How to Achieve Longer, Fuller Hair for Your Thanksgiving Celebration

November 13, 2020

How to Achieve Longer, Fuller Hair for Your Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving is right around the corner which is a celebration all about gathering with loved ones to give thanks for everything we’re grateful for. No matter how you’ll be celebrating this year, we hope you can get into the thanksgiving spirit because there is truly so much to be thankful for!

One of them is having fabulous, healthy hair extensions that makes you feel amazing. There’s not much that compares to having a head of hair that you absolutely love to help you stand a little taller. When you feel confident about putting your best self forward, you can more easily show up for others with gratitude and a spirit of giving.

Thankfully, human hair extensions make it easy and simple to get longer, fuller hair for your Thanksgiving celebration and beyond.


Step 1: Don’t Settle for Less Than 100% Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be made from human hair, synthetic materials like plastic, or a combination of the two. Synthetic hair extensions are cheaper than hair extensions made from human hair, but do not deliver nearly the same level of quality, appearance, or functionality as human hair extensions.

You’re undoubtedly looking for the best quality hair extensions you can get, and that’s why you need to choose hair extensions made from 100% Remy human hair. Remy refers to the way the hair is gathered and bundled into the wefts, ensuring that all the cuticles are going the same direction for the smoothest and least likely to tangle extensions.

Synthetic hair extensions cannot be colored or styled with hot tools, because they are not real hair. Human hair extensions can be treated the same as your own hair, with curling irons, straighteners, and hair dye.


Step 2: Choose the Type of Hair Extension

Hair extensions come in two main types: temporary and semi-permanent. Temporary allows you to simply put your extensions in and out whenever you want the added length and volume. They offer the most flexibility with the least commitment, although they require removal each night before bed. Semi-permanent hair extensions are typically installed by a stylist and remain in the hair until you want them completely removed. They require regular maintenance but offer the most convenience since you wear them every day and night.

Clip in extensions and halo hair extensions are temporary hair extensions, while tape in hair extensions are considered semi-permanent.

Which type you choose will depend on the level of commitment you want, along with your budget and lifestyle.

Note: If you have really fine or thinning hair, it’s best to go with either halo hair extensions or tape in hair extensions to minimize any damage to your hair.


Step 3: Determine Your Hair Type and Desired Look

The next step is determining your hair type and the amount of length and volume you want from your hair extensions. Tape in hair extensions start at 14 inches of length and go up to 22 inches. Clip ins extensions start at 16 inches and go up to 20 inches in length. Halo hair extensions come in 16 and 20 inches.

For tape in hair extensions, it’s recommended that you purchase:

  • Two sets if you have thin or fine hair
  • Three sets in you have medium hair
  • Four sets if you have thick hair

For clip in and halo hair extensions, one set is enough for a full head. However, if you have pretty thick hair and are concerned about having enough volume to blend, you can purchase two sets. Additionally, if you want maximum length or you really want to boost your volume, purchasing more than one set can help ensure you achieve the fullness you want and that everything blends seamlessly.


Step 4: Find Your Perfect Shade

All of our hair extensions come in a wide variety of shades, from blackest black to platinum blonde. We also offer styled extensions with highlights, balayage, and ombre. Whether you want to perfectly match your own hair, or have fun with a unique style, we have all the options you need.

If you need help finding your perfect color match, contact our team at with a selfie taken in natural light. We will guide you on finding your perfect shade. Alternatively, you can purchase a color ring from our shop to select your right shade at home, before ordering the full set.


Step 5: Place Your Order

Now that you’ve decided on either clip in, halo or tape in hair extensions, you know your desired length and volume, and you’ve found your perfect shade, it’s time to order your human hair extensions with our fast and easy online ordering. Shipping is always free and orders arrive between 2-7 business days! You can track your order on our website as well.


Step 6: Receive Your Order and Start Looking Fabulous!

Once you receive your hair extensions at your doorstep, you’re almost ready to begin wearing them and looking fabulous! If you have any more questions regarding your hair extensions, visit our FAQ page.

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We can’t wait to help you achieve longer, fuller hair by your Thanksgiving gathering!