The Top 15 2020 Hair Trends to Try Now!

March 11, 2020

The Top 15 2020 Hair Trends to Try Now!

It’s the beginning of the new decade and at AmazingBeautyHair, we have 2020 vision for the hottest hair trends of the year. Below, we’ve rounded up the top trends for hair cuts, color, styles, and accessories. The easiest and fastest way to update your look with one (or many) of these 2020 hair trends is with high-quality, human hair extensions. Add length, volume, and color change with extensions to instantly breathe fresh, new life into your hair. Within minutes, you’ll feel ready to take on the new decade, as a new and revamped YOU!

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Browse through the following top hair trends 2020 to find what speaks to you the most. Once you’ve settled on what you want to try, check out our online shop for the healthy Remy human hair extensions and accessories you need to nail the look.

  1. Jagged Edge Blunt Bob                                                                                
    Celebrity stylists agree that the textured bob is the bob of 2020. Sleek, clean cut bobs are classic and will always be in style, but the jagged edge bob with soft layers on the ends is what will set you apart this year. Textured “jagged edge” blunt bob cuts give movement and a certain sexiness to a hairstyle, acting far more playful than sharp sleek bobs.If you’re not quite ready to chop into your sleek bob, swap the smoothing serum for something that encourages texture and bounce, like a beach waves spray that you tousle and scrunch into the hair.Jagged Edge Blunt Bob
  2. Mega Length Hair

    Healthy long flowing locks will always be beautiful and timeless. 2020 beckons you to fully embrace your femininity with mega length hair. If your natural hair is not grazing your mid-lower back, no worries. Invest in some high-quality hair extensions to achieve this classic look within minutes. You can put them in yourself or have your stylist show you how.Long Hair

  3. Invisible Layers 

    Rather than chunky layers that stand out and add texture, invisible layers are subtle and meant to add movement and volume. Long, invisible layers do not sacrifice length and work great on medium to long hair. If you want longer hair, hair extensions can blend seamlessly into your hair, adding subtle layers that add length, movement and volume to your look.                

  4. Shag Haircut

    The shag haircut is a classic of the 90s and making a comeback in 2020. Characterized with heavy, chunky layers, the shag can work with virtually all lengths and textures. You can style the shag straight to showcase the heavy layers, or create texture and add volume into the hair to help the different hair lengths really shine. Bangs also work well with the shag cut.    


  5. Curtain Bangs

    Curtain bangs play the flirtiest game of peek-a-boo with your hair. They frame your face, like curtains on a window, and are super flattering for any face shape. To achieve this look, part your hair down the middle and have your stylist cut long bangs that taper off at or just above your cheek bones. Classically 70s, curtain bangs pair well with long to mid-length hair and create a romantic, flower-child look.bangs photo

  6. Silver Blonde Hair Color

    Show-stopping silver hair has been one of the hottest recent hair trends. What began with simply embracing natural gray growth developed into transforming colored hair into silvery locks. But 2020 hair trends call for softened silver with slightly easier maintenance for colored hair: Silver blonde. This shade of blonde is achieved with cool, silver undertones for a perfectly icy blonde look. It is not full-on silver, but a cool shade of platinum blonde. Be sure to stock up on purple shampoo for each wash to maintain the cool tone. 

  7. Lilac Hair Color

    Whimsical pastel hair color is still entrancing the masses in 2020. But this year is the year of the lilac. Lilac is the prettiest shade of purple-pink, and a super feminine way to celebrate color. Just be warned; the perfect shade of lilac will require more than one visit to the salon to achieve hair that is light enough to showcase pastel color. Next, daily to weekly maintenance will require color-correcting shampoos and hair masks to maintain your color and ward off brassiness. If all that cost and commitment takes some of the splendor away for you, consider a lilac hair extension for the same effect.Lilac Hair Color

  8. Caramel and Cinnamon Highlights

    Highlights are getting a seriously sweet and spicy twist this year. Think shades of caramel and cinnamon, with golden and red undertones. To combine this sumptuous look with another hair trend 2020, ask your stylist for face-framing caramel and cinnamon highlights to create a warm halo around your beautiful face.                                                             


  9. Deep Chocolate Brown Hair

    The rich, warm hair colors are continuing with dark chocolate brown for beautiful 2020 hair. There are many shades of rich brown to choose from, including milk chocolate, hot chocolate with warm highlights, and espresso. A deep, rich chocolate brown can give you a classic, romantic and dramatic look that will never go out of style.Deep Chocolate Brown Hair

  10. Ruby Red Hair Color

    Things are getting hot in 2020 for hair trends, and the hottest is ruby red hair. We predict you’re going to see a lot of red hot hair this year. The fiery color warms up your complexion and looks good on just about anyone. Just keep in mind that red hair color fades faster than other colors and will require more maintenance to keep up with a fresh out-of-the-salon look. Alternatively, opt for gorgeous red hair extensions to feel the burn with this 2020 hair trend without all the maintenance.

  11. Contrasting Color

    Another hair trend straight from the style experts is contrasting color. Chunky, contrasting highlights and lowlights may seem so 90s and early 2000s, but hear us out. Adding chunky, bold pops of color and contrasting tones around the face looks fresh and fierce in 2020. One example is face-framing rusty orange color on chocolate brown hair. Also, think back to the days of Spice World and picture Ginger Spice; chunky blonde highlights set against her rich red hair were on fire and are again in 2020.Contrasting Color

  12. Dip Dyed Ends

    Dip dying your ends is a perfect way to test out the top hair trends for 2020 without dying your entire head. Bleach and then dye your ends a pastel like lilac, or take inspiration from Demi Lovato with bright red dip dyed ends on her dark brown hair.                                                                                    


  13. Natural, Shadow Roots

    A low-maintenance look that is also on trend is a popular one for many reasons; aka soft balayage color that seamlessly blends the roots with the rest of the hair. However, in 2020, we are accentuating the roots to be on trend. Also called shadow roots, this describes a look in which the roots are purposely dyed a darker color to add contrast and “upside-down” ombre. If you need more length to achieve this look, add hair extensions in a light color than your roots.Shadow Roots

  14. Curly Highlights

    No longer do curly-haired mavens need to stick with one all-over hair color. In 2020, now’s the time to vamp up your curly locks and add dimension with highlights. You can choose all over highlights, or focus on adding contrast to certain areas, like around the face, and on some sections of hair to amplify dimension. After a highlighting treatment, be sure to boost the hydration for your curly locks with moisturizing shampoos made for curly hair.

  15. Contemporary Accessories

    Accessories in 2020 are moving away from the cute and soft trends of 2019, with velvet scrunchies and sparkle, and are going more natural and rustic. Think minimal and handmade, in stainless steel, ceramic and wood, to create a look that is artisanal and elegantly simple.comb hairNow that you know the top hair trends for 2020, it’s time to take action! Your first step is to browse our online store for ideas for hair extensions and accessories that help you achieve your hair goals in 2020. Choosing hair extensions over costly salon appointments is just one great way to save money (and save your hair!) with any of these top 2020 hair trends, and checking out our clearance items helps you save even more.Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Shop On Instagram page to find the products that go with your favorite looks!