How to store your clip ins

July 09, 2019

How to store your clip ins

     Clip-in extensionsare one of the most popular forms of extensions in the hair industry. They are available in the market as they come in different weights, lengths, and variety of colors. It is available for everyone as there is always a clip in extension to suit your needs.

     The best way to give your hair a major make overlook is to go for a clip in extension. It changes the look of your hair without you going through drastic measures; highlighting, low lighting, color changing, and other stuff.

     The goal to make your clip in extensions last longer is to store it properly. Storing them properly in between the wears can help them retain color, keep them looking fresh, feeling fresh and smelling fresh.

     Not storing them properly, on the other hand, can make them deteriorate faster, bleach out and have a color fade, it also makes it give an unpleasant odor, and make the extensions have dry and brittle hair.

     So, how do you store clip in extensions properly? Keep on reading to get a heads up. The first step would be to find a storage space for it.

     There are two popular storage containers for your clip in hair extensions; boxes and carriers or carrier cases.

  • Boxes: To store your clip in extensions in boxes, you need to brush your hair extensions first. Next, use a hair tie to secure the hair close to the base of the weft in a tight ponytail. Next, gently roll the extensions into a circle or gently tie it up into a knot and place them in the box, make sure it is the main compartment so that it doesn't roughen it up.Comb hair
  • Carrier or Carrier Cases: This helps prevent damage and tangling of clip in hair extensions and also increases the lifespan. It comes with a hanger on which you can place your clip in hair extensions. Fold down the hanger to open it up, place your hair extensions on the hanger by placing the bar below the wefts and lifting hook to close the hanger and make it secure. Place the hair extensions on the hanger into the extension carrier case and zip it up.Clip in Extensions

     Now that we have that out of the way let's get into the main reason - storing clip in extensions properly. We'll be giving you step by step instructions on how to store your clip in extensions properly to avoid it from damaging quicker.

  • Step 1: The first step is to remove all the knots and tangles in your hair. Once your hair has knots and tangles it makes it a potential hazard to the health of your clip in extensions. Take your time to carefully untangle and unknot each and every tangles and knot, doing this helps your clip in extensions achieve a healthy look for a lengthy period of time. 
  • Step 2: The second step is to wash your clip in extensions with a shampoo that is specially formulated to cleanse color-treated hair without cleaning the color. You can as well use a shampoo that is rich in moisture to help you bring out the soft and bouncy features of your clip in extensions. The shampoo also helps cleanse the clip in hair extensions of dirt and product build up. Wash Hair Extensions
  • Step 3: The third step is to use moisturizing conditioners to give the clip in extensions of moisture and essential oils to keep them looking healthy. Don't wash the synthetic ones with conditioners, only the natural ones.moisturizing conditioners
  • Step 4: This step is the drying step. When drying use a handheld blow-dryer or better still extend the clip in hair extensions and allow it to air-dry. Your hair has to be completely dry before you start sealing the ends. Dry Hair
  • Step 5: After you've gone through the first four steps, the next step is to seal the ends of your extension. Put a drop of oil or serum and rub it in both hands, then apply it from the clips to the end of the extension. Make sure not to add them to synthetic clip in hair extensions as they only make it look oily and lead to building up in the extension. 
  • Step 6: This step is the container step, we mentioned earlier the two most popular storage containers for your hair extensions. Make sure that they are well ventilated so that they can maintain their fresh look and fragrance.
  • Step 7: This step is to choose the best location to keep your clip in hair extensions. Choose a location that will not crush the containers that will hold your clip in extensions.Hair Extensions Before and After

     That's the best way to store your clip in hair extensions is to follow the steps.