Tutorial Of Making Layered Braid Hairstyle

July 15, 2019

Tutorial Of Making Layered Braid Hairstyle

     It's the year of layered braids and what's not to love about them, they are classic, timeless, elegant and beautiful. 

     Everyone love sits for its intricate style and mystifying elegance, and no one likes it better than us, especially the most popular and favorite of all - Bohemian layered braids.

     This amazing braid is created with an awesome combo of the fishtail braid, three strands braid and twists to pull off a romantic hairstyle that is perfect, meant for the beach, and wonderful to rock for a night in town. fishtail braid

    With all these amazing features, the bohemian layered braid looks like a tough one to braid, right? We've got you covered with our step by step guide to creating a DIY bohemian layered braid.

     All you need for this hairstyle is a few items;

  • Stronghold Hairspray
  • Elastics
  • Bobby Pins
  • Wide-tooth Comb
  • Wave Spray

     Now that we've gotten the items at hand let's begin.

  • Step 1: Prep the hair. Because of the intricate style of this braid, you have to prepare your hair. Take a shower and massage the shampoo and conditioner into your scalp, finish off with a cold rinse. Towel dry your hair till it is completely dry and then use a wide-tooth to part your hair through the center, use the process to also detangle your hair.
  • Step 2: Spray your hair. After you've gone through the drying and detangling process, it is time to spray it with some wave spray to add waves to your hair. Flip your hair over and spray from your roots down to the ends, then spray from your hairline back towards your crown and down the top side of your hair strands. After spraying, scrunch it as it air dries. Once completely dry, run your fingers through it gently to loosen up the waves.
  • Step 3: Begin the twist. Start a small twist by grabbing a small section of hair on one side of your hair, it should be an inch or two down your part. Hold the section and use the other hand to gently fluff it up a little. Then, twist the section of hair back towards the crown of your head and pin it in place with a bobby pin on the opposite side of your crown. Don't go all the way to the other side though.
  • Step 4: Continue the twist. Create a small twist in the opposite side of your part, but unlike the first one, you won't have to pin it to the crown on the side of the first twist.
  • Step 5: Continue the twisting process. Create two more twists, which will amount to a total of four twists, two on each side of the hair. Once the twists are pinned, they will look like tentacles entangled in a twist.
  • Step 6: Divide the rest of your hair into three sections. How? Very simple, split your remaining hair into two equal parts; top and bottom. Then divide the bottom part into two equal sides; left and right. That makes three sections.
  • Step 7: Braid with the traditional three-strand technique. Divide each bottom sections into three strands and braid it traditional. Secure them in place with an elastic band before giving them a little fluff.layered braids Make this beautiful look use Amazing Beauty Hair Tape In Hair 
  • Step 8: Add the fishtail into the mix. Divide the top section into two sections and use them to create a fishtail braid. Run the braid till you've run out of hair and secure it with an elastic band before fluffing it to get more volume.
  • Step 9: Mix them up. Secure the fishtail braid on the two traditional three strand braids with bobby pins, this helps create a magnificent bohemian layered look. Now, all that remains is link them together. First of all, pull the bottom traditional braids together at the ends and later the fishtail braid directly down the middle to cover any space. Place some bobby pins through the underside of the braids and combine all the braids at the bottom. Now, carefully take a small section of hair from the ends and wrap it around the elastic to conceal it.
  • Step 10: Give it some finishing touches. Your hair is already looking elegant and gorgeous due to the amazing bohemian layered braids that it is rocking. You don't believe us? Check in the mirror. What do you see? A total makes over. Finish off the braid by spraying it with a Strong-hold Hairspray to protect it from anything and everything as you go about with it.layered braids

     We told you it was easy, didn't we? Now, go rock your layered braids.