How To Fix Your Bad Hair?

May 23, 2019

How To Fix Your Bad Hair?

Bad hair days are one of those days no one looks forward. They happen when we least expect and always tend to ruin our mood throughout the whole day. They could come when you have an interview or a date or very important outing you would want to look great for. Try as we may, we always do our bests to salvage the situation, however, the things we do might end up not working or even make your hair a whole lot worse than it originally was.

Well, there are ways which you can salvage a bad hair, flip the mood around and go on to have a great day.

We are more than willing to share with you these secrets so that you can be the heroine in your very own bad hair movie.

Before you do anything, it is important to relax. You are just having a bad hair which you can remedy. Grab a cup of coffee, complete your makeup. Relaxing is important because when you are calm you are able to pick out solutions for your hair, a flustered mind will hinder you from seeing working solutions.

Now here are the different solutions you should use to fix a bad hair day.

Hair Shampoo Product

Change Your Part

This is a quick and easy solution for a bad hair day. Take your hair to the side, middle or the opposite side; anything apart from the usual would work perfectly. Once you are done with this put on some dry shampoo in the part. Using a low airflow from your hairdryer direct your hair to your new desired direction. Once you are through with this finish with an extra hold hairspray like Redken Control Addict 28 to hold your hair in place.

Ponytail Hair

Bring On the Mess

One of the hallmarks of a bad hair day is messy hair. Instead of worry about cleaning the mess why not take advantage of it. There are tons of great hairstyles that you can use to make something beautiful out of your messy hair; from a messy top knot to a messy fishtail braid, the choice is really yours to make. To use this solution, spray a light amount of dry shampoo on your hair to give it some added volume and texture while at the same time get rid of oils in the hair so that any messy hairstyle you decide to go with will hold in place.

The lower messy bun is a great choice if you are heading for work, while a messy top knot is an excellent option for hanging out with friends. For evenings or dinners, you should opt for the messy braid.

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Ponytails Fix Everything

How many times have ponytails saved you from a hair disaster?

Countless times, if I am any good at guessing.

For bad hair days, the ponytail is also a great lifesaver. It is simple and versatile and is fitting for almost every occasion or event. For lunch, with the girls, you should Opt for a slick and classy ponytail for work and a high and messy ponytail for lunch with the girls. Remember, when in doubt, opt for the ponytail. 

Hair Band

Camouflage with Accents

Not everyone has the patience or time to start trying out any of the solutions given above. If you are one of such then you should opt for the headband as a remedy for your bad hair day. Cheap and easily available, headbands come in a variety of colours and can go with a variety of hairstyles. Making use of a headband you do not only add a new dimension to your hair but it also gives it a prepped and refined look.

You may want to try hats too as they are also an excellent choice too. If you intend to don hats you should go for a low messy bun with some pieces in the front section. 

Comb Hair

Washing Sections

Lived in hair is likely the biggest cause of bad hair. This is as a result of your hair being weighed down by excessive oil or as a result of sleeping in a funky position and waking up with messy hair.

If you have bangs, it is advisable that you section off just the bangs and secure the rest of your hair away from your face before using shampoo to wash the bangs, This process does not take time at all as you can be done in  a matter of seconds and have a whole new hair canvass to work with. If you don’t have bangs, you should section off the front section of the hair, from the top of the ear over to the other ear. Then wash out the section before grabbing a large round brush and blow-drying. Doing this adds volume to your hair and gives you a new style to work with.

It is quite obvious with the solutions provided that you can always fix a bad hair day no matter how bad it seems. So don’t fret any longer, the fate of your hair is in your hands.