New Year, New Hair: How to Have Fun with Your Hair Extensions in 2021 

December 23, 2020

New Year, New Hair: How to Have Fun with Your Hair Extensions in 2021 

2020 left just about everyone realizing the true value and worth of their favorite hair dresser. But for those with hair extensions, they were hardly suffering. Quality hair extensions can be purchased online and shipped right to your door, and all you have to do to achieve gorgeous hair is take them out of the box and put them in. Hair extensions provide incredible versatility and flexibility, rising to the top of beauty care must-haves this past year.

In the spirit of “out with the old and in with the new,” let’s focus on the year ahead and some of the many ways you can have a ton of fun with your hair using hair extensions in 2021.


Go for Daringly Long Length

Have you always wanted to don super long, mermaid hair, but never took the plunge? Well, 2021 is the year to dive head first into ultra-long, dreamy hair using hair extensions. Extensions are among the top trending hairstyles for the coming year, since they instantly add length and volume, without having to head to the salon. Temporary hair extensions, like clip-in and halo extensions, can be installed at home by yourself, no stylist needed.

Super long, mermaid hair that reaches your waist will look best on medium to long hair, since it will provide the most natural, seamless appearance.


Skip Straight Past the Awkward Growing Phase to Long, Gorgeous Hair

You don’t have to suffer through the agonizingly long waiting period for your short to medium hair to grow out before enjoying gorgeous flowing locks. You can skip straight ahead to the long hair you dream about, without any of the wait. If 2020 forced you to choose a super simple style at the salon, or to cut your own hair, then chances are you’re feeling some hair-gloom. Don’t suffer for one minute more and start 2021 off right, with beautiful human hair extensions in the perfect length for you.


Take a Trip to “Sand Tropez”

There are plenty of color trends for the coming year, with this one being at the top. The term “sand tropez” was coined by a celebrity stylist, describing a color that marries cool-toned brown with warm blonde tones. The mixture of balayage highlights and mid-lights creates a hair color full of multi-dimensional shades of sandy blonde and cool beige and brunette.

If a little getaway to “sand tropez” sounds like just the ticket for breathing new life into your hair, consider achieving it with hair extensions. Yes, you can absolutely “color” your hair using extensions, for the least damaging and most flexible hair color ever. Simply search for human hair extensions in a variety of shades, such as sandy, beige, and cool brunette tones, and apply them throughout your hair to create a dimensional look without the harmful bleach, commitment, or color maintenance.


Get Creative with New Braided Styles

Braided styles were all the rage in 2020 for their low-maintenance and versatile qualities. As we head into 2021, braids are still going strong and invite you to get creative with new styles you have yet to try.

Several braided styles to try are:

  • Double Dutch braids
  • Fishtail braids
  • Box braids
  • Braided ponytails
  • Milkmaid braids
  • Braided high buns

If your own strands aren’t long or thick enough to rock this look, consider adding some hair extensions to increase the length and volume of your hair.


Experiment with Clip-in Bangs

If you’ve been debating bangs for a while now, worried about the commitment and maintenance, then clip-in bangs are your new best friend. Clip-in bangs are just like hair extensions, except just for the bang area at your hairline. They give the appearance of natural bangs, without requiring you to chop your own hair and regret it later. Simply clip in and clip out the bangs whenever you want to change your look. Curly bangs and curtain bangs are especially trending right now and will continue into 2021.


Get Chunky with Your Highlights

The 90s are coming back in 2021 with a resurrection of the chunky blonde highlights. If you feel a bit daring and bold heading into the new year, this may be the look for you. However, if there’s still some hesitation (after all, it’s a pretty bold look), you can use hair extensions to do all the work without any commitment. Simply pop in a few skinny clip-in hair extensions through your hair in a highly contrasting shade and voila. Since hair extensions go in beneath the top layer of hair to avoid displaying the clips, the chunky highlights will be slightly tamer but still daring and bold.


Enhance Your Natural Hair’s Texture with Added Length and Volume

Embracing one’s natural texture is at the forefront of beauty trends heading into 2021. Take your own hair to the next level with hair extensions in a matching texture to enhance what you already have with added length and volume.

Even if your natural hair is an afro, you can still rock hair extensions to make your fro even bigger and bolder.


Go Wild with a Pop of Red

Inspired by the “The Queen’s Gambit,” many fell in love with bright red hair this past year. But for many, achieving that level of rouge would mean lots of bleach, dye, and hours spent at the salon. Hair extensions can give you the opportunity to treat your hair, from the mid-shaft to ends, with a color wash in true red. While hair extensions wouldn’t give you all-over color, they can allow you to get creative and have fun with the wild red tone, without having to spend tons of time or money at the salon.

How are you going to have fun with your hair extensions in 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

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