April 09, 2019



At the beginning of the year, you resolved to do better with your hair care routine and make it a priority. As a sign of your seriousness, you took it a step further by typing; ‘How to take care of long hair in 2019’, in your web browser.

Since then, it has been an overload of information and with so many options to choose from, you have switched brands, abandoned routines and spent way too much of your time on online hair forums looking for answers.

Your search for tips or a regimen that allows your long locks to thrive does not have to be this stressful.  If you are looking to keep your ultra-long hair looking silky smooth and steal the attention every time you walk into a room, we have you covered.  

We share practical tips to help you along your journey of hair growth, maintenance and care. Straightforward and easy to practice of your own, you can look forward to turning heads in no time with your full head of well-maintained silky smooth hair.

Find the right brush

Brush Hair

Brushing your hair is no longer just a routine activity when you have long hair. Knowing the right way to get it done is the difference between flaunting silky smooth hair and experiencing hair breakage.

The key to get it right lies in your choice of hair brush and your technique. A boar bristle brush or wet brush works wonders allowing you to achieve a smooth finish with minimum friction and zero knots.

But the magic does not stop with your choice of brush, the technique is also key. When brushing your hair, it is important to start from the bottom up, begin with the ends and gradually work your way up for best results.  This removes the risk of stressing and even damaging your hair roots that can occur if you brush from the top.

Let nature work its magic

Conditioner Hair

Your hair comes with natural oils that help to protect and condition your hair while stimulating growth. Allowed to thrive, your natural oils keep your hair full and glowing. Unfortunately, a lot of people get in the way of this natural process by constantly shampooing and missing out on the glow and texture that natural oils bring.

To get the best out of your hair care regimen, cut down on your shampooing and allow nature work its magic. Most stylists recommend shampooing 2 to 3 times weekly if you want the best of both worlds, getting your hair clean and giving it time to breathe, recover and grow.

Keep the heat away

Dry Hair

If you want to keep those long locks, bouncy and full then you should absolutely keep the heat away while drying or styling as it can cause hair damage.

Every time you are drying your hair, make sure that you set the dryer to a low heat setting. It is even more important if you use the hair dryer very frequently to make a conscious decision to reduce the use. Your hair would absolutely thank and reward you in the long-term.

When it comes to using a hair dryer, always remember that distance absolutely makes the hair grow fonder. Putting the dryer too close to you puts you at risk of damage and denies you the best experience. To get the best experience possible, be sure to keep your hair dryer nozzle at least 2 inches from your hair. This way you experience maximum impact with little risk of damage.

Equally important is your technique in positioning the hair dryer. While drying from the sides is very popular, pointing the nozzle straight down is guaranteed to give you a better finish, so you should try it for a change.

Wrap it up

Wrap Hair Up

When your hair is all wet and soft, it is at its most vulnerable condition. It deserves love and care at this delicate moment.  This is why the actions you take right after you wash your hair are very important.

While warm fluffy cotton towels are a popular option for many women because they can be very comfortable they also easily create tangles and lead to styling troubles later on.

The long hair friendly option is to carefully wrap up your hair in smooth fabric with linen or cotton being suitable choices. It is as easy as picking up your old t-shirt to work wonders with.

With the right choice of fabric to wrap your hair, you can relax and get all that moisture out without having to worry about breaks, frazzling or damage.

Embrace satin

Embrace satin

While being a bonus tip, the choice of your pillowcase is very important as it can be the difference between struggling with knots in the morning or waking up to tangle free, easy to style hair.

Using silk or satin guarantees a great experience for your hair with minimal friction throughout the night.

There you go queens!  Flip your hair in style and exude the confidence and class you desire by putting our practical tips to work today.