How to Take Care of Curly Hair

May 27, 2019

How to Take Care of Curly Hair

     Curly hairs are the envy of the straight hair types. They are unique, they have the tendency and feature to bend, curve, coil, twist, and turn, but their ability to do all this makes them quite delicate and fragile.

    Their twists, turns, coils, curves, and bends, makes the circulation of the natural and essential oils much harder going from the roots to the tips. This cause the tops to be unprotected, and the strands to be harder, as the oil meant to soften it doesn't get to it.

     While the rest of the hair types can be easily cared for, the curly hair needs extra tender loving care to be maintained.

     Do you have curly hair? You're finding it hard to care for it? Say no more, with our hair care tips you'll not only be taken proper care of your hair, but you'll also be making it the envy and toast of every hair types. Are you ready? Let's go.

Curly Hair Image1

  1. Comb the right way: When it comes to curly hairs, the combing is different. When combing, starting from the bottom helps to do the trick of detangling each knot of your hair gently. Starting from the top just compounds them towards the bottom and ties everything into a knot. The first rule of curly hair - comb from the bottom upwards.Comb Hair
  2. Trim away split ends: Split ends damage the hair, there's nothing good we can say about the split ends. They damage and prevent the hair from growing healthy and beautiful, so whenever you find one or two, don't hesitate to trim them off immediately. Trimming them off keeps your curls bouncy and alive.Trim Hair Ends
  3. Cocktail or Serum: Cocktail in the hair industry means mixing up various hair care products to bring out the best results. For the curly hair, we suggest the cocktail of coconut oil and styling gel to give your hair a wavy, bouncy, nourished and moisturized look. If you can't do that, you can always go for the next option, serum, and mousse. Serum and mousse combo helps define the curls and smoothen it without letting it loose it's waves and texture.Cocktail or Serum Product
  4. Treat with Conditionings: Giving your curls end a conditioning treatment will keep it looking smooth and shiny without weighing it down. A styling cream or conditioning oil to the tips of your curls give it the moisturizing nutrients and bounce it requires from the scalp.Wash Hair
  5. Use the Diffuser: The diffuser minimizes the frizz that is always associated with air-drying your curls. Using a diffuser after blow-drying or air-drying helps even out the patterns of your curls and gives it a volume boost. You do know how to use a diffuser, right? You don't. Don't worry, we're here to help out. Squeeze out whatever moisture remains in your hair after washing it, wait till the hair dries out and apply mousse unto each curl and use your fingers to shape it into your desired curls, then dip each strand into the diffuser to help define the curls. Repeat toll all the curls are defined.Dry Hair
  6. Use the Curling irons to add more curls: Once in a while, your curls will get dull and lose shape, that's where the curling irons come in. The curling irons help you refresh the curls and make them perky and bouncy again.Use Curling irons
  7. Use wide-tooth comb: When it comes to smoothening your curls you need to be very careful. Remember when we said curly hairs are delicate and fragile, we meant it. Their delicate nature makes every curl susceptible to break. To detangle your curls, always use a wide-tooth comb as it would follow the natural pattern of the curls and not disrupt it as brushes would.
  8. Pre-Shampoo: Pre-shampoo helps to soften, condition and detangle the hair before it goes through the process of shampooing. It prevents any damages and roughness that might occur while you shampoo. Conditioning oil is a good job for this, apply it to your dry hair after dividing it into sections, then let it settle into your hair for 20 minutes before you apply your shampoo on it. It detangles the hair very fast yet leaves your curls undamaged.
  9. Cold Shower: Try cold showers when you have curls, as hot showers will open the cuticles and let you loose your curls. Using a cold shower or cold rinse instead of a hot one closes the cuticles and locks in the moisture to keep your curls prepped and bouncy.
  10. Use Heat protectant: Although you might need to use heat rollers, curling wands, and irons to keep your curls in place, there's always a heatless solution to it. Try out air-drying at nights or on the weekends instead of blow-drying and try setting your curls in foam rollers or twists and let them dry naturally than using heat rollers or curling rods. Heat styling your hair does more harm than good to your hair. If you must absolutely do heat styling, always protect your hair with heat protectant spray.

    All you need to care for your curls is tender loving care as they are delicate and fragile. The tips above will keep them looking shiny, bouncy and healthy in every bend, curve, coil, twist and turn.