Gift You Mom The Perfect Extensions for Mother’s Day

April 26, 2021

Gift You Mom The Perfect Extensions for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner and this year we’ve got the best present for your mom!Something she won’t expect, maybe because the thinks the’s “too old for it” but that she won’t be able to live without again once she tries, something special. Guessed yet? Well it’s hair extensions!

The important part of celebrating Mother’s Day is spending time with your loved ones and dedicate all of your attention to demonstrate love, presents aren’t the way to a mom’s heart, yet, when the present is thoughtful and the effort is clear also a material object can get an other meaning.

Gifting your mom some hair extensions will possibly mean an introduction for her to a whole new world, a world she would have not most likely considered for herself. Older women tend to see themselves as “inappropriate” for wearing long and silky extension, considering themselves too old or too serious for such “youngster things”. They are also often unbothered to learn how to use and care for hair extensions and possibly imagine them way more time consuming and hard to work properly than how they’re actually are. An other true stereotype is that in many cases they’ve been used to seeing themselves everyday in the mirror looking a certain way, keeping the same habits their whole life, and risking their appearance, getting too much attention or just looking a different may be too scary and the reason for them to turn down all the possible options. If they only new how easy it would be to play a bit and fix the look just applying some hair extensions! Plus they’re made of real human hair and only the best quality, no one would ever doubt anything.

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But let’s get back to getting the perfect present for your mom, here’s a step by step guide to help you decide what type of hair extensions is best for her kind of hair, what option among the many available would best fit a certain style, features and would look the most natural considering the different types of hair.

Let’s start by stating that hair age with you just like the rest of your body, generally speaking it tends to loose volume, get drier and loose its natural silky glow towards a more opaque finish and fizzy texture, also the thickness of each hair tends to loose its elasticity and vigor and hair overall gets fewer.

Of course people have different types of natural hair since their first hair as a baby and the natural differences will develop and influence your hair as an adult as well in many different ways.

For straight hair the most common traits in older women are to get flat, heavy and fragile, they tend to break and to split among the edges. For curly hair the problem over time is usually that they get extremely dry, tangly and fizzy.

Also what might be common for moms is to dye their natural hair in order to cover some gray or white strings of hair here and there, and of course using invasive products on your natural hair will, depending on the type of hair, cause certain damages, mainly because the hair recognizes toxic substances and behaves unexpectedly in reaction to that.


Now that you have an overview of the different options, you can picture your mom and fit her hair into a certain category and scenario, so now we can go on by analyzing the different extensions available to make the best decision. Let’s remember that all the extensions mentioned are made out of luxurious remy human hair, so the result and the feeling will be just as close as possible to the best version of your natural hair. Also in this selection we will consider that older women are always seeking for comfortable and minimum effort products and all the options considered will be extremely easy to apply and use and will require a standard and very low effort maintenance over time.

The first category we’re gonna go through and also the one we will analyze more in details, since it is the most appropriate for older women, is halo hair extensions, it is possibly the easiest to use and apply and it is also the most delicate option for your scalp, since it doesn’t affect it at all. You can of course pick different lengths, like 14,16, 18, 20 and 22 inches, different colors, from bleach blonde to chestnut brown, and you can of course pick if you prefer straight hair, or curly hair and how much volume you want to add by buying one set or more.


Halo hair extensions are, according to my opinion, the best option for older ladies because, as I was mentioning before, are the easiest to apply, and they don’t require any competence at all. For clip-ins, for example, you need to have that minimum manual ability to place the clips in the right spot and to secure them on your hair just right, of course after a couple times using them even the most inexpert will master the action, but with halo hair extensions there’s really nothing to learn and the job will be done in seconds.

This type of extensions consist in a nylon string to which the extension hair are attached and you just wear ti like a simple headband by placing the extensions between your natural hair, covering the nylon string and styling them as you normally would.

The other two options available are clip-ins and tape-ins and they both work through a system of clips that you need to secure in your hair, they might be slightly more uncomfortable on your scalp if it is your first experience and you don’t really want to spend time and patience at all on getting used to new products and feeling, here’s why I’m suggesting to buy some halo hair extensions to let your mom experiment extensions for the first time, of course she’ll love them and try out more options over time,  picking what’s best for her, but with halo hair extensions it is guaranteed that your present will be just perfect and you’ll mom will be convertente to extensions immediately!