What are The Least Damaging Extensions for Fine Hair?

March 26, 2020

What are The Least Damaging Extensions for Fine Hair?

If you have fine hair then you will know that it is more prone to breakage and you need to give your hair that extra little bit of TLC.  When choosing your extensions you will want to choose the most gentle type, the ones that cause the least amount of damage. Another factor to remember if you have fine hair is to look for the smallest/flattest type of extensions, ones with the least amount of bulk, as the heavier ones can easily appear visible through thin hair.

Halo Hair Extensions Image

For temporary hair extensions, there is no doubt that our Halo hair extensions is the least damaging type of hair extension for fine or thin hair. The Halo hair extensions is the only type of hair extension on the market that does not actually attach itself to your natural hair. The Halo hair extensions consists of a thin, invisible wire with one continuous weft of hair that sits on the crown of your head. The wire can be adjusted to fit your head and then you simply pull some of your natural hair over the extensions to create a seamless, natural look.  The added weight of your hair on the extensions has the extra benefit of securing the wire in place.


Our halo hair extensions are the perfect temporary extension for thin or fine hair because there are no attachments like clips that you may notice through your hair.  Clip in extensions should be avoided if you have fine hair as the clips can cause breakage and be clearly visible through fine hair. Our Halo hair extensions are the best quality 100% human Remy hair, this means that all of the cuticles are intact and the hair all runs in one direction.  Remy Hair is the best type of hair for extensions because just like your natural hair you can wash it and style it using heating tools and it will not burn like synthetic hair. Unlike non-Remy hair the Remy hair does not tangle easily, thanks to all the hair running in the same direction.  The Halo hair extensons is only worn as and when you want to wear it, you remove it before bedtime and you can either wear it every single day or just for special occasions.

For a more permanent type of hair extensions you have a couple of options that are perfect for not causing any damage. People with fine hair LOVE our tape in extensions. Just like all of our hair extensions at Amazing Beauty Hair, our tape ins are also 100% Remy human hair so they not only look and feel like your real hair, but can also be styled just like your own hair.  The tape ins are great for fine hair because they do not pull or clip onto your hair, which could potentially cause breakage and even bald spots. Instead, they sandwich your natural hair in between adhesive tapes and grow out with your own hair.

Tape in Hair Extensions Image

You will also love the tape ins because they lay so flat against your head.  This is ideal if you have thin hair because it means they won’t be as visible as some extensions.  Things such as weave or glue in bonds are bulky and will show through your real hair.


A second great option for fine hair is our I-tip extensions, also known as micro ring hair extensions.  Just like the tape ins, these do not use any kind of heat or glue tool to attach the hair extensions to your natural head.  Small bundles of hair are pulled through a small metal loop/bead in the extension base that is pushed together to contain the hair.  Just like our tape-ins, these grow out with your natural hair and as always at ABH are the highest quality 100% Remy hair. Our I-tip extensions look 100% natural and are so gentle on the hair both during application and removal.

Fusion Hair Extensions Image


There are some types of more permanent extensions that should be avoided if you have fine hair.  Firstly, weaves are an absolute no-no for thin and fine hair. Weaves are very heavy and bulky and will weigh down on your hair so much that you will certainly end up with hair loss, breakage, and bald spots.  Secondly, you should avoid any type of extensions that are bonded to the hair with glue or heated chemicals. Fine hair is fragile, by using toxic chemicals like the glue that are very hard to remove, the hair will either break or come out from the root.

If you have fine hair and use safe hair extensions such as our Halo hair extensions, Tape in extensions, and I-Tips extensions then you will have no problems with breakage or slowing down the growth or damaging the health of your natural hair.