How to Remove Tape in Hair Extensions?

April 29, 2020

How to Remove Tape in Hair Extensions?

Tape in hair extensions is a great option for adding length and thickness to your hair. Once they are installed into the hair, tape in extensions remains in place through everyday activities, such as sleeping and showering. But as your natural hair grows, tape in hair extensions need to be removed and re-installed to account for the new growth (if you choose to reapply them).

Learn how simple it is to remove tape in hair extensions in this article!


How Do Tape in Hair Extensions Work?

Tape in hair extensions use strips of adhesive tape to attach directly onto the hair. Multiple wefts of hair are applied throughout the head, to create a natural look. Tape in hair extensions tend to be gentler on the hair than clip in hair extensions, and are great for those with fine, thinning or damaged hair.


How Long Do Tape in Hair Extensions Last?

All types of semi-permanent hair extensions require routine maintenance for adjustments. As your natural hair grows, the hair extensions move down and need to be moved back up towards the new growth.

Tape in hair extensions typically last for 6-8 weeks before needing to be removed, adjusted, and reapplied back onto the hair. When you’re ready to have them removed permanently, it is only a matter of spraying a special adhesive remover onto the tape and pulling off the hair wefts.


How to Remove Tape in Hair Extensions Yourself

If you’re ready to remove your tape in hair extensions, whether permanently or to re-apply them, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Hair clips
  • Rattail comb for sectioning
  • Tape in extension adhesive remover
  • New tape (if you’re reapplying them)

Follow these simple steps to remove your tape in hair extensions:

Tape in Extensions Image

  1. Create your setup

If you will be removing your tape in extensions by yourself, it will be very helpful to work in a place where you can see what you’re doing in the back. We recommend working in a bathroom where you can position two mirrors to allow you to see the back of your head.


  1. Decide where you want to begin

You can begin at the back of your head near the base or at the front, wherever is easiest for you. Wherever you choose to start, create a straight horizontal section using the rattail comb to reveal the first row of tape in extensions. Clip away the rest of your hair.


  1. Apply the tape in hair extension tape remover

Once your hair is sectioned with a tape in weft exposed, saturate the tape with the tape remover product. Spray or squeeze a generous amount of the product directly onto the tape to dissolve the adhesive.

Tape in Extensions Image

  1. Remove the tape in extension

Peel up one side of the hair weft to see if it lifts easily. If the extension is not easily peeling off, apply more remover and let it sit for a few seconds. Once the extension peels easily, lift it off of the hair.


  1. Peel off the second piece of tape on your natural hair

There will be a strip of tape still stuck to your hair, and you simply need to peel it off with your fingers.


  1. Remove the remaining tape in extensions

If you are removing your tape in hair extensions and not reapplying them, you will do the same thing you did to remove the first weft to remove the rest, as you work your way through your entire head.

Once all of the tape in extensions are removed, your hair will likely feel sticky and oily due to the left-over adhesive and remover product. Shampoo your hair as normal and apply a conditioner to moisturize your hair.


Reapplying Tape in Hair Extensions

If you want your tape in extensions in the exact same position as they were before removing them, you may choose to reapply each weft after you remove it before moving on to the others. Removing and reapplying them this way will ensure that you are reattaching the tape in wefts in the same place as they were, just closer to the roots on the new growth.


  • Find the sticky side

Before reapplying the tape in extension, blot the top of it on a clean towel to remove any adhesive remover. Then, touch the top of the weft to make sure you have the sticky side up (you want to make sure you are always reapplying the tape onto the same side).

  • Apply the new tape on the extension

Remove one piece of new tape from the paper and apply it, sticky side down, onto the top of the hair weft.

  • Get your section of hair for the extensions to stick to 

Using the rattail comb, create a section of hair that is the same size and thickness of the extension hair. This is the section of your hair that you will be applying the wefts to. You will use two wefts per section, essentially sandwiching the wefts on top and bottom of the section of natural hair.

  • Place the weft with new tape onto the hair

Peel off the top of the new tape and place one weft underneath the section of hair. Press the tape onto the hair to ensure it is secure. Place the second weft on top of the section of hair. Be sure to place the wefts at the roots of your natural hair, on the new growth. Follow the same steps with the rest of the extensions, until they are all reapplied.

Apply Tape in Extensions

If you have any further questions about removing and applying tape in hair extensions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at AmazingBeautyHair. Our tape in hair extensions are made from the finest human Remy hair for the best results and experience.