Clip In Extensions vs Wire Extensions. Which one is right for you?

April 01, 2020

Clip In Extensions vs Wire Extensions. Which one is right for you?

Are you tired of the same bob hairstyle that you have had for years and are dreaming of long, luscious locks?  Or perhaps you have fine hair and are simply looking to add some volume and fullness. Whether you are searching for a dramatic new look or just a subtle increase in volume or length, then hair extensions are the perfect way to do so.

Amazing Beauty Hair package

Clip in extensions and Wire extensions are both temporary extensions that can be removed as and when you please.  All of our hair extensions at Amazing Beauty Hair are made from the finest quality 100% remy human hair. This means that all of the hair cuticles are still intact and that the hair all runs in one direction so the extensions are less likely to become tangled and will look super natural and blend with your own hair.  There are many companies that use synthetic hair, particularly for clip ins. The problem with this is that the hair looks artificial and cannot be styled using any kind of heat tools because it will literally melt! Also, it will look cheap and tangle easily, the idea with hair extensions is that they look just like your own hair.

Clip in Hair Extensions Image

Our clip in extensions come in packs of individual wefts of remy human hair that are available in multiple different shades.  We use not only the highest quality hair, but also the highest quality clips that are the most gentle on your natural hair. Clip in extensions are an incredible, super easy way to add extra length and volume in literally minutes!  You can add as many or as little clips depending upon the fullness you want to achieve, which offers great variety and control.  


Clip in extensions are best suited to those with medium to thick hair.  Although there is no glue or bond that attaches to your natural hair, the clip is still a temporary attachment which means that it is not so suitable if you have fine or thin hair that is more fragile and delicate to breakage.  The clip in extensions are also a better option if you are looking for extensions to wear for nights out or special days - we would not recommend wearing a full set of clip in extensions for everyday wear. If you are looking for extensions to wear every day, then we would suggest you look at our Tape In extensionsor I-tip extensions, which are the best and least damaging permanent hair extensions.

Our Wire hair extensions are the best choice if you have thin or fine hair.  This is because unlike any type of hair extension the Wire does not attach itself to your natural hair.  The Wire is one continuous long weft of hair along an invisible wire which sits on top of the crown of your head.  The Wire is so easy to apply, it really does just take seconds to place on your head and then you simply pull some of your own natural hair over the top which acts as weight to secure it in place.


The Wire hair extensions can be worn every day without causing any damage to your natural hair.  It is a popular choice as most people who wear it barely notice it and it causes zero damage to your natural hair.  Just remember, as with the clip ins, not to sleep in your Wire hair extensions. It is always important to take great care of your hair extensions so that you get the maximum amount of life and wear from them as possible.

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Below is a summary of our ABH 100% human Remy hair Clip in Extensions vs Wire Extensions:

Clip In Extensions:

       +Great for medium to thick hair

       +Easy to style in different ways including updos, high ponies and more intricate styles

       +Easy to apply, takes minutes

       +Can add as much volume or as little volume as you like

       +Lasts from 3-6 months with heavy use, or up to a year with occasional use

       +Can be styled with products and heating tools just like your own hair


Wire Hair Extensions

      + Perfect for thin or fine hair

      + Does not attach itself onto your real hair so it causes ZERO damage

      + Ideal if you like to wear your hair loose or in lower styles

      + Can be styled with tools like your own hair

      + Usually lasts for around a year with good care

      + Takes just seconds to apply and remove