Your Ultimate Guide to Everything Hair Extensions

March 10, 2020

Your Ultimate Guide to Everything Hair Extensions

If you’ve ever watched a red carpet event or have seen photos of glam-ed up celebrities, then you have seen hair extensions in action. It was not obvious and you probably were fooled thinking that the star’s natural hair was that gorgeous, long and perfect. However, we’d bet that just about every celebrity has called in the hair help from extensions at least once. Now, we’re here to say that hair extensions aren’t just for the celebrities. And they’re not just for high-class events. Hair extensions are for anyone who feels their hair is a bit lack-luster or who wants to try something new. They are made for everyday wear and are something you can make a normal part of your self-care routine.

Hair extensions

So what do you need to know about hair extensions? And are they really right for you? We answer all of your questions below, and share what you need to know about extensions in this ultimate guide to everything hair extensions.

Should I Get Hair Extensions?

Contrary to popular belief, hair extensions aren’t just for adding length. They are also excellent for adding thickness and volume. If you feel like your hair just won’t grow past a certain length, or you are frustrated with the lack of volume of your natural hair, then hair extensions could be a great option for you. Also, if you want to try a new hair color or pop of color, but don’t want the cost and maintenance of coloring your own hair, hair extensions can allow you to wear that new hair color and style without dyeing and damaging your natural hair.


Hair Extensions Types

There are different types of hair extensions that fall within two primary categories: Ready to wear and semi-permanent. Ready to wear hair extensions are ready to secure to your hair right out of the package and don’t require a professional to install them. They are made for everyday wear, but should be taken out at night and re-applied each day. Semi-permanent hair extensions need to be put in by a professional hairstylist and remain in the hair at night while sleeping, while bathing, and other daily activities. They are worn everyday all day and require routine maintenance by a professional.


Ready to Wear Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions attach to the hair with clips within seconds and instantly add length and thickness to the hair. They are easy to install at home, by yourself, and offer a great way to try out a look without having to commit to it. They attach to the back of the head with a series of clips to secure them. The hair on top disguises them and blends them into your natural hair. Clip in hair extensions are a great choice if you want to change your look for a special occasion like a wedding or other event. You can choose from full head clip in hair extensions and curly clip in hair extensions for moderately curly to very curly hair and kinky hair. Watch the video on the curly clip in page to learn how to install curly clip in hair extensions.


We also offer clip in ponytail hair extensions for curly and kinky hair.

Halo hair extensions do not have any clips, tape, glue, or anything that can tug at or potentially damage your natural hair. They are very easy to install on your own, and attach to the hair within minutes. Halo hair extensions get their name from the fact that they rest atop your head with an invisible wire or string, like a halo. They are perfect for beginners to hair extensions and for those just wanting to try them out. They’re also excellent for avid extensions users and everyday wear as well. They can add length and volume to your natural hair. Watch the video on this page to learn how to install halo hair extensions.



Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions last up to eight weeks with re-taping required by a professional hairstylist. Tape-in hair extensions can take under an hour to fit your entire head and are designed to be lightweight and lie flat against your head, blending seamlessly into your natural hair. When taken care of, tape in hair extensions typically last up to six months. You can purchase Remy tape inand virgin tape in hair extensions, which are both real human hair. You can style tape in hair extensions with hot tools and color them to suit your needs. However, continuous dying and bleaching will affect the look of the hair and will wear them out faster.


Fusion hair extensions stay in the hair semi-permanently and do not have to be taken out and re-installed each day like clip in and halo hair extensions. Fusion hair extensions are also called pre-bonded hair extensions and actually bond to your natural hair with a keratin protein bond strip. Using a heating tool, a professional hairstylist attaches the fusion hair extension to a section of your hair. They are then left to cool and harden, creating a semi-permanent bond to your hair. You can sleep, swim, bathe, exercise, and style the fusion hair extensions like your natural hair. If there is a particular style and color of hair that you want to commit to, fusion hair extensions are a good option. They will last a while and will need to be moved up and reapplied by a hairstylist to keep them at the same place in your hair, as your hair grows.

