5 Reasons to Choose Tape-in Extensions

April 30, 2019

5 Reasons to Choose Tape-in Extensions

It’s getting warmer outside and time to switch to the perfect hairstyle for the weather. This article will discuss the benefits of wearing tape-ins. To read more about  other types of hair extensions, see our articles “Different Types of Hair Extensions, and How to Install.” Also, see our article “4 Steps to Prepare for your Hair Extensions. “

Tape in Extensions


One of the best parts about wearing tape-in extensions is that they are easy to apply And if you have them installed by a professional, they can also be easy to remove.

Tape-in hair extensions are not as heavy as clip-ins which makes you feel much lighter in comparison. You’ll barely even notice that you are wearing them. This makes it best for the warmer weather because you won’t feel so hot when wearing tape-ins.

Tape in Extensions


When compared to your standard clip-ins, tape-in extensions give a more natural look. While most clip-ins have a bulky weft, tape-ins have a much flatter surface. This gives a more appealing and organic look because it lays closer to the scalp, making them seem invisible in appearance. Our tape-ins are always made with 100%  Remy human hair, which will definitely seem as if they grew from your own scalp.  

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Aside from the fact that tape-ins appear invisible, they are also pretty durable in texture, which makes it easy to manipulate and style. With tape-ins, you have the luxury of having many styling options. You could wear your hair straightened or curly, wet or dry. This type of extension also makes it possible to wear your hair in up-dos at ease, and without fear of the weft being exposed. To learn more about styling your hair extensions into different up-do styles, visit our article “3 Up-do Hairstyles With Clip-ins.”


Tape-in hair extensions go perfect with any weather but are especially good for the heat. That is partly due to its heat and waterproof resistance. When faced with high humidity, these extensions can withstand sweat. So whether you experience sweating from doing hot yoga, a quick run at the gym, or just leisure time on the beach, tape-ins will last you throughout your days. No matter what, your tape-in hair extensions are undefeated by the heat and sweat. Come rain or shine, you can swim and jog all day long without fear of them falling out.

Tape in Extensions


Perhaps the best part of owning tape-in hair extensions is the fact that they are reusable. The wefts of the tape-ins have the ability to slide out, be re-taped, and can be reused up to three times. These extensions can also last up to three weeks. However, you should consider removing once you see your hair start to rise at the roots. You may wash your real hair with dry shampoo while the tape-in extensions are installed. With proper maintenance, you can prolong the “lifespan” of your tape-ins. For more information on how to maintain the appearance, see our articles “How to Care for your Hair Extensions in Warm Weather” and “How to Care for your Hair Extensions in Cold Weather. Also see our article “How to Wash your Clip-in Extensions.”