10 Advantages of Tape in Hair Extensions

April 14, 2020

10 Advantages of Tape in Hair Extensions

Most of us may not be much aware of tape in hair extensions as tape extensions aren’t very common yet for they are still fairly new to today’s market.  Their entry into the current market has added another decision to every woman’s hair extensions journey. In fact, the tape in hair extensions currently are taking over at a fast rate as the favorite and most preferred method for clients as well as the stylists. They are very much loved by stylists and clients as they are easy to fix and they without a doubt look fantastic.

Tapes are a very versatile method of extensions that can be used on anyone. It can aid in increasing health as well as the volume of hair. If you are looking for the most popular and elegant hot fusion methods to increase your hair’s volume and length, tape in hair extensions would be the best choice to go for. By fixing them on your hair, you will get to enjoy the following advantages:


1. They are flat and smooth

    Tape in extensions are easy to wear and very discreet. They seamlessly blend with your hair by sitting flat against your scalp. Their invisibility aids in ensuring that nobody notices that you have fixed them regardless of whichever style you choose to do your hair. The transparent tape once installed cannot be detected easily and you can go about your daily activities without worrying that the tape will show.

    Hair Image

    2. They exert minimal tension on your hair.

      Because tape in extensions do not exert too much tension on one’s natural hair for they are fitted gently along the scalp’s natural curve resulting in a flawless finish. For other types of hair extensions, it is very likely to feel significant tension during their application. This is not the case for tape in hair extensions for they are in a manner that allows for free and full hair movement hence leading to no discomfort or pulling.  


      3. Quick and easy to apply and maintain.

        Tape in hair extensions is the perfect choice for any busy woman who has little time to make her hair. It is quick and very easy to fix them as well as allows for styling in various ways. To be more precise, the whole process normally takes approximately twenty minutes! Fixing other types of hot fusion methods may take you longer amount of time and are often more complicated. They also require use of different tools during their application. With the tape in hair extensions, you simply stick the tapes to your natural hair and count it done.

        People often tend to think hair extensions require hard work and are difficult to maintain. Tape in extensions eliminates the hustle common with other types of extensions for once styled; it can hold the set style for days! This makes your daily morning routine easier and super quick and you can leave for work, a vacation or other place within a short without making your hair eating into your time.



        4. Perfect choice for fine hair.

          There are women with very fine hair and for their case; tape in hair extensions would be the best for they do not exert tension on the natural hair. Such hairs usually have limited extension options for they cannot cope with the tension associated with other methods. Very thin strands are too fragile and risk getting damage or thinning further when extensions are fixed. Another problem with thin hair is the low volume hence makes it difficult to blend with most types of extensions. However, tape in extensions offers a solution. They are gentle and very light hence make them 100% safe for the fragile hair since they do not exert too much tension on them. The transparent nature of the tapes ensures it doesn’t show to the public.


          Tape-ins, unlike the clip-ins offer more flexibility hence go well with thin hair.  You can comfortably cut the tape into two halves or even more then apply it onto the specific areas that require very little or more extra hair. They can be completely customized in any manner that fits your taste.


           5. Available in various shades

          Tape in hair extensions offer you so many different shades for you to choose from, from natural shades of blonde, brown, and black to other trendy colors like pink, teal, rose, green, blue, and many others. To meet your preferred taste of fashion, you can get a combination of two shades that guarantee a gorgeous gradient. When using them, you can also always create you preferred perfect blend by using two or three different shades to obtain the most natural look. In this case, it rules out the struggle of having to chemically color your hair which in itself has various challenges and likely to damage your natural hair. Tape in extensions of various colors can be fixed at strategic points on you head to give you a super colorful look and can be removed when you do not want them.

          Hair Before and After Image

          6. Tapes can be replaced

            It is common for the tapes to accidentally get damaged in various ways when the extensions are being removed. However, you do not have to worry for you can replace them with new quality and double-sided tapes. This goes a long way in extending your tape in hair extensions’ life.

            Tapes Image

            7. They are soft

              The feel of the extensions when touched is also very important just like their visual appearance is. Quality tape in hair extensions are very soft and silky compared to the low-quality tape extensions which aren’t nice to touch and are coarse, rough, and very bristly.

              8. They are cheap in the long run

                The tape in hair extension is not very expensive as it is perceived by many. They are affordable and you can get yourself such extensions with as little as 62 USD. In fact, they can be reused for up to four times making them inexpensive in the long run. The tapes can be worn several times during different occasions like holidays or weddings. Once the extensions are removed, they can be re-taped and reused again.


                9. They are easy to remove

                  Tapes can be removed with great is just like they are easy to fix. However, correct removal requires the use of specific removal solution and should be done by a trained professional. The solution is gently applied after which the tapes are then just slid out without necessarily pulling. This also serves to ensure that no residue is left behind.

                  Tape in Extensions Image

                  10. Cool Textures

                  Tape-in hair extensions offers a wide range of textures to choose from. Apart from the straight ones, there are also various types of curls like kinky curly, deep curly, yaki and funmi, as well as other gorgeous body waves. They availability of different textures gives everyone a chance to pick what suits them most.


                  Additional Information

                  Apart from the mentioned advantages, the tape in hair extensions also has other benefits. You can comfortably apply them at home with the help of a friend and they are very comfortable.