Will Clip-In Extensions Avoid Damaging Your Natural Hair and Hair Extensions?

April 02, 2019

Will Clip-In Extensions Avoid Damaging Your Natural Hair and Hair Extensions?

There are many myths to wearing hair extensions “hair extensions damage your hair” “hair extensions don’t last long” I mean come on… we’ve heard them all! Hair extensions are not bad for your hair, improper use is what is bad. With clip in extensions making a wave in the hair industry we want you to be prepared to get the longest, healthiest wear out of your investment.
Hair Before and After

  1. Create a foundation! If you have fine hair, we always recommend teasing your natural hair at the root to provide a foundation for the clips. Teasing your hair at the root will prevent your clips from sliding and tugging on your hair, avoiding breakage. For thicker hair simply part your hair and apply the clip.Create a foundation on Hair
  2. Sleeping in your clip-in hair extensions is not safe!If you must sleep in your clip ins do not exceed for more than 1-2 nights. While you sleep you can cause traction between the clips and your natural hair, so if you can avoid sleeping in your clip ins that would be best! Again, if you must sleep in your extensions, wear a silk bonnet cap or braid your extensions and completely pin them up so that no hair is hangs down. You want to prevent any pulling at the root where your clips are attached. It is better to rest your hair as you get your beauty rest by removing your clip-in extensions. Sleep with Clip in Extensions
  3. Detangle your clip in extensions before installing them into your hair!The ultimate goal here is to avoid as much tension as possible once your extensions are clipped in. To keep your extensions looking flawless brush them daily three or more times per day. Install Hair Extensions
  4. Prep your extensions before you install them!Prepping your extensions before clipping them in saves time! Think of your clip in extensions as hair in a snap! You can literally clip your hair in and go! Prepping before applying will give you a complete look in no time! Comb Hair
  5. Have fun with your styles! Comfort is key! If your style feels comfortable and all your wefts are concealed, your styles are limitless. Use clips in to add color to your hair without commitment, fullness, length, and so much more.Wash Hair
  6. Cleanse your extensions! Cleansing your extensions every 15-20 wear is ideal when you use little to no product. When your extensions become unmanageable then it is more than likely from product build-up and you will need to wash your clip in extensions more often. Cleanse the wefts thoroughly with shampoo, especially where the clips are attached since they will be in contact with your scalp during your wear. Avoid conditioning the wefts so that you don’t loosen or lose the clips. Only the hair itself needs conditioner.Cleanse Extensions
  7. Apply the right amount of moisture!Be sure to moisturize your hair about 2-3 times a week.  Applying a small amount (no larger than a dime size) of oil or serum will help soften your hair. You can use an oil such as Argan or Coconut oil to add moisture. If you prefer to moisturize your extensions daily, then a leave-in conditioner will be a good product to use.Style Hair
  8. Use the right styling products! We highly recommend using products that are developed for color treated hair. The best products will be natural organic products, and free from sulfates and alcohol.
  9. Always use a heat protectant when heat styling! Use heat tools on a low to medium setting. Start low and gradually go up in temperature if needed so that you don’t synch your human hair extensions. The heat protectant will act as a barrier between the heat and your hair giving you a longer wear! When you skip the heat protectant you run the risk of over exposing your hair extensions to heat. This will damage the integrity of the hair making it dry and brittle. If your hair becomes brittle it lessens the length of time that your human hair extensions will last. Once your hair extensions hair becomes brittle, the only way to cure it is to cut it.

 Now that you know how to properly care and wear your clip-in hair, you can extend above the myths!