Tape In Hair Extensions Questions Answered

November 15, 2019

Tape In Hair Extensions Questions Answered

Tape in hair extensions are the hottest permanent hair extension option available right now.  The reason?  Tape ins give you longer, fuller hair in a few easy steps without damaging your natural hair.  The tape in extensions are easily applied and will totally transform your locks into the beautiful long mane you have been looking for.

Tape In Hair Extensions Questions

Applying the Amazing Beauty tape in hair extensions is super simple and can be done at home in a fairly short time.  So how do they actually work?  Amazing Beauty tape in extensions are made of 100% REMY human hair and come in packs of 20 extensions..  Each extension has a small adhesive  tape at the very top which you lay beneath a section of your real hair, on top of this you add another tape extension so creating a ‘sandwich’ of  your natural hair in between.  The adhesive is so gentle yet so strong that once applied to your real hair, it will not move!

Ok, now we know how they work, you can follow this step by step guide on applying your brand new Amazing Beauty tape ins!

Tape In Hair Extensions Step By Step Guide

1 - Prep your natural hair

It is important that your hair is clean with no natural oils or any hair products as this may affect the adhesive.  You should aim to wash and blow dry your hair right before applying the extensions - or at the very least on the day of.  It is also recommended that you straighten your natural hair as this will make placing the extensions a lot easier.  The Amazing Beauty hair extensions are straight when you purchase them, so instant blending will be far more achievable if your hair is straight and clean also.

Prepare Your Hair Before Hair Extension

2 - Section a line of hair off around the bottom of your scalp 

This section of your own hair will act as coverage if you wear your hair up as you don’t want the tapes showing right at the bottom.  From the hair above this section take a small amount of your natural hair and place one extension underneath.  Place your natural hair over this then sandwich it underneath another extension and press down firmly so the adhesive has a tight grip on your hair.  Do not put the extensions too close to the roots of  your hair as this will cause discomfort and a ‘tugging’ sensation.  We suggest placing then about a quarter of an inch down, this will also allow them to move with your natural hair so that you can wear it in a ponytail, a braid, a top knot and all the other fun stuff!

Apply Tape In Extensions Prepare 1

3 - Section and place the rest of your hair

Now you are going to work your way up and around the scalp placing the hair wefts.  

Apply Tape In Extensions Prepare 2

4 - Brush and blend!

Once your tape in extensions are all in brush out your hair gently making sure not to get the brush or comb too close to the roots.  Waves look extra beautiful with tape-in extensions and also make the blending look seamless so we always like to suggest you do this to get the full glam effect!  If your natural hair is layered around your face then you may wish to trim the extensions in the same way to create a more natural look, just remember to keep the trimmed ones separate to the other extensions when you take them out so you can remember where to place them when you reapply.  Now you are finished and ready to enjoy your new luscious locks!  


Do tape in hair extensions damage your hair?

Absolutely not!  This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the tape ins.  Unlike other permanent extensions it does not pull on your hair.  Methods such as beads and bonds are attached right by the hair’s folicle and can not only damage your hair but lead to thinning and bald spots.  The tape ins are so gentle and grow out naturally with your own hair making them the safest of all the extensions.


How long do tape in hair extensions last?

Tape in hair extensions grown out with your natural hair, once they have grown out a significant amount - usually this takes 6-8 weeks - they can be removed, moved close to the roots and reapplied.  Taking the extensions out is super easy and pain free, a solution is sprayed onto the tape which instantly dissolves it and loosens it from the hair.  The extensions are then washed, conditioned with a deep conditioner and a new adhesive strip is applied to the top of the hair so that it can be replaced back onto your natural hair.  The hair itself can last from 6 months to even a year if you take really good care of it.


How much does tape in hair cost and how much should I buy?

At Amazing Beauty Hair we sell the finest REMY human hair in various lengths starting from as low as $60 per pack - each pack contains 20 pieces 50 grams.  The tape in extensions are available in 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 inch packs and will increase in price the longer the length.  Also, keep a lookout on our website for special sales and discounts!

The amount of hair that you buy is totally dependent on what results you personally are looking for.  For most people we typically recommend 2 packs although if you want super full, voluminous hair then you may wish to buy more.  For those with really fine hair it may be best to start with one pack and then increase gradually if you are looking for a natural result.


How do I care for my tape in hair extensions?

You should care for your hair extensions in the same way that you would care for your own hair, lots of TLC - use a good quality shampoo and conditioner and do regular deep conditioning treatments.  Try to use sulphate free hair products to preserve the hair’s color and condition, hair extensions are an investment so it is certainly worth paying a little more on products to preserve them for as long as possible.  When washing your hair it is important not to let the conditioner get too close to the roots or top of the extensions as it can remove the adhesive on the tape causing the extensions to come loose.  As you will want your gorgeous new extensions to last as long as possible try not to use too many heat appliances as this will damage them and dry them out.

As with any kind of hair extensions it is advised to look at the pros and cons before making the decision of what type of extension is best suited for you.  Let’s take a look at these below:


Tape In Hair Extensions Pros

Tape in extensions add length and volume

With the correct application they totally natural and blended

They do not damage your own natural hair or cause hair loss unlike a lot of other hair extensions on the market

Tape in extensions completely transform your look and can make you feel like the best version of yourself

The extensions can last up to 8 weeks before requiring them to be taken out and moved up, depending upon how quickly your hair grows

Tape ins allow you to add color like highlights or balayage without adding chemicals to your natural hair

You can add as much thickness or volume as you want, the tape ins are the most flexible of all permanent hair extensions depending upon what style you are looking for

Perfect for weddings or special occasions as more hair and length means more hairstyles are available as options for your special day


Tape In Hair Extensions Cons

Some people say the tape in extensions feel a little heavy for the first few days as you get used to them

They require more maintenance than your own hair...it can take a little longer to dry and style

One of the more expensive options if you choose to use them long term, tape ins are an investment and a commitment

Need to be cared for and looked after like your real hair, if not more.  It is important to use good quality hair products on them.

Finished Tape In Extensions Apply

The tape in hair extensions is perfect for people with thin or thick hair.  If you suffer from thin hair then the tape ins can add the volume that you have been looking for.  The hair is lightweight and the adhesive is gentle, this makes it the perfect solution for people with thin hair who are looking for thickness.  The tape in extensions are an excellent option if you are trying to grow or keep your real hair healthy but looking for fullness and or length in the meantime.  They add volume, length, thickness and color without damaging your own hair.