Tips Before You Curl or Straighten Your Hair Extensions

July 09, 2019

Tips Before You Curl or Straighten Your Hair Extensions

     There's nothing as delightful as getting your very own first ever hair extensionsto give yourself a new look, it just blows your mind away whenever you think of the amazing styles you can rock with it (one thing your hair won't allow you to do).

     You really want to try out new styles with it, color, dye, bleach, or perhaps the simplest and most popular ones; straightening or curling, but you have no idea how to go about it. How do you really get your hair extensions curled or straightened without getting it roughed up or damaged? Worry not, we've got you totally covered.

Curly hair

     There are things to know about before you curl or straighten your hair extensions and we are here to inform you about it. Whether you've got a clip in, tape in, fusion, micro ring, weave in or loop extensions it doesn't matter, we've got tips for you to follow.

     Tip number one would be to just get a straightened or curled hair extension. Trust us, there are so many available options in the hair market.

     Tip number two would be to go to your hair salon and give it to your hair stylist to get it done for you. It will cost you money but it'll be worth it since they know what they are doing. They are already experts in it and can do it with effortless ease. If you don't have the time to visit a hair stylist every time you want to straighten or curl your hair, then move on to the next tip for some DIY methods.

     Tip number three would be to follow the steps we will carefully give you and do it yourself. This tip saves you money and time and imbibes knowledge into you. It is also quite easy to follow and simple to do. Are you ready to curl or straighten your hair extensions the DIY method? Let's go.

     Heads up! Clip in and flip in weftscan be curled or straightened on or off your head while tape in, micro-ring, look and fusion can only be done on the head.

How to Straighten Your Hair Extensions

     To straighten your hair extensions you can use a flat iron on it before applying it on your hair or after applying it on your hair.Straighten Hair Extensions by Flat Iron

     For either of the styles, all you need are heat protectant products, flat iron, hair clips, a comb, and a serum.

     If you're straightening the hair extensions before applying it to your head, make sure that you use a paddle brush to untangle the hair extensions first. Apply heat protectant product to it, then lay out the wefts on a flat surface, slowly straighten your extension by running a flat iron through it from the base to the ends. Continue this till all the strands are straight. Apply it to your hair and rub in some serum.

     If you're straightening your hair extensions after it has been applied to the hair, the first thing to do is to spray with some heat protectant. Divide your hair into small sections and tie the rest up. Use the comb to straighten it from the root to the top and follow it with the flat iron. Continue this process till all the hair strands in the hair extensions are straight and apply some serum onto the hair extensions to give it a shine.

How to Curl Your Hair Extensions

     You can choose to either use a curling wand or go heatless.Curl Hair Extensions by Curling Wand

Heatless Curls for Hair Extensions

     Curling the hair extension without heat is the best option for your hair extensions, it keeps it quite durable and makes it last longer. Various methods are available to produce heatless curls on your hair extensions.

  • Straw Curling Technique: This technique is achieved by using straws, plastics, and other cylindrical objects to roll the hair till it curls.
  • Sock Bun Curling Technique: This technique deals with wrapping a sock into a bun on your head and letting it curl.
  • Hair Rollers: This makes use of rollers to curl your hair without applying any heat to it.

Heat Curls for Hair Extensions

     Before you curl your hair extensions using any heat tools, make sure that you've sprayed a decent amount of heat protectant product on your hair extensions and that you're using a quality tool. Wash the extension, dry it and brush it gently to loosen all knots and tangles. You can go through the strand by strand curling method or go for the ponytail curling method.

Curly Hair Extensions

     And that's all you need to know before you straighten or curl your hair extensions.