The Best Hair Care Tips For Curly Hair

March 29, 2019

The Best Hair Care Tips For Curly Hair

Getting the right hair care tips for curly hair can really be life-changing. So many women are struggling to keep their frizzy locks in perfect shape. But, when you know exactly what to do and what to avoid, things become so much easier. The golden tricks below will help you get on the right path to the most voluminous, healthy and shiny frizzy mane.

Don’t Overwash It

Curly hair does not tend to get greasy as often as straight. It is usually drier, which means you have to be very careful about how many times per week you wash it. Two to three times is the recommended amount for any type of hair, and that is even more important for curly manes. So, if you have the chance to wash it only once, that’s even better. The process of shampooing and washing does cause damage and you’re not even aware of it. First of all, the dry scalp will be even drier if you overuse products, especially shampoo. Let’s not forget about the damage you’re doing to the curls.

Conditioner, on the other hand, is not a problem. This means that you can actually condition without applying shampoo beforehand. There is no need to wash the locks, shampoo them, then condition. Skip all of that and go straight to the conditioner. This product will really boost the hydration and give your hair a fresh, healthy vibe.

Curly Hair

Comb The Right Way

Curly hair is a bit tricky when it comes to combing. All types of hair are gentle, of course, but this one is very prone to damage during combing. There can be so many knots present after washing, that the process can take for quite a while. To achieve the perfect healthy curls, you have to learn how to comb yourhair, how often and what kind of tools to use. Always start after you walk out of the shower. Remove the excess water with a towel. Once the hair is not too wet, but damp, you can proceed. The tool you need to be using is a wide-tooth comb. Make sure it’s a good one. The most important basic rule for quality hair care is not to be cheap when buying combs and brushes. Start from the bottom, and slowly continue to the top. That way you are working with shorter strands and you are untangling every single knot on the way. If you start at the roots, you are only pilling the tangles lower and lower, causing damage and breakage to the hair. The best idea is to first apply conditioner, then comb. Brushing is a no-no for curly hair. Only the ladies who have fuzzy locks understand the mess they can create when using a brush. If you’ve been doing it, it’s time to stop.

Comb Curly Hair

Have You Tried A Hair Diffuser

We’re talking about that fun huge tool that comes packed together with your blow-dryer. It is the best thing ever for perfect curls. One of the best hair care tips for curly hair is to let it air dry. But if you don’t have enough time, you can put the dryer to work. Avoid too much heat. Attach the diffuser and you will see how much more beautiful and perfectly-shaped the curls will turn out to be.  Just do whatever comes naturally. If you have the time, form the curls with your fingers first. Apply the dryer right below the hair so that the locks are in the diffuser. That’s pretty much it.


Buy The Right Towels

The regular towels you are probably using can do more damage than good. As we mentioned before, curly hair is the most fragile type. It should always be taken care of with very gentle materials and products. So the ones that you have at home are probably doing more bad than good. Since you definitely want those locks to be bouncy and frizz-free, you have to find and buy the right towels. Let’s start with the material. Avoid all those regular types which you can buy literally everywhere. They can harm the follicles and change the shape of the curls. The material that you want to be looking for is micro-fiber. It helps very much with static and does not cause any breakage to the hairdo. Another great idea is an old T-shirt. We all have those tees we never wear anymore. Instead of giving them away or throwing them to the garbage, you can simply keep them and use them instead of a towel. Their material is much softer and more appropriate to use for curly hair extensions. Try this tip out and you’ll see how your hairdo will look much healthier and the locks will be bouncy and flawless.

Never Enough Of Moisturizing

You can never get enough of hydration. It is officially the key to healthy hair and skin. Our body could use all the help it can get to shine, especially if you don’t drink enough water. Thankfully there are so many products meant for hair which do not cost a fortune and provide that extra moisture. Curly hair is very prone to becoming dry and lifeless, mostly due to the use of heat tools such as dryer and straightener. One of the crucial hair care tips for bouncy locks is to replenish the lost hydration. It’s such an easy trick that you can do in only minutes. Go shopping and try to find a conditioner that is specifically made for your type of hair. If you’ve colored the curls, you will definitely need to amp up the hydration game even more. Once you find the best product, start using it religiously. Other recommended items are serums and hair oils. These are very rich products that penetrate much deeper into the scalp and bring loads of vitamins. If you have enough free time on your hands, try doing an oil treatment once a week. If not, you can always schedule one with your hairstylist.

Fruit good for Hair

Hair Masks Are Amazing

Just like oil treatments, hair masks will bring back the life to your locks. Many ladies simply forget that you have to take care of what you already have. There is no perfect hair without work. By sparing ten to twenty minutes a week to treat your mane, you are one step closer to the most beautiful curly hairdo. These masks can be store-bought or made at home. Whichever you choose, make sure that it’s one meant for bouncy locks and that it contains the ingredients necessary for your hair type. Keratin-infused masks are so amazing, because they directly stimulate hair growth and prevent frizz. If you are more of a DIY lady, there are so many easy recipes online that include things you have in the fridge. Eggs, bananas, coconut oil, honey are just a part of the very beneficial items you can use.

Sleep with Silk Pillow

Change Your Pillowcase

The cotton pillowcase you are using might be responsible for the static of your curls. This is definitely not the best material to sleep on. It is great to soak up the water after a shower, but when you toss and turn during the night it can induce frizz. Your two best options are silk and satin. They are available and are much better for the skin as well. Forget about irregular locks, breakage and a messy mane every morning. These two ideas will change the way you style your hair when the day starts. You can even use a silk scarf to wrap the hair in and wake up with no need to do anything to it. This will save you so much time.

Use Less Of Everything

In spite of the wide range of products that are available for curly hair, you don’t need to have everything at home. This type of hairdo requires only the essentials. Items such as mousse, gel, spray can do more harm than you can imagine. They are not bad if you use them once in a while, but regular use is definitely not a good idea. The products you use should be based on natural ingredients if possible. These clean options are always made of very quality oils which perfectly hydrate the hair and do not strip the natural oils from the scalp. The three basics that you need to have are shampoo, conditioner and any type of hair oil. That should be enough to have you covered. The more you load up on products, the more build-up it will create on the scalp. In other words, you’ll have to cleanse more often with a clarifying shampoo.

Find A Good Hairstylist

This is possibly the biggest problem for ladies blessed with voluminous curls. They have such a hard time finding a good hairstylist. Not everyone knows how to cut curly hair. Talk to your friends and ask for recommendations. The chances are they might be familiar with someone who does a great job. If not, use social media. People leave reviews, so you’ll be able to see if that particular salon works for you. When you go there, explain what exactly you’re looking for. These women know how they want their hair cut from previous experience.