How To Care For Your Hair Extensions In Warm Weather

February 19, 2019

How To Care For Your Hair Extensions In Warm Weather

Hair extensions are a great way to transform your hair into a more appealing look. They are great for adding volume and/or length, and can also be used as a protective style when installed and cared for properly. But it comes to hot temperatures, it can be a bit hassle to maintain the look of your tresses. In this article, I will give you tips on how to care for your hair extensions in warm weather.

Warm Weather

Maintain your natural hair 

Perhaps the most important tip is to make sure you take care of your natural hair while wearing extensions. Below, is an outline of proper maintenance according to the hair extension you choose:

  • Clip-in: These should only be worn daily and taken out every night as sleeping with clip-in extensions can cause your hair to tangle. The good part about removing them at night means easy access to wash your hair as needed.
  • Glue-in and Tape-in:  These extensions can last up to three weeks. You should consider removing once you see your hair start to rise at the roots. You may wash your hair with dry shampooing while these hair extensions are installed.
  • Sew-in: The sew-in extensions can last in your hair from four to six weeks. You can use dry shampoo to wash your natural hair while wearing these. You can also wash your hair with shampoo, but be aware of the fact that this can cause mold to grow if you do not dry it properly.
  • Fusion:These extensions are the most durable and can last you up to eight weeks. You can wash your hair with these but I recommend using a co-wash instead of a shampoo. Also, be advised to not follow the wash with any conditioners, as doing so will loosen the glue bonds.

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Protect your Faux Tresses 

You’ll want to try and prevent your hair from getting too wet, therefore, use dry shampoo to clean. This helps to maintain texture and to prevent frizzing. Keep your hair loosely tied in a bun or ponytail whenever it rains. And if you sweat a lot, it helps to wrap it. For days at the gym, you can wear a loose-fitting headband to protect your extensions. Also, be careful not to let your extensions be pulled during sit-ups!

Condition Hair

When it comes to maintenance, you should try and keep your extensions well-groomed, as you would do with your natural hair. Always use wide-tooth combs and paddle brushes when managing your extensions. And without exception, it is best to avoid using excessive heat as this will cause shedding. I repeat: LESS HEAT. You receive enough heat from the sun and high temperatures. Lastly, stay away from using hair bands that fit too tight. Keep in mind that hair extensions should be treated with extra care as they are temporary, and not permanent. Although they do not last forever, you can maintain the lifespan by following these simple steps that have been outlined in this article.