Micro ring hair extensions are another type of semi-permanent hair extension in which a professional hairstylist attaches the extensions to strands of your hair with tiny copper rings. The rings are attached and distributed throughout the head to ensure they are hidden and blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Micro ring hair extensions are the most “permanent” of the hair extensions and can stay in the hair for three to four months before needing to be tightened. The micro ring hair can also be reused multiple times.

I tip hair extensions

I tip hair extensions are similar to fusion hair extensions but do not use any heat to apply. I-tip hair extensions are installed strand-by-strand to natural hair by threading each I-tip extension and strand of hair through a looping tool and through a bead that is clamped down to the natural hair. I-tip hair extensions are ideal for those who want a semi-permanent option, but do not want any heat or glue to avoid damaging thinning hair. I tip hair extensions last for about six months to 1 year and need to be re-applied every six to nine weeks.


Weave hair extensions begin by a professional stylist braiding the natural hair and sewing wefts of hair extensions into each braid. Weaves are done mostly on African American hair, and last for about two weeks before they require maintenance.


What Hair Extension Types Are Right for Me?

Figuring out which hair extensions are right for you depends on how permanent you want them to be, the type of maintenance you’re looking for, how easy they are to install, and your budget.

Tape in Hair Extensions

Length of time

If you’re looking for hair extensions that can last more than one year, clip in hair extensions are a great option for you. Halo hair extensions can last from six months to one year, when properly cared for.

Tape in hair extensions can last six or more months with adequate maintenance.

Fusion hair extensions, I-tip hair extensions, and micro ring hair extensions last for three to six months.


The health of the hair

The state of your hair will also be a factor when deciding what hair extensions are right for you. If your natural hair is damaged or thinning, you will want to avoid extensions that use heat, glue, or crimping to avoid doing more damage.

Thinning and damaged hair will work well with halo, clip in, and tape in hair extensions that don’t pull on the hair, or use glue or heat. I-tip hair extensions are a great semi-permanent hair extension option for thinning hair because they are installed with beads but don’t use any heat or glue to attach.

Curly Hair

Curly/kinky hair can use clip in hair extensions and weaves with great success.

All other hair types can work well with any hair extension type. If you have any questions about the right extension for you, contact our team for expert advice.



The most budget friendly hair extensions are going to be clip in and halo extensions. You apply them yourself, so you don’t need to spend any money with a stylist at a salon. They also last a long time and so you don’t need to purchase more as often as with other types of hair extensions.

Human Remy hair extensions cost more than other types of hair extensions, but their quality is what gives them their beautiful, genuine appearance that lasts many months. If you know you want high quality hair extensions that blend seamlessly with your natural hair and last a long time, Remy hair extensions are a well worth investment. However, if you want to test out a certain color or length, or you want them for a one-time event, then a lesser quality hair extension might be a good option.



If you want to try out a style without committing to it long-term, clip in hair extensions and halo extensions are the best option.

Clip in Hair Extensions

On the other hand, if you know the style you like best and are ready for more permanent results, going with a semi-permanent option like tape in, fusion, I-tip or micro ring hair extensions will serve you best.


The Desired Look

You can choose different lengths of hair extensions to create your desired look. At AmazingBeautyHair, we offer hair extensions in 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, and 22 inches.

You can also choose hair extensions based on whether you want mostly volume, volume and length, or a pop of color. For length and volume, we recommend 3 packs (60 pieces) of extensions, for added volume we recommend 2 packs (40 pieces), and for a pop of color, we recommend just one pack (20 pieces). For clip in extensions, you only need one set for a full head of hair extensions.  


Should I Choose Synthetic or Natural Hair Extensions?

The highest quality hair extensions are made from real human hair. These hair extensions can be styled with hot tools, dyed, washed and treated like your natural hair, and provide very authentic and beautiful results. They can blend seamlessly with your natural hair for a look that can fool anyone.


Synthetic hair extensions, on the other hand, are not real human hair and are made from polyester, silicone, silk, or other synthetic fibers that give the appearance of hair but do not compare to real human hair. Synthetic hair extensions may look beautiful at first, but are quick to look dull, frizzy, and tangle easily. However, if you are just testing the waters with hair extensions and don’t have a large budget, synthetic hair extensions can be a good way to try them out.


How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

Hair extension costs vary greatly between types and the hair material. There are additional factors that contribute to the pricing of hair extensions, including the weight and length of the hair, and the quality of the hair. If you want long and thick hair, then you’re going to spend more on hair extensions than someone who wants to add a little bit of volume or color to their hair.

