Take This Quiz to Find Out If You Should Wear Halo Hair Extensions

August 05, 2021

Take This Quiz to Find Out If You Should Wear Halo Hair Extensions

Is it your first time approaching the world of hair extensions and you don’t know where to start? We have got you covered! It isn’t an easy task for a beginner to understand what type of EXTENSIONS will be just the right choice for you and your type of hair. One important thing to never underestimate is the importance, whatever choice you’ll take, to go for human hair extensions. On Amazing Beauty Hair every option is made only with the best remy human hair, at least on this point we did take some responsibility off your shoulders ion the chosing and we are only gonna explain about the best quality options.

Follow these simple questions and take the quiz to understand yourself if you should go for halo hair extensionsor if there’s other options that fit your needs better such as clip-ins or tape-ins.

Let’s start by stating that all types of extensions will last long and give you that silky and long hair you were dreaming about when you approached the extensions world, the difference among the variety of types of extensions available is all based in your own hair routine. How you are used to treat the hair, what products you use more frequently and how frequently, your hair type, what look you want to achieve and also how much of a patient and careful person you are. Let’s get the quiz started!

First question:

Do you consider your hair to be more on a thin/medium type or thick/short?

If your answer is thin/medium it means that you are gonna look for extensions that not necessarily need to take advantage of a lot of wefts, the length of your natural hair can work with either one set of hair extensions, so with a moderate volume or with more. In this case halo hair extensions are the perfect match if you want more of a natural look made out of one perfect balanced set.

If your natural hair is short and thick it is better to use hair extensions that can easily blend with your short length or with thick/curly hair. In this case a lot of importance is given to what type of hair extensions you are gonna pick, if you want long and silky straight hair halo hairis still a good option even if you have to be very careful and consider the length of your natural hair cause they aren’t the best option to blend with short hair, but you can perfectly go with more secured styles such as clip-ins and tape-ins since you can place them accordingly to your hair needs and make sure to blend them perfectly, so if you don’t have much length or hair sinuosity to blend our quitz says it is better to take in considerations more classic options compared to the halo hair extensions.


It is also important to consider that halo hair extensions are the gentlest type of extensions for your scalp since you wear them like a headband and they don’t interfere with your scalp at all, so, especially if you are a beginner who wants to learn step by step, it might be a good idea to try them out first and see if the result is exactly what you needed or if you want a little more support. If after trying them you don’t feel like they are perfect you still have had some experience to team you and get in the hair extensions world, you’ll be an expert by the time you go for a pair of new hair extensions that requires a little more experience like clip-ins, since the best result for this type of hair is given by placing the set of hair extensions perfectly in place

The next question:

Is your hair below shoulder length?

If the answer is yes, you have to consider also how long is your natural hair from your shoulders cause we don’t really want to add too much weight and have the extensions pull your natural hair and also we don’t want your hair nor the hair extensions to get tangly. In this case halo hairis a good option since you don’t need clipping or sewing in wefts which means that the result will be more airy and floaty, it only needs one set of 120 gr to cover your full head and you can choose among different lengths to match your length if you are looking for volume or add some if you want to change your look and give yourself a full restyling. You can choose from 14 inches to 22 inches, and even for the longest options it is guaranteed that the set will be just perfectly balanced with the nylon string, avoiding to pull your natural hair or to get heavy and get your hair flat. When your hair is long it can also be tricky to take care of them so if you are not the most patient person halo hair extensionsjust need 30 seconds to be put on and you can literally forget about them throughout the day.



This topic leads us straight to the next question:

Are you a beginner user of hair extensions?

No extension is difficult to apply if you know what you want and you give yourself some time to learn all the hacks and tricks, and if you take good care of them with good products and a lot of brushing you sure won’t have any obstacle! Still if you are easy to be scared and the idea of understanding how to perfectly apply your hair extensions as you see them on celebs or at the salon gets you scared and makes you doubt if you really want to give hair extensions a try don’t esitate any further and choose halo hair.

As we already mentioned it is the easiest type of extensions to apply so you won’t feel any difference on your scalp, which is good since sometimes as a beginner you might tend to pull too much or get rough on our natural hair and also the set of extensions in the halo hairtype is attached to a clear nylon string that is worn as easily as possible as an headband, assuring a perfect result to everyone, from advanced level to zero experience, and there’s no need to go extra on styling or trying over and over to place them perfectly, the string will do all the work without any help.

And now for the last question, are you a person who tends to wear different hairstyles a lot, such as braids, ponytails, updos? Or are you more of a simple girl who is looking for hair extensions just to get that effortless silky and floaty look with your hair?

If you are more of a sportive and creative kind of a girl and you like to experiment with different hairstyles then this is the last confirmation you needed to choose halo hair extensions.

Of course you have to keep in mind that extensions are more delicate than your own hair and since they are not producing oils ad repellents themselves it is highly discouraged to wear them to do sports or any kind of sweaty and too messy activity, since it won’t be as easy to untangle and clear them from all the products and dirt build-up.

But, if with all the care and attention needed you want to experiment with different hairstyles halo haircan be very versatile. There are two clips on the Halo (1 on either side), which you can clip into your hair for added security if needed. After you apply the Halo, the weight of your hair laying on top will also help keep it in place. You can whip your hair back and forth without any worries of the extensions falling out! 

Here’s the end of our quiz, did you find it interesting and most of all useful? If you did we are curious to read about what type of extensions you are going for in the end! And if you need some extra inspirations check the Shop By Look page that redirects you on instagram and scroll through all the beautiful girls and their hairstyles using Amazing Beauty Hairs extensions.