Top 3 Valentine’s Day Looks

February 12, 2019

Top 3 Valentine’s Day Looks

As you know, Valentine’s Day is approaching soon. It is time to set the mood and shop for all things romantic on the day of love. We can sort out the chocolates and roses later but for now, let us read more as I give you advice on choosing a romantic hairstyle. I hand-picked my top three Valentine’s Day looks using Amazing Beauty Hair Extensions so that you can look amazing for your Valentine.

1. The Be Mine Valentine Waves

Balayage #2/6# Tape In Hair ExtensionsMake a grand yet gentle entrance when you walk into the room with these red tape-in hair extensions. This look features a balayage technique, which is a softer version of the more traditional highlights. Here is a style that will compliment you in the most angelic way. You can wear this however you like and you’ll be pleased by how quickly they’re installed. Pair these tape-in hair extensions with a lace top to make them stand out with style. This look will surely make your admirer’s heart melt. Shop Balayage Hair Extensions Here:

2. The Sweetheart Curls

Sweetheart CurlsRoses are red and the sweetheart curls are too… well sort of. These clip-in extensions are reddish-brown. The rich color blend will make your Valentine think of chocolates (yum). Here is a style that will compliment most skin tones. The sweetheart curls are perfect for those who want a bit of a highlight and when paired with a bright, silk red outfit, this look will surely sweep your lover off of his or her feet! 


3. The Bombshell Braid

Bombshell Braid

Ok, we know that red is everyone’s favorite color on Valentine’s Day. However, we should not forget about how blondes usually have way more fun. This flirty and lively bombshell braid is achieved by using tape-in hair extensions. Once again, the balayage method is used, which adds a bit of flirt to the look. The loose braid is what brings us fun. These extensions can be paired with either a sheer top or fluffy ensemble; whichever matches your mood. Read more about how to create a braid so that you too can rock this look.

 How To Create The Bombshell Braid:

Steps to  Create The Bombshell Braid

• First, you need to section your hair into three even parts. You should have a strand of hair on the left, a strand of hair in the center, and a strand of hair on the right.

• You begin by holding the left strand with your left hand and the right strand with your right hand.

• Next, place the hair in the right hand over the middle section so that the right section is now in the middle. The middle section should now be on the right.

• Then move the hair from the left hand over to the new middle section. The left section is now the middle section, and the middle is now on the left.

• Continue to alternate between the left and right sides until you reach the end of the hair. If your hair is silky, use a rubber band to tie the ends in place.