12 Steps to blend hair extensions with your Short Hair

January 23, 2019

12 Steps to blend hair extensions with your Short Hair

Having a short hair is beautiful but a time you might crave for inputting new style to your head or incorporate something more sexy and fun to your short hair. You can experiment with adding different colour by using hair extensions which can add length and thickness depending on the type of hair extension you preferred to use. There are different types of extensions that you may choose to use but the best type of hair extensions to perfectly work with your short hair is the clip in hair extension. You’ll have to choose the most appealing to you, use them and style them to your own likeness. Using hair extensions can help to hide the stages of your hair growth.

Blending hair extensions with your natural hair really requires one to focus more on balancing i.e balancing both thickness and length since there are a lot of differences in terms of thickness and length between your natural hair and extensions hence a lot of effort will be needed to achieve a natural look.

Hair Extensions Before and After

Factors to consider when using hair extension

Your hair needs to be at least 4 or 3 inches long since these hair extensions are usually attached to your natural hair using clips which are way thicker than the extensions hence if your hair tends to be shorter than 3 or 4 inches, the clips will be easily seen from the short hair. Hence your hair needs to be more than 4 inches long for it to perfectly cover the clips and also the shorter your hair is the more it will be hard for it to perfectly blend in.

Prepare Hair

Your short hair must blend with hair extensions

The colour of the hair extension chosen must perfectly blend with your natural short hair i.e. its colour needs to perfectly match with your hair. Avoid using extensions whose length are more than 20 inches long since the bigger the difference in length between the natural hair and the hair extensions it is the harder it will be to blend together. If the colour of your hair is two-toned, then to address this is to use a simple trick which involves mixing and matching your hair extension with your natural hair. To achieve this you’ll need to employ different two extensions of different colours then perfectly blend them together with the natural hair. Layer the two sets of extensions above each other creating a mixed effect which creates a seamless blend better than using a single colour set.

If you experience troubles blending your short hair with extensions or you have ever think about how to change your short hair to long beautiful and thick while at the same time keeping the natural look flair then follow this simple steps.

Step 1: Choose short extensions

Short hair extensions blend perfectly with short hair. Use extensions of length ranging from 16 to 18 inches long or you can also choose to look for shorter extensions if your hair is way shorter. You may choose to shorten your hair extensions to your liking if they turn out to be longer than intended or you may consult a stylist to do it for you.

Cut Hair


Step 2: incorporate wefts

Use about one or two wefts to make styling of your hair easier or you may choose to use more wefts if your goal is to add volume and extra length this will do away with the possibility of showing the clips


Step 3: use thick extensions

Thick hair extensions are best if it happens that your hair cut is blunt. Thin hair extensions will have problems blending in if your hair happens not to thin out hence thicker hair extensions will help you achieve a more natural look. To know if your hair is thick enough you’ll have to compare it to your natural hair to know its thick enough.

Curly Hair

 Step 4: choose to use human hair or synthetic hair

You may choose to use any type of hair but the best is human hair even though its expensive than its counterpart i.e. synthetic hair but it is worth it since it has the option to apply heat when styling it and can be dyed.

Step 5: chose matching extension colour to your hair

It’s much important to use hair extensions that tend to have the same colour as your natural short hair so as to achieve the natural look that you desire. If it happens that you are to use human hair extension then you can apply colour to match the colour of your natural hair or choose to dye your hair to perfectly match your extensions. If the ends of your hair are different in colour from the rest of your hair then it is best you choose to use a set of extensions known as ombre.

Step 6: clean your hair

Clean your hair by washing and conditioning them before the onset of applying for hair extensions.

Wash Hair

Step 7: Separate half of your top hair

Separate half of your top hair by pulling it up or you may employ the use of clips to secure the hair if it is too short to be held by a hair tie. You will use clip by applying them in between the divide of the bottom half and top half of the hair

Part Hair

Step 8: use a comb to tease your short hair

Use a comb or a brush to tease your short hair at the place where you are intending to clip the extension. This will automatically end up creating a shelf which will eventually make it easier for the clipped extension to securely stay. The extensions can be applied at whichever place you feel best on your head as long as the extensions are perfectly covered by your hair. If you are using several wefts then it will be better if you employ extensions on the sides but if you are intending to use one weft then it is best if you perfectly secure the extension at the back of the head. Apply hairspray at the created shelf to add more grip.


Step 9: clip the extensions

Hold onto the clips then move them unto the shelf that you had created then make an effort to ensure that you are satisfied with where the extensions are clipped in then snap the clips to shut. Look yourself at the mirror to ensure that your short natural hair and the extensions have perfectly blended in. you can consult a stylist for a more permanent extension of which your hair extensions can be micro linked or taped.


Step 10: blend your hair by straightening

Your hair will definitely or at least look different from the extensions due to the extensions texture.  Try to blend them by either straightening or curling the extensions while still attached on your head by use of flat or curling iron.

Straighten Hair

Step 11: apply a shiny serum

This works well if you have chosen to use synthetic hair rather than human hair since synthetic hair tends to be shinier than its counterpart. Apply it by spraying it on your hair and style to make your hair as shiny as the synthetic extension.

Hair Vitamin

Step 12: style the extensions by trimming

You can trim the ends of the extension if they tend to be blunt and not appear natural. To achieve a natural look hold the scissors vertically to the ends of the hair extension while cutting