For a basic breakdown of average hair extension costs, human hair extension prices can be as low as $20 and extend up to $500 or more. And that’s just the cost of the hair itself. If you want a semi-permanent application that is done in a salon, you will be spending at least another couple hundred dollars or more on the appointment. The most expensive type of human hair extensions are 100% virgin human hair extensions. They are the highest quality that provide the best results for those wanting beautiful, healthy, natural hair extensions. Keep in mind, that while high quality human hair extensions have high upfront costs, that is just the initial investment. Maintaining them will cost extra, but won’t cost nearly as much as the initial purchase and installation of the extensions.


The most expensive human hair extension application is keratin fusion. They are applied by a professional hairstylist using a heated keratin bond, and can last up to six months. These hair extensions can cost upwards of $1,000 or more, including the cost of the application.

Synthetic hair extensions are not recommended and do not provide the same results as human hair extensions. They cost much less, ranging from just $5 to $50. While they are cheaper, they do not last nearly as long as human hair extensions, or look as nice. After only one to two months, synthetic hair extensions can look dull, frizzy, and tangle and mat easily.


Determining how much you want to spend

If you are just getting started with hair extensions, it may be best to start with a lower cost option. Clip in and halo hair extensions are great choices for hair extension beginners because they are easy to install yourself, look great, and don’t require any maintenance at the salon. The Ready to Wear hair extension is a perfect choice if you also want to try out a new color, or play with a pop of color for a short period of time.


If you’re ready to commit to having hair extensions as your new normal, and live with them everyday, then a semi-permanent human hair extension may be best for you. The higher costs will be an initial investment, and then ongoing costs will involve a trip to the salon every two months or so to have them maintained by your stylist. Investing in Remy human hair extensions will deliver the best looking, most manageable, and most flexible results, allowing you to style them, color them, wash them, and otherwise treat them just as you would your natural hair.

If you have any questions about which hair extensions you should invest in, contact our team or an experienced stylist in your area.


How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

How long a hair extension can last depends on two main factors: the quality of the hair and how well you maintain it.

Remy human hair extensions are made from healthy hair and can last for one year or even longer when taken care of properly. Virgin hair extensions that have never been dyed or processed can last even longer, especially if you never chemically treat them.

The average time span for semi-permanent hair extensions is three to six months. Clip in and halo hair extensions can last from six months to one year, sometimes even longer.

Synthetic hair extensions will not last as long as healthy human hair extensions. The material of the extension cannot hold up well to continuous use and wear, and will become dull and dry after a few washes. Synthetic hair extensions typically last for one to two months. 


What Hair Extensions Are Best?

The very best type of hair extension is Remy hair extensions. Remy hair is also 100% human hair and is typically processed from one source and in a way that ensures all of the cuticles are traveling in the same direction. This is important because it results in hair extensions that do not tangle or mat easily, that are easy to manage, and that feel smooth and silky.

The next best type of hair extension is virgin human hair extensions. The hair in this type of extension is healthy human hair that has never been dyed, bleached, or chemically treated in anyway. They are going to be very soft, silky, and healthy, and offer stunning results for everyday wear and special occasions.


We carry high quality Remy and virgin hair extensions at AmazingBeautyHair to offer you the best hair extensions on the market. View our selection here.


Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

When chosen and installed properly, hair extensions won’t damage your hair. However, it’s important to choose high quality, natural human hair extensions to help prevent any potential damage to your hair. Also, you should choose a hair extension depending on the type and health of your hair. For example, hair that is damaged or thin should avoid fusion hair extensions and anything that uses heat and glue. These hair extension applications can pull on and damage the hair.

Clip in, tape in, and halo hair extensions are not likely to cause damage, but semi-permanent hair extensions can potentially damage already damaged or thin hair. When installed by a knowledgeable stylist who knows what is best for your hair, you shouldn’t have any problems. If the wrong hair extensions are chosen, or they’re applied poorly, hair loss can happen as a result of weak and damaged hair roots.


How Do I Care for My Hair Extensions?

