021

Hair Routine for Long Hair: How to Wash, Dry and Style

Having long and healthy looking hair, either it’s your natural hair or hair extensions it is a lot of care and little secrets to achieve the perfect look. If you are a hair lover always looking for new tricks to learn to upgrade your hair beauty game or if you are a beginner and want to discover some easy extra steps to add to your daily routine here’s where you’ll learn everything you need to know. In this post we are going to talk about natural hair mostly, to have the perfect base to apply your hair extensions in the end and to have your full look impeccabile.

Let’s start by the very first thing you need to do no matter what before washing your hair, brushing! Washing your hair with knots will damage your hair and tighten the broken hair even more leaving your hair fizzy and dry so always take your time to brush your hair from the Botton up in little strings, spending extra time to untangle gently every tricky part of your hair. After brushing your own natural hair it is a very good habit to help it remind you to brush your hair extensions as well, extensions are human hair as well, just brush them like you would do with your hair, of course be extra gentle!

Once all the tangles and knots are gone it’s time to moisturize, hair needs to be nourished, for this step it is highly suggested to use a coconut oil, made with natural ingredients it is gentle on your scalp and on the length of your hair and it will also help the circulation of your blood, since it is antibacterial it is perfect for every type of hair. Just use it before your shower and try to have it sit on your hair for as long as possible, up to one hour before washing your hair.


It is highly preferable to avoid any type of oil on hair extensions, since the oils will build up on the surface of your hair extensions and damage them on the long run, but if you use curly hair extensions it might get tricky to keep them always perfect, especially after a day in the wind, so if you really need some help coconut oil is a good option, since it doesn’t have chemicals nor aggressive formulas in it, just use it with care and don’t put too much on and your hair extensions will thank you.

Now that your hair is perfectly brushed and moisturized and they feel silky smooth it’s time to wash. Washing is an other very important step to do the right way, it is common to think that whatever method you use to wash your hair is the same, but it’s not. The right way to keep your hair long and healthy is to double wash, do your round of shampooing twice while taking a shower and you will surely notice a difference. It is important to shampoo twice because the first time is to get rid of all the dirt, the smog and the grease that you hair produced or got from the outside, the second round is to clean them deeply, also it is important not to forget about conditioning on your edges and tips of your hair! If you have natural curly hair it is good measure to keep the conditioner on for at least 3 minutes to untangle the extra knots you might have got while washing them.

Now your long hair is washed and clean, and it is time to brush them again. Moving your hair around while washing them might cause them to tangle again, of course since you already did the most of the untangling before the shower now you can brush gently to just make sure there are no extra knots. At this point you can choose how to style them, either blow dry, let them dry naturally, add extra volume with a mousse, use non-heat methods to curl them and so on. We are gonna go through the blow dry method, so that you’ll know how to do it right in case it is your method of choice or you want to try it.

Since this post is about long hairwe are assuming that your hair tends to be heavy and that it gets easily flat on the roots and scalp, if it is the case the right thing to do for extra volume is blow drying them upside down, in this case you’ll trick your hair into thinking that is the direction they have to go having a beautiful extra voluminous effect at the end, try it, it really works!

The next step is something that you can either choose to do or skip, it is perfect if you are gonna apply your straight hair extensions afterwards and you want them to merge perfectly and blend without problems, we are talking about a straightening method that doesn’t require a straightener nor any source of extra heat, cause we all know that it is better to avoid heat when possible, since it burns the edges and breaks your hair, thin or not.

Use a brush and your blow dryer to make a homemade low impact straightener, just brush your hair while directing the blow dryer on the string yo are brushing through, it will work just as well and it is way less damaging for your natural hair. You can use this method on your hair extensions as well if you want a silky smooth look after washing them. You can choose in this step to put extra care into the process and separate your hair string by string while blow drying them or just give it a little help with a brushing here and there, either way the result will be fabulous.

Now you can decide to finalize your styling in every way you like, parting them in the middle, experimenting with hairbands, or, our favorite method, getting crazy with hair extensions cause we know that if you have long hair and you love it you will for sure want them even longer, and our 22 inches extensionsare here for it!


Before applying your hair extensions it might be useful to add a little hairspray, so that your hair will stay in perfect shape and hold the extra volume you managed to give them blowdrying them upside down, it will also help your hair to stay away form the greasiness, it will help absorb the extra moisture that tends to make your natural hair dirty too soon. If you follow every step rigorously you won’t need to wash them more than twice a week. Of course it really depends from the type of hair, if you have super thin and spaghetti straight hair it will be easier for them to build the dirt and grease and it might be necessary to wash them more frequently. On the other hand if your natural hair is super curly you will definitely be able to go longer than 3 days without washing it, once a week will be perfectly fine and if you are feeling super lazy even a little more is fine. If you have average hair, wavy or just straight but not super thin two times per week will be your new normality.