What Types Of Hair Extensions Do We Usually Use?

January 23, 2019

What Types Of Hair Extensions Do We Usually Use?

Hair extensions are lengths of hairs that are either synthetic or real that can easily be fixed near or close to the scalp through a number of ways which tend to add length and thickness to the persons own natural hair.  When extensions are matched perfectly i.e. in terms of texture and overall colour by a professional stylist, it will mix perfectly with your natural hair making it difficult for it to be noticed by anyone that you are wearing them.

Some of the extensions can be worn continuously for up to 3 months before being maintained. Hair extensions are made from either human or synthetic hair. Hair extensions are worn as daily wear for beauty and for grooming purposes or for certain functions such as to cover for hair loss.

Human hair offers a more natural look and feel than their synthetic hair extension counterparts. Human hair extensions are generally more costly than synthetic hair extension, with proper care and maintenance; the human hair can generally last for a long period of time. Human hair extensions to allow you to literally do anything with your hair that you usually do to it. Human hair can be straightened, dyed and even it can be blow dried. On the other hand, synthetic extension hairs will need to be carefully applied for the purpose of maintaining its durability. Synthetic hairs actually tend to require special treatment such as the use of special appliances such as temperature regulators to prevent the locks from burning out, however, on the other hand, they are less expensive when compared to human hair extensions

Types of hair extensions

There exist five types of hair extension

  • Clip-in hair extension
  • Tape hair extension
  • Pre bonded hair extensions
  • Micro link extensions
  • Weave hair extensions

Tape In hair Extension

Tape in extensions benefits tends to know no bounds. They are much easier to apply and tend to take a few minutes i.e not later than 30 minutes. They are also easy to remove and give out that pleasure of reusing it again and give out a chance of maximizing various placement positions which tends to promote a more natural look.  Tape hair extensions are much less damaging as compared to other kinds of glue or sew-in or bonded extensions. In most cases, they are way cheaper due to its ability to easily to apply. Tape hair extension can be worn with anyone who has a desire for a long or with fuller hair. Tape hair extension is not recommended for persons with thick and curly hair.


Easy to apply

The time taken to apply tape ins extension is quite less compared to other extensions

Easily blends with the natural hair

They are not easily noticed due to flat tape that is attached at the scalp

Less damage to hair

Tape extensions are easily installed hence they tend not to stress your natural hair strands and scalp

Weave hair extension

Hair weaves are commonly used as ways of introducing different and adding volume to your hairstyle and comes in different colour, length and texture


You can experiment everything with weaves ranging from color without having to worry about damaging your own hair. The benefit associated with experimental advantage can be extended to short hair natural ladies who do not want to have that dapper look without using relaxers.

Low Maintenance

Wearing a weave will minimize the amount of time spent on styling your hair. It’s the best alternative to a short hair cut in terms of time management. It allows you to perfect your hair in less time while in a hurry which is ideal for conserving time in early morning. For synthetic hairs, all you need to do is just to wear it and off you go.

Protective element

Sewn in hair weaves tend to be braided just near to the scalp and the extension hair is usually added as wefts. Your natural hair tends to be protected from the usual tearing off by the extension hair which tends to cushion the natural hair and your hairstyle from the adverse effects of wearing out. Your natural hair won’t be affected by heat generated by blow dryers or hot rollers or be affected by hot weather or pillowcases when sleeping. Your hair will actually be protected from these routines and hazardous influences from outside which will only tend to split and dry out the ends.


Micro link Extension

Micro link extensions tend to give you a more natural look. Micro link extensions are those beads that tend to link the natural hairs to the extension. Each and every strand of the extension hair tends to have links on it that allow the natural hair to be passed through it. Each link is then clamped down to ensure that each extension is secured effectively. With this, only one or a few strands of extension hair are linked with your natural hair. This extension will best suit you if you love to rock your natural hair and tend not to like braiding your hair.


This form of extension is very versatile in that it allows you to treat it as your real hair in that it does not have any evidence of braids hence it easily blends perfectly with your hair. This form of extensions is secured in that they employ the method of attaching and using small rings then following by clamping them. This method allows the user to come back to her stylist after a period of 4 or 6 weeks for hair maintenance which majorly involves adjusting the hair extensions upwards and keeping it neat while ensuring that they do not damage or apply stress to your natural hair. You can carry out maintenance until you feel it’s the right time to replace your hair.

Pre-bonded hair extension

Pre-bonded extensions are also referred to as fusion bonded extensions. Its name is derived directly from the form of keratin which is at the top of the hair strand. These extensions are usually fitted by use of a heat gun which usually tends to melt the keratin to almost to the client's natural hair. The melted keratin is then rolled down in between the stylist's fingertips to cool to a more solid bond.


  • These extensions can easily be customised to match with the client's natural hair colour or can be used to enhance a client’s hair.
  • This fusion bonded extension will tend to add volume and length to the natural hair.
  • Pre-bonded extensions can last for about 4 to 6 months.
  • These methods of hair extension do not tend to require high maintenance or regular maintenance that some other hair extensions tend to require.

Clip in hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions can easily transform your looks by giving you a fuller and longer hair within a short period of time. These hair extensions are temporary and are much easier to apply. They tend to be applied by attaching clips which are very sensitive to pressure so that it may avoid damaging a client’s hair. Permanent ways of attaching hair extension can have very adverse effects on natural hair.


  • These hair extensions are easy to install
  • They tend to require less maintenance cost as compared to permanent ways of attaching hair extension
  • They are cost effective


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