Steps To Blend Hair Extensions With Your Short Hair

April 10, 2019

Steps To Blend Hair Extensions With Your Short Hair

     You've got short hair? No worries, we've got you covered. You need those amazing locks of hair to make your short hair longer? You are at the right place. We've got tips to make your short hair achieve a longer, uninterrupted flow of locks.

     We'll be sharing with you tips on how to blend hair extensions with your hair. It is a bit of a work, but we'll work you through the process uninterrupted. Basically, it's all about balancing the extension with your hair, too light or too heavy just won't do, it has to be exact, so that you'll have the natural look and no one would be the wiser. Short hairs come in two phases, blunt and lob.

     Step 1: Get yourself an extension.

    The first step is to get clip-in hair extensions, not just any weight, a thick set of 220 grams would be the best choice. In order to achieve that seamless flow in making your hair look natural and to be able to blend it in efficiently, a thick set would be the choice. It makes the transition quite unnoticeable, something a light set would have trouble doing. The problem with a light set of hair extensions is that they are just not enough for that seamless transition, having a thick set of hair extensions does the trick of seamless blending.

Apply Hair Extensions

     Step 2: Braid the bases.

     No matter how short your hair is, be it 3 - 4 inches, it will always show underneath the extension. You can stop them from showing up to get your extension to show off by braiding the bottom section of your hair and pinning it down against your head. Now since you'll be clipping the wefts over the pinned braid, it helps the wefts to be your new hair base. It also conceals the short layers of your hair.

Braid the bases

     Step 3: Tease your roots.

     Having thin hair or having an extension that doesn't just want to stay in place can be such a hard job. The step to take for this is to separate your hair into sections that the wefts will be clipped in, then use a teasing brush on your roots, you can also apply hairspray on it to give it a stronger grip to stop the hair extensions from slipping.

Tease Hair Roots

     Step 4: Layer your wefts.

     It's a very neat trick that helps blend in your extension to your hair. You might go for 2 different shades of extensions or you might use 1, it all boils down to your preference. Stacking the wefts on top of each other helps in creating more volume, and hides your hair as well.

Layer Hair Wefts

     Step 5: Sync them.


Hair Before and After

     Step 6: Brush your hair.

     This can be really tricky, because traditional hairbrushes can pull the roots of the wefts out and cause them to be loose, making them move around. This will undo all the steps we've gone through in clipping them. Using a synthetic brush especially a nylon look bristles will prevent damages, pulling, or snagging of the wefts. The brush also helps to remove any tangles yet leave the wefts alone.

     Step 7: Style it.

     Whichever way you want it; ponytail, layered, etc. To get a layered look, clip your wefts in a diagonal line, this helps if you also have a layered hair and you want to replicate the look. To get a ponytail look, you have to clip the wefts in an upside down fashion to make them lay flat. This styling helps match the extensions to your natural hair, to give you that natural look.


      Step 8: Trim it.

     Once you've gotten the style you want to rock, you can trim the ends of the extensions to make them look natural and avoid them looking blunt and rough.

Trim Hair

     Step 9: Shine it.

     If you're rocking synthetic hair extensions you have to shine them to make it blend. Synthetic hair extensions are always shinier than natural hair extensions, so the trick to blend this in is to spray both your natural hair and the extension with a hair shine spray.

Shine Hair

      Step 10: Slay it.

      You didn't just go through all these steps to stay at home, so now that your extensions have seamlessly blended with your short hair, rock it out to the club, dinner, everywhere.

Hair Before and After

     Hair extensions are an essential part of your beauty accessories, and helps you go from short brunt or lob to long flowing hair in an instant.

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