Methods to Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions

April 29, 2019

Methods to Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions

Semi-permanent hairs are the best option for those with fine hair and may want to bulk it out on a semi-permanent basis. These kinds of extensions are glued in for some time. They need more care than the other plastic kind. When it comes to extensions, it is very important for you to go to a salon that is trustworthy.  Have an idea of the style you’re looking for and that your natural hair can withstand that style. Pick either an extension made from real or synthetic hair. What is really important for you is to carefully choose a hair sample that is almost identical to your natural hair color.

Tape Hair Extensions

The Tape hair extensions are easy and quick to apply. Pre-taped weft extension is sandwiched on both sides of the natural hair.

Tape in Extensions

Let’s check out the advantages of Tape Hair Extensions

  • They are very easy to keep and maintain.
  • They are semi-permanent and can last for about 6-8 weeks.

Let’s check out the disadvantages of Tape Hair Extensions

  • At times, most tape extensions bonds are not clear and can be seen through the hair.
  • Synthetic tape extensions mostly of low quality so may look artificial sometimes. 

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre-bonded hair extensions are one of the best methods available these days. The extension forms the pre-tipped keratin bond on top of each strand. During fitting, the hair is bonded using a heat gun. It melts the keratin and later rolled using fingertips and cools to form a solid bond.

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions


Advantages of Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

  • Pre-bonded hair extension adds the length and volume to your hair.
  • Pre-bonded hair extensions can last for 6 months. Thus have a good lifespan.
  • Fusion hair extension does not need appointments for maintenance purposes, thus easy to maintain.
  • For overall look, new strands are added in order to thicken your hair.

Disadvantages of Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

  • Depending on the amount of strands needed, fusion hair extensions can take over four hours on application.
  • One may risk damaging the natural hair, If not done by a trained technician.
  • It is time-consuming since most of the pre-bond hair extensions are glued using heat guns. 

Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip ins are temporary hair extensions. They are available in different varieties depending on type of hair, lengths, and widths. Also, they can be done within minutes. Thus, they are easy to fix.

Clip in Hair Extensions

Advantages of Clip in Hair Extensions

  • They are the easiest method trying hair extensions.
  • Can be done without help of a professional.

Disadvantages of Clip in Hair Extensions

  • It is hard to style and hide the extension due to the clip.
  • The hair may look fake if the extension doesn’t blend in well.
  • Due to the clip-ins being heavy, after a few hours they may pull and hurt your hair. 

Micro Link Extensions

Micro link extension is looped through your natural hair. It is then clamped on the hair using pliers and a metal bead. The small pieces of hair are applied to your natural hair strand by strand. The method eliminates you from dealing with glue or thread.

Micro Link Extensions

Advantages of Micro Link Extensions

  • Micro link extensions can be moved up, hence becoming cost effective.
  • You can treat it just like you real hair since it does not have any braids.
  • Micro Link extension blends very well with natural hair.

Disadvantages of Micro Link Extensions

  • Micro links may have a tendency to slip down the hair shaft and need frequent moving up every few weeks say 7-8 Weeks.
  • After few months the hair is of low quality and starts to look sticky.
  • When heating is applied micro link extension can damage your natural hair hence resulting to hair breakage. 

Weave Hair Extension

Weave hair extension enhances one’s natural hair and gives it volume, length and color without any damage of chemical. It is braided into what is known as a corn row.  The extension can easily be taken off. Treatment needs specialized shampoo in order to keep them in condition. A hair weft is sewn onto the corn row. With varying widths, the hair is sectioned with average of eight strips of human hair.

Weave Hair Extension

Advantages of Weave Hair Extension

  • Very good for medium hair to thick hair.
  • There are a variety of colours, lengths, and hair types depending with what you want for your hair.
  • They add lots of volume and length to your hair.

Disadvantages of Weave Hair Extension

  • When braids are made too tightly they may hurt.
  • Heavy weft causes hair to fall out.