How to Style Long, Messy and Wavy Hair

June 25, 2021

How to Style Long, Messy and Wavy Hair

We all love long hair here! We love it so much that in order to have them as long as possible  we choose all different type of hair extensions to add length, volume and healthiness. But long hair, either we are talking about our own natural hair or hair extensions need care, a lot of it, to look always sleek, healthy and put together.

Plus having hair looking always the same can be boring sometimes, seeing ourself in the mirror every morning with the same type of hairstyle we had the same day the year before is definitely tiring actually! Now that is getting warmer and that day light is giving us more relaxed days and spring is all about fresh changes and new beginnings, what a better way to explore all the different options that our hair and hair extensions have to offer than with a guide on how to style long hair. And don’t worry, it’s not (only) about super elaborated wedding-like type of hairstyle, it’s also, and mostly, about styling your hair in a natural and simple way, perfect for everyday but that can still work at night with a fancier touch and that, most of all, will give you a break from the usual routine without having to buy expensive products or spend hours to style them perfectly and neatly.

First of all a little disclaimer, the suggested hairstyles will be perfectly fine for both natural hair and amazing’s beauty hair extensions, this is because the extensions I’ll mention are made only with the best quality remy human hair, and the result is extremely similar to natural hair in terms of texture and feeling. Of course with hair extensions a little extra care and sensibility to products used is required, but I will make sure to advice on each Hairstyle proposal if there’s any change or care to adapt if you are trying the hairstyle out with your hair extensions instead of natural hair.


The first look I’m suggesting is super easy but always effective: the beach waves. All you need to do for this look is a couple steps. First of all make sure to brush your hair (and extensions) making sure that there’s not knots at all. Now you have to proceed in two different ways if you are working with natural hair or hair extensions. If it is your own hair you wanna style spray a heat protector on your way and use a iron curler to make soft and large locks, set the curler on low temperature, we don’t want super defined curls, just some waves. When curling each string remember to leave a little portion of hair at the end out of the curler, so that your edges will help shaping the wavy look. If you are working with extensions, on the other end, it is always better to avoid heat when possible and products as well, so I would suggested to gently wrap in large sets and loose knots your extensions around a robe belt or a towel, if you want a more defined look you can spray a little water on them and let them dry around the robe, otherwise I would suggest to live it there for a few hours, when you will unwrap the extensions the result will be, just like for natural hair, the perfect beach waves.

To complete the look for natural hair just finish with a bit of texture spray and low-hold hairspray, and remember that longer the hair easier will be reaching the perfect result, since the weight of long hair tends to weight down the locks, giving the wavy look.

The second hairstyle is the messy bun. This look is perfect to give the idea that you just “woke up” and that your hair naturally are this perfect with any effort nor care, well, quite an illusion but still perfect result! For this messy bunlook I would suggest to use your natural hair, and if you wanna add volume you can layer hair extensions underneath to create a richer look. Also in this case the longer the hair the better, since you can create more volume, but as just mentioned if your natural hair isn’t that flourished you can always ask help to your beloved extensions!

For this look we are going to proceed like this: first of all leave a few sections of hair around your face, to frame it and soften the style, and potentiate the effortless look while giving the allure of a whimsical look! Now, after this step just part a section of hair (from the front and top) and start wrapping the section in a half ponytail, on the final wrap, though, don’t pull your hair all the way through, but leave a loop bun at the end. Now, while holding the bun with one hand, use the other to pinch and pull at the base of the half ponytail to add extra volume and texture and to give that messy look that will fool everyone into thinking “it just happened”.

Now take the a section of the hair you wrapped in the half ponytail, using the hair from the tail end of the ponytail and twist it back towards the bun, working your way up and down the twist remember to pinch and pull as you already did a fewer steps back to make sure to make it fluffy.

Take the twist and drape it over the base of your bun and pin it safely in place. Now repeat all of this steps on the other side of your hair, so on your right side if you just worked on the left. And, once the process is all over repeated, you’ll have your perfect messy bun. Now, even if your hair is already voluminous and long I suggested to complete the look with extensions, you can also use the wavy extensions made for the previous look, if you are trying all of them, to Gove extra lioness look, still looking neat and put together, just in a more wow way!


Now, for the third and last look we are going super super easy! The braids. This hairstyle can be perfect for both natural hair and hair extensions, the important bit here is not to pull to hard in either cases, especially with extensions to prevent them from getting ruined. Also this hairstyle can be a perfect substitute of the process of the first look proposed, indeed when undoing this hairstyle the look will be just like the weaves. First of all to each this look part your hair in the center, creating two equal parts, now loosen the grip and push your hair and extensions towards the back. At this point all you have to do is braid your hair super loose and secure them at the ends, create two identical braids for the perfect look. If you prefer you can also arrange your hair in a ponytail and just have one chunky braid. If you want to use this hairstyle to create the wavy look, spray some water on your braids. If you just want your braids to be in place as long as possible it is recommendable to finish the look with a texture spray and with a low hold hairspray!

Enjoy your new hairstyles for the perfect long hair!