Who Can Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions?

March 28, 2019

Who Can Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Clip-in extensions can be used with your natural hair to easily and temporarily enhance volume, length, or new color to your natural hair! Clip-in extensions are quick and require no commitment because all it takes to remove them is a simple snap. If you ever experienced a bad haircut don’t panic, clip-ins can be your quick fix until you grow that horrible cut out. One of the best things about clip-in extensions is that you can apply them yourself, saving you time and money from those long salon visits. Imagine being able to change your hairs style, color, or length as often as you please for less than half the cost of salon prices. More bang for your buck, and some cases we aren’t speaking figuratively. Yes, you heard correctly! Ever wanted to try a bang, but scared to make the big chop? Try a clip in bang! So now you’re probably wondering… who exactly can wear clip-in hair extensions? We’re glad you asked! We have provided you with a checklist to determine if clip in extensions are right for you.
Clip in Extensions

My natural hair is at least 3 ½ inches long

I want longer hair

I want to emphasize the volume in my natural

I want to try a new color

I want to add highlights/lowlights to my natural hair color

I want a quick DIY style that looks like I just walked out of a salon

I want to save time and money on my hair

I want to spend less time on my hair

I want to try a new style without a permanent commitment

I want a new style that is quick & easy that I can maintain myself

I’ve had a bad haircut and I need fix… QUICK!

I want to try a bang
Clip in Extensions

If you have two or more check marks, congratulations! Clip-in extensions may be right for you! There is; however, one exception. Although clip-in extensions can be used by someone experiencing hair loss, the health of your natural hair is what’s most important. If you are experiencing hair loss and are thinking about trying clip-in hair extensions as an alternative style option, we recommend first consulting with your doctor or a hair professional to be sure clip-ins are the right choice for you. Otherwise, clip-in hair extensions can be used by women, men, and children to create styles that work for you! The sky is the limit with clip-in extentions.

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