How to Remove Hair Tangles On Shortest Time

April 12, 2019

How to Remove Hair Tangles On Shortest Time

Dealing with hair tangles can be quite scary, the thought of pulling your scalp while struggling to undo a knot is definitely not encouraging too. You might be wondering the best way to get rid of them. Well in this article we will point out the best ways you can get rid of tangles in your hair in the shortest possible time and also prevent them from happening. They are easy and practicable, you will have no issue doing them yourself. So here are ten ways to get rid of tangles in the shortest possible time and prevent them from ever occurring.

Tangled Hair


  1. Hair Conditioning

A lot of people believe that shampoo is the best way to untangle their hair, the truth is that alone it is not good enough. One great way to tackle tangling is to finish your hair with a conditioner. This locks the moisture in your hair and you find it easier to brush through thereby effectively combating tangles.

Hair Conditioning

  1. Use A Wide-Toothed Comb

Brushes and rat-tailed combs are not the best for dealing with hair tangling because they can lead to further damage. Make use of a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush, this is better with untangling knots. It is advisable to start at the end and work your way up.

Comb Hair

  1. Use Detangling Products

There are tons of products available out there specifically made to help in hair detangling ranging from sprays, serums, and conditioners. They can be quite effective as they often dry stands and remove interweaves. A detangling spray or conditioner is your best bet against a gigantic knot, simply apply the product on the knot and the area surrounding it then massage your tresses and gently brush down to loosen the tangles. You may make use of your hands to separate the tangles.

Detangling Products

  1. Use Hair Masks

Not everyone is fond of hair mask. Well, if you constantly deal with tangled hair then you should have to make time for it, at least once a week. By applying hair mask on your hair you can improve the texture of hair tremendously.

Hair masks hydrate and smoothen your dry cuticles, leaving your locks silky and soft.

Yoghurt, honey and almond oil are ingredients known to be very effective. Mix these ingredients into a paste then apply to your hair and let sit for 20 minutes.

Another great alternative is the lemon solution which you can prepare by adding two cups of water to lemon juice. You can use this solution to massage your scalp.

Hair Masks

  1. Regularly Oil Your Hair

The healthy dose of moisture that regularly applying oil to your hair gives it cannot be overstated.

Organic Coconut oil is great for dealing with tangles of all hair kinds.

To apply, simply massage some warm coconut oil over your parched tresses and see the changes roll in weeks.

For long-lasting results, you should consider mixing coconut oil with jojoba leaves and olive oil.

Hair Oil

  1. Use Cold Water To Rinse

During the winter months, this seems like too much to ask but it should not be if you truly want to get rid of your hair tangles. It is a simple and straightforward process.  You can simply apply this method by rinsing your hair at the end of your shower. Doing this closes your cuticles, prevents breakage and keeps your stands from getting dry.

Cold Water To Rinse Hair

  1. Try not to use hot tools

Blowdryers, straighteners and curling irons all fall under this category. Try your best to minimize usage as they dry the hair which usually leads to tangling.

If you have no other choice but to make use of them ensure you set them at medium heat settings or less. You can also apply heat protectant before using hot styling tools to help prevent damage.

Blow Dry Hair

  1. Use The Towel Mildly

Most people have the habit of twisting and rubbing their hair with the towel vigorously after a shower. This is not a good practice as doing so can lead to a great deal of hair breakage and fall.  It also disturbs the structure of the cuticles, resulting in split ends and frizzy hair.

To prevent and treat hair tangling properly, you should squeeze your hair with a towel gently and let air dry it. For better results make use of microfiber towels.

Towel Dry Hair

  1. Protect Your Hair While You Rest

Friction between your hair and the pillow often leads to tangling. To combat this you should consider buying a silk pillowcase as it does not cause friction. Cotton pillowcases are rough in texture, they tend to dry out and cause hair breakage so it would be wise to stay clear.

Sleep with Silk Pillow


  1. Stay Clear Of Products With Alcohol

Alcohol-based products are not good for your hair as they dry your hair and ruin the texture of your cuticles. Make use of alcohol-free products instead you will notice a quick change in your hair in no time.

Dye Hair

These are the best ways you can get rid of hair tangles in the shortest possible time and also prevent them from occurring.