5 Tips to Get More Volume for Short Hair

July 08, 2021

5 Tips to Get More Volume for Short Hair

It is summer, It is hot, iit’s time to get short hair! It is the better way to style your hair that permits you to be fresh and always put together in the hottest months and if you really crave for some change and you want to have a complete different look for one night (or six months) there’s always hair extensions!

When we cut our hair short we always do it imagining those fluffy and rich looks of the celebs on the red carpets, of the models in the pictures at the hair saloon, those voluminous and wavy short hairstyles that doesn’t seem to need any effort to be that perfect and that make everyone turn heads!

Well, as for every hairstylethat seems to be just natural and achieved in three seconds first thing in the morning there’s always some hidden trick to know, it is never natural! It can be super easy to achieve but still, you need to know a few unsaid truths. Flat hair on the scalp and tips that go in every possible direction when reaching the shoulders length are way more common than what you might think and if you are on the team who didn’t have any idea that this would happen and that can know only scroll back through the pictures of when you had long hair we have a solution for you!


So if you want to give your short hair a twist here’s some tips on how to get voluminous and beautiful hair in 5 tips with just some simple and easy moves.

The first tip is, of course, hair extensions! They are the fastest, easiest and most effective trick to add thickness and length to your short hair, and all you need to apply them is 3 minutes in the morning. Of course when choosing your hair extensions keep in mind that if you are looking for volume you need to pick a set that is thicker than your natural hair, so that you’ll make sure they will blend perfectly and without any problem, you can also decide to purchase more than one set if you really have thin or few natural hair or you are looking for a lioness type of vibe. You can also decide how long you wanna go with your hair, if you just want volume but still keep your fresh and short look go for a 10 inches long set of extensions, if you are up for a radical change 22 inches is your limit! An other thing to consider when choosing the perfect hair extensions for volume is that if your hair is naturally wavy or curly or if you are planning to style them curly it is even better to choose curly extensions, that will help you lift your natural hair from the bottom up and will make even easier keeping your short hair fluffy and lovely.


If you really don’t have time in the morning and you want to keep the hair extensions option for days when you have more time or patience the second tip is perfect for you to get that fluffy and silky looking short haircut you wanted to have in a second. Dry sampoo!

This method is extremely effective and fast because it will help your hair keeping for as long as possible that just washed kind of feeling. When fresh out of the shower Hair always look voluminous but gradually loose that elastic look when hours go by, this happens because our scalp produces sebum, which is nothing more than a natural oil made by our scalp to protect and mostrine hair, the sebum also help protecting from bacterial infection, with all the benefits it has, though, it weights down your natural hair, flattening them more and more till reaching the point of having to wash them again, often way too soon compared to when you should, constricting you to wash them more and even damage them. The solution? Dry shampoo!

Dry shampoo will absorb the extra oils produced by the scalp and keep your hair looking fresh like just washed, in other words, keeps your hair voluminous and healthy looking. Just rub the product into your roots and see how your hair will instantly get back in perfect shape. For extra swoosh just flip your hair upside down and apply dry shampoo on the roots on the back of your head as well. It is recommended to use dry shampoo when your hair isn’t that dirty yet, applying dry shampoo when too much oil has been produced by the scalp might not work as effetely as wanted cause it won’t be able to absorb all the build up created by the serum, it should be applied like a hairspray starting from a few hours up to a day after the wash.

The third tip for voluminous short hair is texturizing spray. Texturizing spray is the best little secret for that tousled, model-off-duty look. Whether you’re wearing your hair short or with hair extensions clipped in, texturizing spray adds an airiness to the hair for that perfectly undone finish. Use your fingers to feather through your hair and spray the texturizing spray from the mid shaft to ends, avoiding the roots. Scrunch the hair, and you’re done! There’s really not much to add on this super easy and perfectly working trick, it is also a very similar option to dry shampoo, just apply it as we just described for dry shampoo and your hair will thank you!


Here we are to the fourth tip on the list which is, change your part! I’m sure you did not think before about this super simple change to make and that now that we mentioned it you are wondering why you didn’t think about it before! Well, keeping always the same hairstyle and eventually the same part, your hair will get used to the shape and will start falling flat overtime. As easy as the seems changing your part will “wake” your hair from that static phase and will revitalize your volume instantly, it will also be a great idea to give your look a twist and experiment with some different options for hairstyles.

The fifth and last tip we have got on the list of how to get the best voluminous looking short hair is tease them! Teasing your hair forces the roots to stand upright, adding instant lift and volume. Using either a teasing brush or large paddle brush, separate your hair section by section, backcombing the hair at the roots. Finish off with some light hold hair spray, then lightly brush over the top of your hair to smoothen down any tangles.

Just choose one of this 5 tips and make sure to have your short hair always looking impeccable.