How to Clip in Hair Extensions?

April 08, 2020

How to Clip in Hair Extensions?

If you’re looking into hair extensions to add length and volume to your hair, then you might be considering clip in hair extensions. At AmazingBeautyHair, we love clip in extensions and recommend them for those who are new to hair extensions and don’t want the commitment of semi-permanent hair extensions. Learn more about clip in hair extensions in this article, as well as exactly how to clip in hair extensions!

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What Are Clip In Hair Extensions?

Clip in hair extensions are a type of temporary hair extensions that you can put in yourself – no salon needed. Clip in hair extensions are made with multiple clips that clip into your hair in sections. There is no commitment required with clip in hair extensions, since you simply clip them into your hair when you wish to add length and volume, and remove them when you’re ready to take them out. You should not wear clip in hair extensions at night while sleeping, or while showering or swimming.

Who Should Get Clip In Hair Extensions?

Besides those who are new to hair extensions and want an easy way to try them out, clip in hair extensions are perfect for:

  • Just adding length, only adding volume, or adding both
  • Choosing the number of wefts you want to put in for a custom approach
  • Getting creative with many different kinds of looks and styles

You can use clip in hair extensions, whether in a down style, in a ponytail, in a braid, or in a high bun.

Clip in Hair Extensions

How to Clip In Hair Extensions

When learning how to clip in hair extensions, it’s best to begin by brushing your hair and the hair extensions to remove any tangles.


You will be starting with the smallest weft of hair (2 clip weft) and working your way up from there, using the next larger size (3 clip weft) and then the largest size weft (4 clip weft).

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Create a straight horizontal section at the nape of your neck and clip away the rest of your hair.
  2. Measure the weft against your head to ensure it fits within that section.
  3. Open the clips on the extension and clip in the middle clip, and then the side clips.
  4. Create the next section of hair about 1 inch above the last section. Clip away the rest of the hair.
  5. Measure the weft of hair against the section to ensure it fits within the section.
  6. Open the clips and clip the middle clip into the hair, following with the side clips.
  7. Let down the top hair and create the next horizontal section about 1 inch above the last.
  8. Take the weft that is larger than the last and measure it against the section to ensure it fits.
  9. Clip in the middle clip and then the side clips.
  10. If you wish to add volume and length to the front sides of your hair, create a horizontal section two inches above your ear and clip in one 2-clip weft, starting with the clip closest to the hairline. Clip the second clip. Repeat the same process on the other side.


Tips for Putting in Clip In Hair Extensions

  • Depending on the size of your head, the thickness of your hair and how much volume you want to add, you may need all 7 wefts that come with our full head clip in hair extensions, or less.
  • Keep in your clip in hair extensions at or below the ears to ensure they stay put and are hidden. Putting them in above the ears will make it harder to disguise them in your hair.

**If all of your hair is one color and you have medium to thick hair, you may be able to put in a weft above the ear without it showing when your hair moves. Look in a mirror to see if you can see the extension through your hair.

If you wish to put in clip in hair extensions above the ears for any reason, we recommend watching this video to learn how to expertly blend in and hide your extensions.

  • If you want to create a thicker high bun using clip in hair extensions, put in 1-2 wefts near the top of the head where you’ll be putting in the bun and clip them upside down so they lay flat against the head when they are brought up into the bun.
  • Clip in your extensions a few centimeters away from the roots at the section to allow them to follow the natural movement of your hair.

Each set of full head clip in hair extensions from AmazingBeautyHair comes with 7 wefts of hair, including: four 4-inch 2 clip wefts, one 6-inch 3 clip weft, one 7-inch 3 clip weft, and one 8-inch 4 clip weft.


Clip in Extensions Wefts

All of the hair is 100% human Remy hair to provide you with the absolute best quality, most natural and beautiful looking hair. Our hair is super healthy and will not tangle or knot easily.

If you have any questions about clip in hair extensions, or need our help with choosing the right product for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. You can also email our color expert directly at for help with choosing the correct color of hair extension to match your hair.