All hair extensions will require some form of maintenance. If you have clip in or halo hair extensions, you should be sure not to wash them too often or with the wrong shampoo. All hair extensions should always be washed with a sulfate-free shampoo. Regular brushing will also help to keep them tangle-free and prevent knots. It is advisable to use a leave-in conditioner every day to keep your hair extensions moisturized.

For semi-permanent hair extensions, it’s best practice to visit your stylist every couple of months to ensure everything looks good and to have your extensions re-aligned. Brush your extensions at least twice a day to keep them tangle-free. Having the correct shampoo is also important with these types of hair extensions, as is avoiding the roots of the extensions when using conditioner. Before using hot styling tools, use a heat protectant spray to protect from damage. 


Never go to bed with wet hair extensions since they can tangle and knot while you sleep. Putting your hair in a loose braid before bed is a great way to keep your hair extensions from getting tangled and matted during the night. A loose braid or bun is also a good style for when you’re swimming.


Common Hair Extension Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #1: Not Choosing the Right Stylist

For those with semi-permanent hair extensions, it’s important to see a stylist who is experienced and knowledgeable in your hair extensions. They will be able to instruct you on the best type of extension for your hair and will deliver the best results possible. Without proper education, a stylist may create uneven hair extensions, may cause you pain with improper placement, and may damage your natural hair. Call salons and ask about their experience with hair extensions and about the type of hair extensions they carry.

Mistake #2: Using the Wrong Amount of Extensions

Using too many hair extensions looks bad (there’s a higher chance of seeing the extensions), and can be painful. Additionally, using too many hair extensions can create too much weight on thin or fine hair and cause breakage. Too few hair extensions will look scraggly and won’t look natural and full.

Mistake #3: Poor Placement and Technique

Hair extensions, especially tape in extensions and other semi-permanent options, shouldn’t be placed too close to the scalp to prevent pain and natural movement of the hair. When applying hair extensions, using clean partings is important to ensure a precise and even application. Use clips to section and clip away the partings, including baby hairs.

Mistake #4: Placing Extensions Too Close to the Hairline

Hair extensions that are too close to the hairline can cause the hair extensions to be seen when you pull your hair back, and can cause discomfort when using sunglasses. To avoid this, stay at least two fingers-width away from the hairline.

Mistake #5: Using the Wrong Color

Matching hair extensions to the roots is a bad idea. Since extensions had length and volume to the hair, it is best to match the color for your extensions with the middle to ends of your hair. Also, when choosing hair extensions, use at least two similar colors within one to two levels from each other to create natural dimension in the hair.  

Colored Hair

Mistake #6: Choosing the Wrong Length

Choose your hair extension length based on your current hair length. If you want long hair, but you’re currently sporting a bob, it might be obvious and won’t look natural if you choose 18-inch or longer extensions. The shorter your hair, the shorter the extensions should be to create a natural look. As your hair grows, the longer your extensions can be.

Mistake #7: Using the Wrong Shampoo (And Not Maintaining Properly)

Before you install your hair extensions, use a clarifying shampoo on your natural hair to remove excess oils. Doing so will allow the extensions to stick and stay much better to your hair. It’s also important to avoid the wrong shampoo. Choose a sulfate-free shampoo to avoid stripping and damaging your hair extensions. Avoiding proper maintenance like skipping salon appointments, not brushing your hair extensions regularly, and not routinely conditioning them will result in lack-luster hair that tangles. If you want your extensions to look beautiful and healthy for a long time, you need to practice regular maintenance.

Mistake #8: Not Choosing High Quality Hair Extensions

Finally, as we’ve mentioned before, choosing high quality human hair extensions is always the best idea. You will get extensions that look, act and feel like natural hair, and are healthy, shiny and beautiful. They will last much longer than cheap synthetic hair extensions and will retain their healthy, glamorous appearance.

Halo Hair Extensions

At AmazingBeautyHair, you will find a wide variety of 100% human hair extensions that are healthy and silky smooth. Our hair extensions are made from the highest-quality hair that will help you achieve your hair dreams! Choose from Remy and virgin hair extensions in a wide range of colors and textures. We are confident you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for to suit your particular hair needs and goals.

Browse our selection and be sure to check out the Shop By Look feature to find the products you need based on the look you want! If you ever have any questions about our hair extensions, or about choosing the right extensions for you, don’t hesitate to contact our team of hair extension experts.