Tips You Must Know Before You Color Your Hair Ombre

May 28, 2019

Tips You Must Know Before You Color Your Hair Ombre

     You're already thinking of going totally Ombré, changing the color of your hair can be such a daunting and intimidating thing to do, especially if you haven't done it before.

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     But, don't you worry, we've got you and your hair totally covered. Perhaps, you're dreaming of a natural and soft Ombré, or you're dreaming of an ultra, uber, rainbow-colored Ombré, don't panic and just keep on reading about the things you need to know before you dive into dyeing your hair.

     Ombré is one of the most popular hair coloring sensation types in the hair styling industry, and is one rocked by celebrities, fashionistas and very soon, You. It has now become a major statement of self-expression, letting you create your own identity and having fun with it.

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     It's a quite unique way to express and spice up your hair, it adds color, expression, style, excitement, and splash to your hair. But before rocking it, there are things you need to know. The first of them is this - What is Ombré?

     Ombré is a French word that means "shadow", it refers to having colors or tones that fade and shade into each other. It is the process of coloring the hair by transitioning the colors from dark to light from the roots of the hair to the ends.

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     Okay, now that we know what Ombré means, let's see why you went or are planning on going for it.

  1. It is a low maintenance hairstyle. Ombré doesn't need much maintenance as the growth of the root doesn't affect the Ombré coloring. This means that you can rock the Ombré color on your hair for months without going to the hair salon for a touch-up job now and then. If you ever do get tired of it, you could always chop the tip of the hair off.
  2. It looks creative and is very safe for work. It makes you look unique without being unprofessional (if you go for the safer and cooler colors).
  3. It is less harmful to the hair. The Ombré coloring is only applied near the tips of the hair and not all over the scalp, which makes it less harmful and easy to wear.
  4. It trends. We all love going for things that are trending. Ombré is a style that trends, still trending and looks like it will still be trending in some years to come. So why not join the trend in your own unique way?

     Now, before you go for this trending, less harmful, creative and low maintenance hairstyle, let's give you some inside tips.

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  1. Go digging: By digging, we don't mean going in with a shovel, we mean learning more about the coloring style called Ombré, do a lot of research, like you're doing now. Learn the cost of dying to send the maintenance that comes with it. Check out Instagram photos for the before and after of the Ombré coloring and research the color you want most.
  2. Be specific: Always tell your hair colorist the exact color you want. Telling them you want "blue" or "streaks of brown" can mean a whole lot of things, from sky blue to deep blue. If you want a natural Ombré color, you could always tell them that you want some partial highlight (slightly brighten the hair and add soft dimensions) or gloss (richness, depth, and tone to deepen and darken the hair). If you want bolder looks, just tell them and they'll apply the single process, double processor full highlights coloring techniques to achieve it.
  3. Select safe dyes: If you're planning on doing it yourself, make sure that you select only dyes that are not harmful to your hair. Don't go for permanent dyes or boxed dyes as they contain ammonia, which is harmful to your hair. Boxed dyes, permanent dyes or hard bleaches can cause lasting damages to your hair.
  4. Apply Hair Mask: Your hair is about to go under a new transformation, soak it in and pamper it with hair masks to keep it hydrated, prepared, nourished and moisturized before you get the Ombré coloring done.
  5. Change your hair care products: Go for color-protecting shampoo, conditioners, and leave-in treatments. They will help protect your hair from fading out, dehydration and exposure to UV light.
  6. Stay away from chlorine: Saltwater from pool water, the sea, or ocean contains chlorine which is damaging to your hair color. But if you must swim, make sure to soak your hair in regular tap water to make your hair cuticles open up and absorb the chlorine so that it doesn't affect the color of your hair.

     The pricing for getting Ombré done varies due to different factors, but don't get intimidated by that, because there's nothing further research around your neighborhood can't do. So before you go ahead and dye your hair Ombré, try and follow these helpful tips.